Letter of Thanks from Wayzata Police Chief Mike Risvold

Mike Risvold Wayzata Police Chief

Nothing can prepare a police department for the tragedy that we experienced with the loss of Officer Bill Mathews on September 8th. Similarly, nothing can prepare a police department for the outpouring of care, generosity, and support that we’ve received since September 8th. Our community and our law enforcement brothers and sisters are simply amazing. On behalf of our police department and the city of Wayzata, thank you!

We are thankful for the outpouring of support shown by the communities of Wayzata and Long Lake. Individual residents and businesses have donated meals, snacks, flowers, crafts, and gifts to honor Bill. The cards, letters, emails, and care packages keep coming in. The support we feel from our community is overwhelming. That support doesn’t stop at our city’s borders. We’ve heard from people from our region, state, and from across the country. Thank you!

From a law enforcement perspective, we will forever be indebted to our neighboring police agencies who stepped up while we were down. The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office handled calls for service in Wayzata and Long Lake for eight days. In responding to our thanks, Sheriff Stanek simply expressed his agency’s sorrow for our loss and asked that we make sure that we take care of our officers and their families. Their efforts over those eight days allowed us to begin to do just that. Thank you!

Our local police neighbors were also our heroes. Officer Mathews’ tragic death occurred just hours before the kickoff of James J. Hill Days. Police chiefs, command staff, support staff, and officers from many agencies assisted in getting us through the weekend of activities. Those activities included two concerts and more than 50,000 people in town. They didn’t just assist us, they were us. They did it all! Police departments from Plymouth, Minnetonka, Maple Grove, Eden Prairie, Orono, and South Lake Minnetonka staffed the three day event. Officers from 25 police agencies across Hennepin County walked in the James J. Hill Days parade to honor Officer Mathews. Thank you!

Officers from Wayzata, the metro area, and around the state stood guard over Officer Mathews from the time he passed away at North Memorial Medical Center to the time he was buried at Summit Park Cemetery. Whether at the hospital, the Medical Examiner’s Office, the funeral home, or the church, honor guards were at Bill’s side 24 hours a day for six consecutive days. Plymouth police officers were similarly at Officer Mathews’ home watching over his family 24 hours a day for six consecutive days. Thank you!

The Law Enforcement Memorial Association (LEMA) provided the template for planning and preparation for Officer Mathew’s visitation and funeral. Hundreds of people from multiple disciplines including police, fire, EMS, public works, LEMA and others did the planning. As the commander of LEMA stated, this was the most logistically challenging of the 34 police funerals he’s been involved with. What a wonderful tribute to Officer Mathews and his family. A 74 year-old friend wrote, “I’ve seen President’s funerals without as much class.” Thank you!

And finally, to the dozens and dozens of first responders, doctors, nurses, and others that did everything in their power to save Bill from injuries that were ultimately not survivable, thank you for all of your efforts on September 8th. You are the unsung heroes in a tragedy such as this. You carry the pain of that day in a way that most will never understand. Thank you for all that you did on that day. God bless you for all that you do every day!

We will forever be indebted,

Chief Mike Risvold and the staff of the Wayzata Police Department

Bill Mathews honored at Vikings game, Wayzata PD attends

Fallen Officer Bill Mathews was honored at the Vikings Packers game on Sunday. Mathew’s wife Shawn and son Wyatt, as well as members of the Wayzata Police Department attended the event and were recognized as part of the Hometown Hero’s segment. The Wayzata PD posted several photos of the event on Twitter:

Freeman charged with controlled substance and texting in killing of Mathews

Beth Freeman has been charged in a criminal complaint with two counts of Criminal Vehicle Homicide in the death of Wayzata Police Officer Bill Mathews, killed in the line of duty while picking up debris on Highway 12 last Friday.

The Hennepin County Attorney’s office released the complaint at approximately 2pm today:

Revoked license & controlled substance(s)

Freeman was operating the vehicle without a license. The complaint indicates a field sobriety test was administered and that Freeman had an elevated pulse, constricted pupils and difficulty counting backwards. On scene law enforcement personal found cocaine within the vehicle; although the complaint did not indicate which substance Freeman is suspected of using while driving.

