Wayzata Public Schools

Wayzata Schools
Real Estate for Sale Wayzata School District #284.

210 County Road 101 N
PO Box 660
Wayzata, MN 55391


Our Core Purpose:

The mission of Wayzata Public Schools is to ensure a world-class education that prepares each and every student to thrive today and excel tomorrow in an ever-changing global society.


What We Intend to Create and Experience:

The vision of Wayzata Public Schools is to be a model of excellence where all students discover their unique talents, develop a love and tenacity for learning and demonstrate confidence and capacity for success through:

Exceptional Student Learning, Experiences and Relationships:

  • High achievement by each and every studentโ€“no exceptions, no excuses;
  • Content-rich, rigorous and personalized education;
  • Meaningful relationships with teachers, staff, mentors and peers in a welcoming, nurturing and safe environment where all are valued for who they are and the contributions they make.

Community Trust, Confidence and Partnership:

  • Comprehensive learning opportunities meeting diverse learner needs and community aspirations;
  • Committed to being the first choice for students and families;
  • Maintaining the highest levels of satisfaction and pride by staff, parents and community.

Operational Excellence:

  • Attraction, development and retention of exemplary, creative and engaged employees;
  • Accountability by all staff for individual and collective performance;
  • Effective and efficient use of time and human, financial and physical resources;
  • Culture of continuous improvement and responsive innovation;
  • High performing district governance, management and partnerships.