MNDot Highway 12 Update

If you commute on Highway 12 east or west from any part of Wayzata you can’t ignore the one lane of traffic in each direction that has caused havoc and been the lead story for traffic reports for about the last month. It does appear at this time that MNDot is making significant progress on Highway 12, as the old concrete road that has been horrendous for years has been repaired, textured, and is now in the process of of having new asphalt placed over top.

It truly is an inconvenience to those of us who drive in and out of Wayzata on a daily basis. I personally have been taking alternate routes depending on where I am head–County Road 6 to Gleason Lake Road when I need something on the north side of town and Minnetonka Boulevard to Bushaway when headed to something on the south side of town. As has been reported by MNDot’s press release below, the resurfacing should be completed by the end of August. Stay tuned to to find out “What’s going on in Wayzata.”

From “Work continues on Highway 12, through Wayzata. The project consists of concrete rehab, bituminous overlay, median barriers, lighting, traffic management devices, repair of drainage systems, and bridge repair at Gleason Lake Road.

Access to Highway 12 will be periodically restricted along the corridor from Wayzata Blvd. to I-494. Most restrictions should last “a couple days.” The County Road 101 South(Gleason Lake Rd.) loop will be closed for 12 days. Detours will be marked.

Phase 1 of the project will result in one lane of traffic in each direction from July 7th through August 15th. Phase 2 of the project will result in two lanes of traffic in each direction from August 16th through September 15th. During phase 2 of the project, the contractor, as necessary, may reduce traffic to one lane in each direction during non-peak hours. These traffic configurations will be in place 24 hours per day, seven days per week.”

Barber Brothers NFL Update

Sid Hartman of the Star Tribune reports: “Dominique Barber, the former Gophers free safety who was drafted by the Houston Texans, recorded six tackles in the team’s first exhibition game, a 19-16 victory over Denver on Saturday. His older brother, former Gophers running back Marion Barber III, carried only four times for 24 yards in the Dallas Cowboys’ 31-17 loss to San Diego on Saturday.”

battleredtexan of indicates; “…I’ve heard some good things coming out of Camp about [Dom] Barber. They say he is a good “in the box” safety that will play well against the run but will probably struggle in coverage, at least at first. I look for him to be a standout special teams player for us this year and provide depth at one of the safety positions. He’ll get plenty of playing time in Preseason to show what he’s got.”

Good to hear some positive things about Dom. I expect that Marion will perform as well or better than last year despite signing a huge new contract with the Dallas Cowboys last year.

Of course and as always you can surf over to for all the latest information on local athletes. is your source for information on Dom and Marion Barber as they continue their football careers. Check out the latest story on the Wayzata Trojans being ranked #1 in the pre-season.

Wayzata Community Church Annual Rummage Sale

Wayzata Community Church will hold it’s Annual Rummage Sale Wednesday, August 13 from 9:00am – 8:00pm and Thursday, August 14 from 9:00am – 6:00pm. Garage salers can expect to find all kinds of clothes, kitchen items, handbags, and sporting equipment. The 2007 sale raised $168,000.00, and the monies are granted out to many local, state, national and international non-profit agencies.

For more information, go to or call 952-473-8877.

Wayzata Football ranked #1 in the State

MNSportsPreview has ranked the Wayzata Trojans as #1 in Class AAAAA Football. According to the Team Capsule, we should keep our eyes on senior quarter back Matt Tarpley, and senior wide receiver Fritz Rock. Coach Brad Anderson will lead the Trojans again this year as they are expected to contend for the conference against arch rival Minnetonka, potentially the section, and state titles.

Watch wide receiver Fritz Rock has been heavily recruited at the next level already. ESPN calls him a “good prospect” and he has already visited the University of Florida this year in March. Below is a video of Fritz Rock highlights for your review.

The Trojans open the season at Rochester Century August 29th at 7:00pm.

Stay tuned to for all the latest news and opinion on Wayzata Football.

If Wayzata can’t meet Feds requirements, it is time to dump No Child Left Behind


Did you happen to see the HEADLINE from the Star Tribune August 6th?”


“Nearly half of Minnesota’s public schools are failing to meet state standards in math and reading, which can trigger consequences ranging from a black mark on a school’s reputation to forced restructuring of programs and staff.”

“According to data released Tuesday by the Minnesota Department of Education, 937 of 1951 schools are not making “adequate yearly progress” under the 2001 No Child Left Behind law. That number is up sharply from 727 schools last year, and 483 in 2006.”

Well you read about it all over the Strib and the evening news. Wayzata, one of the best funded public school districts in the state, failed to meet the No Child Left Behind requirements. What it tells me is that if Wayzata, with it’s stellar reputation for providing outstanding education, cannot meet the federal requirements, it is time to drop the federal requirements.

There is clearly a disconnect between the funding provided or not provided through No Child and the accelerated mandates for test scores that continue to ratchet up higher and higher every year. Call your local representatives and let them know! This program is broken and it grows clearer as every year passes.