Texting while driving

The complaint goes on to indicate that Freeman admitted to talking on the phone and receiving text messages shortly before the crash, confirmed by investigators that “the messages had been read in the time frame immediately prior to her hitting” Mathews.

Criminal Record long

Freeman has a laundry list of driving, drug use, and theft convictions on her public court record, which was reported by Wayzata.com as part of the original coverage of Bill Mathews death.

City honors fallen hero

Wayzata area supporters are installing blue lights on their front porches to honor Officer Mathews and the Wayzata PD, which can be had for free at True Value in Long Lake.

Monday Update:It's been brought to our attention that there have been a few (5-6) bad bulbs. If you have one just come…

Posted by Long Lake True Value on Friday, September 8, 2017

The Bill Mathews Memorial Fund has been established at Wells Fargo in Wayzata.  City leaders and dozens of police officers honored Mathews at the Jame J. Hill Parade on Sunday.

Public Invited to Funeral

The funeral is set for Thursday at 11:00 am at Wayzata Free Church, located at 705 County Rd 101, Plymouth, MN 55447. Visitation will on Wednesday evening from 3-8 p.m.


Wayzata Police Officer Bill Mathews struck and killed on Hwy. 12 📹

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Wayzata Police Chief Mike Risvold, visibly shaken during a press conference, announced the tragic death of Officer Bill Mathews, “It is with a heavy heart I announce the death of one of Wayzata’s finest, Officer William Mathews.”

Bill Mathews Wayzata Police Officer

Wayzata Police Department Officer Bill Matthews. Sumbitted photo.
Wayzata Police Department Officer Bill Matthews. Sumbitted photo.

At approximately 12:30pm on September, 8, 2017, Mathews was struck and killed while responding to a 911 call to clear debris from Highway 12 by Beth Freeman, age 54 of Mound who was driving a borrowed silver Nissan Mirrano.

Emergency responders including the Wayzata Fire Department and EMT’s descended onto Highway 12, between 101 and the footbridge, where the accident took place to administer CPR and First Aid. The Minnesota State Patrol, Hennepin County Sheriff, and Police from Wayzata, Plymouth and Minnetonka closed the freeway in both directions, snarling traffic for hours.

An Air Care ambulance landed on the freeway, transporting Mathews to North Memorial in Robbinsdale where he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

Beth Freeman of Mound, MN.
Beth Freeman of Mound, MN.

Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek announced at the press conference, “The suspect in this case is a woman identified as Beth Freeman. She’s 54 years old, she’s from Mound, MN, she was cooperative at the scene, and she will be booked into Hennepin County Jail.”

At the time of the accident, Freeman’s license to operate a motor vehicle had been been revoked, and records from the State of Minnesota indicate she has a laundry list of convictions including driving under the influence, aggravated driving, illegal passing and speeding.

Court records for Beth Ilene Freeman.

Mathews was 47 years old and had served on the Wayzata Police Department for 9 years. He is survived by his wife and 7 year old son. Stay tuned to Wayzata.com on this developing story.

Below our the initial reports from the story:


Westbound 394 appears to have been closed, County Road 15 is closed due to a vehicle plunging into Brown’s Bay.

Eyewitnesses indicated that multiple crime labs may be in route, or on site, although that information has not been confirmed by authorities.

Other unconfirmed reports indicate that an air ambulance was involved.


Night to Unite 2017 scheduled for Aug 1st 📹

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The 2017 Night to Unite event is scheduled for Tuesday August 1st in Wayzata. The event is an annual tradition hosted in neighborhoods within the City and coordinated by the Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition.

Luncheon features Chief Risvold, Lt. Murphy.

The festivities kick off with an 11:30 am Wayzata Chamber luncheon at the Wayzata Country Club with keynote speaker Wayzata Police Department Chief Mike Risvold. The lunch will also feature Lt. Mike Murphy. Each year, Chief Risvold highlights some of the most interesting and bizarre cases that occur.

Members of the Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition also present the Jim Fish Award highlighting community service.

Wayzata Police Chief Mike Risvold.
Wayzata Police Chief Mike Risvold. Image copyright Dan Gustafson / Wayzata.com. All rights reserved.

McGruff the Crime Dog visits

The highlight of the event is the neighborhood gatherings (5:30 – 8:30 pm) in which neighbors come together and have a great time. Many neighborhoods have potlucks, barbecue hamburgers and hot dogs, and more.

