Wayzata Public Schools issues statement on Clown Hoax rumors

Clown Hoax and/or Rumors Wayzata Public Schools issued this statement at 3:06 pm on October 5th, 2016: “Dear Parents: You may be aware that in recent weeks in various parts of the country, there have been some hoax appearances and/or rumors of menacing clowns. Apparently, those rumors have reached Minnesota and are popping up this […]

Young Scientist Round Table scheduled for September 26

First Program of the year:ย “Comets: The Treasure Chest in the Cosmic Attic” presented by: ย Dr. Charles Woodward, University of Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics Solar system formation is a process that combines and transforms ices, organics and dust grains into a variety of objects, and ultimately into planets.ย  Comets, formed at the beginning of this process, […]