WAYZATA CRIME PREVENTION COALITION: Kevin Klapprich is Jim Fish Award Winner

WCPC was proud to present Kevin Klapprich with its Annual Jim Fish Award. this award recognizes an individual citizen for service to the community, past and present, in the area of crime prevention. The award was presented at the Annual Crime Prevention Luncheon at the Wayzata Country Club on Tuesday, August 5. Among countless other contributions, Klapprich has served as Chief of the Wayzata Fire Department for three years and has been with the department for 29 years.

Shown to the left are McGruff, Kevin Klapprich and Dave Hill, last years’ Jim Fish Award winner.


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Suspicious Activity Reported

On June 13, 2008 at approximately 8:22 PM, Wayzata Police received a report of a suspicious incident in the Broadway Avenue North neighborhood. A 9 year-old girl reported that a Hispanic male was driving South on Broadway Avenue and was staring at her. She reported that the male stopped the car, got out, and began walking towards her. He did not say anything. She became alarmed and ran into her home and told her parents. She said the male was wearing a green jacket, black shirt, and jeans. Her parents then came outside to see the male driving from the area in what they described as a late 80’s or early 90’s maroon 4-door Toyota Tercel or similar vehicle.

This report is for information and awareness only, as no crime was committed in this case. The incident serves as a reminder for parents to speak with their children about talking with strangers and personal safety. The victim in this case did the right thing, even if harm was not the intent of the male in this case. Please report any such suspicious activity to the Wayzata Police Department immediately by dialing 911. You may reference this alert to the police dispatcher.

Feel free to forward this alert to anyone you think may benefit from it.

Wayzata Police Chief Mike Risvold

Twiggs Salon

Twiggs Salon, what a wonderful experience! My Mom and I were searching for a great place to get our hair colored and cut. I met Amy Jo at Whole Foods she was really nice! She gave a couple of discount cards to me so we could try the salon out. My Mom’s appointment was first, she called me afterwards, and had so much to say, the service was wonderful, they treated her like a queen, her hair color was terrific, and the hair cut WOW the first great cut and style in years! She will be a life time customer at Twiggs, she tells everyone about her great experienced at the salon. Well needless to say that I quickly made my hair appointment after speaking to my mom. I was nervous, as I always am to try a new place, but I was greeted as I walked in the door with a cheery smile, offered a beverage while I was waiting, and sat in the most comfortable purple chair. Amy Jo came and introduced herself in a very professional manner, we talked about the options for my hair, she was so kind and made me feel comfortable trusting her with my hair. We chatted while she applied the color, then her assistant washed my hair placed a warm towel that smelled like heaven over my eyes, offered me a complimentary neck massage, which included my hands, then a hot wax treatment for my hands, my Mom was right this place is awesome!!! To finish the day off Amy Jo cut and styled my hair, she did a great job, I have never been so pleased about going to get my hair done. My sisters ask my Mom and I if it was worth the money. We both reply YES! it is worth every penny to have a great job done, to feel like a queen, and have absolutely wonderful looking hair! I recommend Twiggs Salon, my Mom and I are life time customers from here on out! Thank you Twiggs for a magical experience…

Fight Night in Wayzata

PARENTAL GUIDENCE SUGGESTED. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13 years old. May contain very strong language, nudity(non explicit), strong mildly bloody violence, or mild drug content.

Should young men in our community be fighting? We need your opinion. Should all violence not exist? Does non-violence in our nation make our country weaker to other countries who do not share our live and let live philosophy? Is a classic dual like to male bears, lions, deer, etc bad for humans?

Cheney stops in Wayzata for hush hush fundraiser

Dick Cheney was in town today and stopped traffic all up and down 394 to attend a private fundraising party in Wayzata at an undisclosed location. According to several media outlets, Norm Coleman did not attend even though the fundraiser was for federal candidates. Estimates put the funds raised in the six figure range.

Cyclist insults our community.

This is a quote from about Wayzata:

Don’t spend your money in Wayzata! People in Wayzata hate cyclists…and I’m sure that they hate women and minorities too. All the money you spend in Wayzata goes to support the oppression of cyclists, women, blacks and Mexicans. All the men in Wayzata sport Hitler moustaches and the women dress like Eva Braun.

Screw you Wayzata, Excelsior is a way cooler town anyway.

Smithers, the author, apparently blames a community for his inabililty to comply with state law–namely stopping at a stop sign. He further goes on to accuse everyone in the community as being a racist, and it is simply not accurate. Just because multiple cyclists run through town with disregard for their own and the public’s safety, Smithers resorts to inflamatory and insulting statements about this town, and I for one will always stand and defend Wayzata!
Accusing Wayzatians of dressing and looking like Hitler is way over the top. Hating bicyclists isn’t just reserved for people from Wayzata, it is pretty much everyone who drives a car. Bike riders don’t stop for lights and signs, ride in the middle of the rode, ignore instructions directly at them to walk their bikes on the Luce Line, and think they own the rode.

Hail in Wayzata!

Devastating hail and thunderstorms have wrecked havoc all over Wayzata and western Hennepin County as of late. This is a shot of the most recent hailstorm that hit last Thursday. Stay tuned to for all the latest weather related stories in Wayzata!