City Officials including the Mayor and City Council, Wayzata Police and Fire Departments, and City Staff also make the rounds to visit the parties via fire truck and squad car. McGruff the crime dog also tags along and meets with kids!

More info: http://www.wayzata.org/252/Night-to-Unite

Night to Unite 2016.


WPD: Theft from Mailboxes

Crime Alert

Wayzata Police have taken multiple reports of thefts from mailboxes overnight. This is similar to thefts from mailboxes in surrounding communities in the Lake Minnetonka area in the past days and weeks.

Do not place any outgoing mail in your mailbox that contains any banking or credit card information (checks or credit card numbers to pay bills). Collect your incoming mail from your mailbox as soon as feasible. If you suspect your mail has been stolen, contact police and closely monitor your banking and credit accounts.

Most of these thefts take place for the purposes of identity theft and/or counterfeiting checks. Report any suspicious activity to police by dialing 911.

Michael J. Risvold
Chief of Police
Wayzata Police Department

Brooklyn Center man charged in sex trafficking operation 📷

Wayzata Prostitution Ring.

A Brooklyn Center man was charged with sex trafficking in an operation that involved at least 35 women, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Friday.

Ricky Arlen Turner, 28, was charged Thursday with two counts each of sex trafficking of an individual and promoting prostitution of an individual.

“Trafficking young women into the sex trade is reprehensible,” Freeman said. “County attorneys around the state are working harder to prosecute them. In the case of Mr. Turner, we are cooperating with the Washington County Attorney, who also has brought charges against him.”

According to the criminal complaint, in January, police noticed an advertisement with a woman in lingerie advertising herself for commercial sex in backpage.com. The telephone number belonged to 25-year-old Brittany Harenza. Woodbury police executed an administrative subpoena on the publication and discovered 1,600 ads involving more than 35 women from November 2015 to May 15, 2017 and all associated with Harenza’s number.

Further investigation turned up a Facebook page on Harenza, which then led investigators to posts about Turner, which indicated he was promoting the prostitution of several women, including Harenza. Turner and Harenza were living in a home at 2815 McKenzie Point in Wayzata and police surveillance revealed they were receiving many visitors, for short time periods, especially at a detached guest house on the property, the complaint states.

Minnetonka police, in conjunction with other local departments, also found two other women who worked for Turner. One of them said Turner and Harenza approached her at a bus stop in November and told her how she could make money as a prostitute. Turner forced her to live at the Wayzata home and beat her if she tried to leave. He also took her to another state and forced her to work there, according to the complaint. She said she earned more than $100,000 in the four months she worked for Turner and was forced to turn over nearly all the money to him.

Turner is currently in the Washington County jail under similar charges.  Harenza also was charged with two felonies in Washington County including aiding and abetting racketeering.

State of Minnesota, COMPLAINT
Plaintiff, Warrant
Brooklyn Center, MN 55429

The Complainant submits this complaint to the Court and states that there is probable cause to believe Defendant committed the following offense(s):

Charge: Engages in the sex trafficking of an individual
Minnesota Statute: 609.322.1a(4), with reference to: 609.322.1a
Maximum Sentence: 15 YEARS AND/OR $40,000
Offense Level: Felony
Offense Date (on or about): 02/22/2017
Control #(ICR#): 17000686
Charge Description: That on or about between November 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017 in Hennepin County, Minnesota, RICKY ARLEN TURNER engaged in the sex trafficking of an individual, K.G.

Charge: Promotes Prostitution of an Individual
Minnesota Statute: 609.322.1a(2), with reference to: 609.322.1a
Maximum Sentence: 15 YEARS AND/OR $40,000
Offense Level: Felony
Offense Date (on or about): 02/22/2017
Control #(ICR#): 17000686
Charge Description: That on or between November 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017, in Hennepin County, Minnesota, RICKY ARLEN TURNER, born 07/19/1988, while acting other than as a prostitute or patron, did intentionally promote the prostitution of an individual, K.G.

Charge: Engages in the sex trafficking of an individual
Minnesota Statute: 609.322.1a(4), with reference to: 609.322.1a
Maximum Sentence: 15 YEARS AND/OR $40,000
Offense Level: Felony
Offense Date (on or about): 02/22/2017
Control #(ICR#): 17000686
Charge Description: That on or about between November 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017 in Hennepin County, Minnesota, RICKY ARLEN TURNER engaged in the sex trafficking of an individual, B.C.

Charge: Promotes Prostitution of an Individual
Minnesota Statute: 609.322.1a(2), with reference to: 609.322.1a
Maximum Sentence: 15 YEARS AND/OR $40,000
Offense Level: Felony
Offense Date (on or about): 02/22/2017
Control #(ICR#): 17000686
Charge Description: That on or between November 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017, in Hennepin County, Minnesota, RICKY ARLEN TURNER, born 07/19/1988, while acting other than as a prostitute or patron, did intentionally promote the prostitution of an individual, B.C.

Complainant, a licensed peace officer with the Minnetonka Police Department, has investigated the facts and circumstances of this offense and believes the following establishes probable cause: During the month of January 2017, police officers observed a commercial sex advertisement of a female in lingerie with a posted phone number of XXX-XXX-4722. Officers identified this phone number as belonging to Brittany Marie Harenza (DOB: 10-08-1991).

An administrative subpoena relating to the Backpage.com advertisement was requested. As a result of the subpoena, Officers identified over 1,600 commercial sex advertisements associated with an account tied to Harenza’ s phone number from 11-25-2015 to 05-15-2017. The subpoena also revealed “moneyfirst1218@gmail.com” as the email address belonging to the account. Over 35 different females were associated with the ads linked to the account. The commercial sex advertisements posted for “in call” and “out call” in Minnesota and numerous other states. In Minnesota, advertisements connected to the Backpage.com advertisements were in various cities in Hennepin, Washington and Ramsey Counties. The administrative subpoena also revealed IP addresses associated with the posts from the cell phone carriers Sprint and Comcast. An administrative subpoena for the Comcast IP address revealed a Comcast Cable account for a residence located at 2815 McKenzie Point, Wayzata, Minnesota.

The phone number associated with Harenza and the Backpage.com advertisement was connected to the Facebook.com profile of “Brittany Finesse Bunnie Harenza.” Officers viewed this profile and discovered much of the content was centered on commercial sex. Numerous pictures and posts associated Harenza with a male with the profile name of “Ricky Turner Jr.” The individual was later identified as RICKY ARLEN TURNER, the defendant herein.

Based on the pictures and posts on both profiles officers concluded that the defendant promotes the prostitution of several females, including Harenza. The defendant’s profile contained statements, images and videos portraying the lifestyle of a “pimp.” Officers learned moneyfirst1218.sf@gmail.com belongs to the defendant and was closely related in name to the Backpage.com advertisement for Harenza and other females regarding commercial sex.

Officers found that both Defendant Turner and Harenza were residing at the Wayzata address. Minnetonka Police conducted surveillance of the residence and found both to have frequent contact at the address. Surveillance also revealed a detached guest house. Investigation revealed that “in call” commercial sex acts occurred in the guest house. A poll camera surveillance of the residence revealed frequent, short term traffic from the residence. This short-term traffic is indicative of prostitution activity.

Investigation showed multiple phone numbers associated with the Backpage.com ads placed by the defendant and Harenza. Undercover officers made contact with those numbers including one used by “K.G.”, a victim in this matter. Undercover officers set a “date” with K.G. for a price of $300 per hour with an “in call” location of 2811 McKenzie Point Road. The address provided is next door to the defendant’s residence. It is a customary practice with “in-calls” to provide an address next to the suspect home and upon arrival, the customer is flagged down and directed to the proper location.

Another victim, B.C., was identified by law enforcement. On February 25, 2017, undercover officers initiated communication with B.C. and agreed to a rate of $200 per hour with a “2 girl price” of $500. B.C. sent the undercover officer a photo of Harenza. The undercover officer was directed to a Minneapolis Hyatt hotel. Law enforcement observed Harenza drive to that location and observed B.C. get into Harenza’s vehicle. The following night, officers observed the defendant make contact with B.C. at the same hotel.

Officers are aware that it is common for “customers” of commercial sex to post reviews of their sex acts for other potential “customers.” Through the phone numbers associated with the Backpage.com advertisements, Officers obtained the “customer” reviews of Harenza, B.C. and K.G. This review confirmed that all three women were involved in commercial sex as the “customer reviews” discussed sex acts occurring.

K.G. was interviewed by officers on June 6th. K.G. reported that the defendant and Harenza approached her at a bus stop and started telling her how she could earn money through commercial sex. K.G. reported that she left with the defendant and Harenza and went on “calls” later that same night. K.G. identified Backpage.com ads that were placed for her services. K.G. reported that the defendant and Harenza placed the ads and that the defendant and Harenza taught her how to the talk to the guys who responded to the ads.
K.G. stated that she was recruited by the defendant and Harenza in November 2016 and that she left them in March 2017. K.G. reported that she had to pay off a $2000 “choose up” fee that the defendant required. K.G. reported that she made at least $100,000 during her time with the defendant and that she was forced to give the vast majority of the money to the defendant. According to K.G., the defendant had a quota of $1000 per day that she had to make. If she did not, the defendant would not give her money for food. K.G. reported that the defendant and Harenza forced her to live at the house in Wayzata because they wanted her available for more sex customers who came to the house. K.G. said she tried to leave but the defendant physically assaulted her a few times while at the residence. K.G. reported that the defendant also assaulted her on a trip they took to Miami they took so she could “work” there. K.G. stated that she thought the defendant was going to kill her that night. K.G. stated that the defendant is violent and she is afraid of him.

K.G. reported that there were other girls working for the defendant and Harenza including B.C. K.G. provided officers with texts between herself, the defendant, Harenza and sometimes B.C. The texts make clear that K.G. and B.C. would check in with the defendant when they arrived at “calls” and would advise him of how much money they earned each time. In one text, the defendant confirmed that C.B. had the “choose up” fee. The defendant then says “I’m finna break her & take her to the courtyard Marriott in Bloomington”. In a number of texts, B.C. asks what she should charge for different “services”. Either the defendant or Harenza would respond.

In a post-Miranda statement, the defendant admitted that he gave Harenza “the game” and taught her “how to go about it.” The defendant said he received profit derived from commercial sex involving multiple females. The defendant said that Harenza doesn’t give him the actual money anymore because “she makes deposits into the business account.” The defendant admitted to also trafficking K.G. The defendant stated that he had a 90 day agreement with K.G. and would ask for a percentage of the money “which is sometimes twenty grand, sometime, fifteen.” Turner stated that he would “monitor” the bank accounts of the females. The defendant further admitted that he trafficked B.C. He said that B.C. “wasn’t even making money” and he “took a loss there.”

The defendant said Harenza would pay all the costs associated with B.C. The defendant reported that Harenza and B.C. do a “two girl” once or twice a week. The defendant is currently in custody in Washington County and similar charges.

Gordon Voss identified as victim killed in accident on Wayzata Boulevard 📷

Gordon Voss

Former Minnesota Lawmaker Gordon Owen Voss, aged 79 years, was identified by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner as the victim who was killed in a two car accident in the 1000 block of Wayzata Boulevard on June 21, 2017.

Voss was born in Duluth on February 25, 1938 and served in the House from 1973-1982 for District 47B and from 1983-1988 for District 52A. He was a member of the Democratic Farmer Labor Party, and served Anoka and Ramsey counties.

He held both Bachelor and Doctorate degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

Prior to serving at the Legislature, he served on the Planning and Zoning Commission for the City of Blaine and was the Chief Administrator for the Metropolitan Waste Control Commission.

Voss, “died from multiple blunt force injuries sustained in motor vehicle accident,” according the release. Wayzata Police continue to investige the incident. His address was listed as 825 Lake Street East, which is part of the Presbyterian Homes / Wayzata Bay West Senior Housing complex according to tax records.

The Wayzata Police Department also issue a release earlier in the week:

Press release from Wayzata Police Department.
Press release from Wayzata Police Department.

JUNE 21, 2017

At 1547 hours on 06/21/17, Wayzata Police responded to what was determined to be a two car personal injury accident in the 1000 block of East Wayzata Boulevard. One fatality was involved, and two additional parties were transported to local medical facilities for evaluation and treatment.

The matter is currently under investigation by the Wayzata Police Department with assistance from the Minnesota State Patrol, who are providing accident reconstruction services in relation to the incident.

Lieutenant Mike Murphy
Wayzata Police Department

Fatal Accident on Wayzata Boulevard 📷

Fatal accident on Wayzata Boulevard snarls Traffic. Photo copyright Dan Gustafson & Wayzata.com. All rights reserved.
Accident on Wayzata Boulevard. June 21, 2017. Copyright Dan Gustafson & Wayzata.com. All rights reserved.
Accident on Wayzata Boulevard. June 21, 2017. Copyright Dan Gustafson & Wayzata.com. All rights reserved.

Wayzata Police, Wayzata Fire, and the Minnesota Highway Patrol responded to a fatal accident on Wayzata Boulevard at 3:47pm on June 21, 2017 in front of Colonial Square.

Eyewitnesses indicated that one person was believed to have died of cardiac arrest from the injuries sustained in the collision, and that an ambulance removed the body shortly after responding–although the cause of death has not been confirmed.

Update at 8:59pm – Police have confirmed that two were injured and taken to the hospital. The extent of their injuries is unknown.

Accident on Wayzata Boulevard. June 21, 2017. Copyright Dan Gustafson & Wayzata.com. All rights reserved.
Accident on Wayzata Boulevard. June 21, 2017. Copyright Dan Gustafson & Wayzata.com. All rights reserved.

Wayzata Police did not immediately release the names of the persons involved in the incident. Stay tuned to Wayzata.com as this is a developing story.

Accident on Wayzata Boulevard. June 21, 2017. Copyright Dan Gustafson & Wayzata.com. All rights reserved.
Accident on Wayzata Boulevard. June 21, 2017. Copyright Dan Gustafson & Wayzata.com. All rights reserved.

All photographs are copyright Dan Gustafson & Wayzata.com, and may not be reproduced, rebroadcast, or disseminated without express written consent.

Mercedes falls through ice in Wayzata lagoon channel

Sirens from the Wayzata Fire and Police Departments could be heard at about 8:00 am the morning of the Wayzata Chilly Open.

Someone drove their Mercedes C-Class onto the ice covering the channel that leads from Wayzata Bay to the Wayzata Lagoon. For those of you not paying attention out there, channels that connect one body of water to another body of water are particularly susceptible to thin ice, as was proven today.

Stay tuned to Wayzata.com, your don’t drive your vehicle on the ice on Lake Minnetonka when it’s 50 degrees leader.

Wayzata PD captures chicken at large

The Wayzata Police Department has captured a chicken at large that had been roaming the streets of Wayzata! The owner is requested to contact the Police Department at (952) 404-5340.

Several commentators posted chicken jokes in response:

Tina Haislet Green Why did the chicken cross the road? To find a friendly police officer to get her somewhere safe and dry. Sweet.
BM Babej I hate when Poultry runs a Fowl! Someone had to say it!
Allie Bye My neighbors on old crystal bay road have chickens!
David Albert Chicken lives matter
BM BabejHa ha. I do have a good chicken recipe!! LOL.

Drunk Driver arrested with 2 year old in car

WCCO is reporting that a 44 year old woman has been arrested for driving drunk with a 2 year old child in the vehicle.

The incident occurred Sunday morning, October 10, 2016 on Gleason Lake Road in Wayzata. The woman was arrested for driving while intoxicated after hitting another vehicle.

Initial reports indicate that the driver was the mother of the 2 year old child, and the incident remains under investigation by the Wayzata Police Department.

Wayzata Police and Fire Public Safety Day

Hello friends of the Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition!

Everyone is invited to an educational and fun evening at the Wayzata Police and Fire Public Safety Day 4:30-6:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 3, at the Wayzata Fire Station, 600 Rice St. E.

The Wayzata fire and police departments, along with the Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition, have arranged for several activities during the all-ages open house, including a police K9 demo, bus and railroad safety information, giveaways, hot dogs and chips, face painting, giveaways and an appearance from McGruff the Crime Dog.

Wayzata fire and police vehicles will be on display and public safety officials will discuss what steps they take to protect the community on a day-to-day basis.

Other public safety organizations expected at the event include Hennepin County Water Patrol, Lake Minnetonka SWAT and North Ambulance.

We hope to see you all there!

Thank you,

Max Windmiller
Wayzata Crime Prevention Coaltion