Wayzata Begins Wayfinding Signs Project

The City of Wayzata took the first step toward implementing Wayfinding Signs last night at the City Council meeting. Wayfindings Signs will indicate directions to places of interest around town to identify places of cultural and civic areas in town people should be visiting. Examples include the beach, the Depot, City Hall, the Library, Police and Fire, etc.

The first phase will cost about $57,000 and will contain a large number of blade signs to be hung up on existing light poles. Primary Directional signs will be installed at the corners of Superior and Lake, and Superior and Wayzata Boulevard after those intersections are rebuilt in conjunction with the Wayzata Bay Center.

The council approved Contract Documentation of New Signs, with final approval of bids to come later.

2008 Wayzata Trojans Football Schedule

Date Opponent
Aug 29: at Rochester Century W 46-0
Sep 5: at Minnetonka W 24-7
Sept 12: ARMSTRONG W 63-7
Oct 3: at Hopkins
Oct 10: at Burnsville
Oct 15: EDINA
All games at 7:00 pm. Home games are in all Caps

Plymouth Creek named Blue Ribbon School


Plymouth Creek Elementary School was recently named a 2008 No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School. The school will be honored at an awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. on October 20-21.

The award is the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. Department of Education and is given to schools that challenge students to perform at high academic levels and make significant progress in closing the achievement gap between the highest- and lowest-performing students.

Public schools selected for the award have had 40 percent or more of their students from disadvantaged backgrounds dramatically improve performance to high levels on state tests, or students that collectively score in the top 10 percent on state tests. Schools selected for the award must also make adequate yearly progress in reading, language arts and math.

This award recognizes the hard work of staff under the direction of Principal Karla Thompson. Representatives from the school will travel to the national ceremony in October.

Wayzata City Council Meeting Recap- 9/16/2008


Dick Osgood, Executive Director of the Lake Minnetonka Association made a presentation to the Wayzata City Council about the Mil foil-Free program that was implemented this year, a joint program between the LMA and Lake Minnetonka Conservation District. The plan, which included herbicide treatments of Grey’s Bay, Carmen’s Bay and Phelps Bay. According to Osgood, this was the 1st year of a 5 year plan to stop mil foil and preserve native plants.

Osgood indicated that there were enough results in for him to be disappointed with the results but encouraged. Gray’s Bay was the most effected and that the mil foil was controlled for the vast majority of the summer. That being said what happened this year needs to be tweaked to be more effective for next year. A substantial portion of the mil foil has grown back towards the end of the season. In communication and consultation with the manufacturer of the mil foil herbicide, they have promised it will work better in 2009 and further years.

Mr. Osgood also detailed the concerns about zebra mussels, spiny water fleas, hydrilla, Brazilian elodea, rusty crayfish, and viral hemorrhagic septicemia. Mr Osgood came before the Wayzata City Council to lay the groundwork for asking for funding from the City of Wayzata to invest municipal funds in prevention, education, and coping with aquatic invasive species. One of his proposals which is bound to be controversial is the suggestion of user fees to access Lake Minnetonka, as Minnesota has a long standing tradition of not inspecting or charging to get on the water.


Jeanie Vanda presented information on amending Tax Increment Financing District #2 Central Redevelopment Authority, 1403 & 1404, District #3 Widsten, 1406, District #4 West Lake, 1405

District #2 will have by 2013 5.5 million dollars and has flexibility in use of funds to apply to qualified expenses in the TIF plan.

Authorize TIF district pooling of 25% of funds. The process started in June with HRA and set a public hearing that was continued. Termination of TIF district #4 with an escrow of $235,000.

You know what, all this TIF district talk makes my head spin. No one made a public comment, and the amendments were made without comment from the council. My guess is that the council and city staff are just as bewildered as I am.


The owners of 195 Lakeview Lane applied for a variance because the council could not find a hardship on behalf of the property owner, but did seem to want to allow a half circle driveway. Narrow streets and saftey did not trump the lack of hardship. Beyond that, Ken Wilcox was concerned about the precedent that an approval of a variance without proving a hardship would set for the city. Council recommended that applicants amend the variance to a conditional use permit.

Skate Park

City engineer Mike Kelly made a presentation on the Skate Park located at Wayzata West. The council declined to approve any of the 3 options presented at this time. Kelly indicated there was $150,000 budgeted for the skate park, but the plans the Wayzata School Board had indicated they would support would cost about $180,000 to complete the 2nd option for development of the skate plaza which would include a lazy river option. Option #1 is a smaller skate plaza, 3 is a larger layout that encompass the majority of the site. Some of the proposed obstacles for the skate park are Lake Barry Plaza, Funeral Home Stairs, Boatworks Wall, Library Stairs.

The Council decided to table the issue to make further determinations as to priority versus the Capital Improvement budget as the option that was most desirable was option #2 that would take the project over budget. Kelly indicated other projects in the city that may be a higher priority: Klapprich park upgrades, re-grading, new hockey boards, storm sewer replacement. The council decided to revisit the Skate Park discussion during capital improvement budget time to better determines the City’s priorities.


The City Council approved Phase I of the Wayfindings Signs – a number of blade signs with black backgrounds and white lettering that identify the important cultural and civic areas in town people should be visiting. Examples include the beach, the Depot, City Hall, the Library, Police and Fire, etc. The first phase will cost about $57,000 and will contain a large number of blade signs to be hung up on existing light poles. The council approved Contract Documentation of New Signs.

On Oct 14th there will be an open house for public conversation on how to connect the Dakota Rail Trail and the Luce Line trail on Ferndale. There are some topographic challenges such as retaining walls etc. Once the decision has been made, wayfinding signs will likely mark the path that connects the two trails.


The City Council unanimously approved all the municipal licenses before it.

Sun sets on summer boating season

It’s that time of year again when fall colors begin to show on the trees, Friday nights are spent under the lights watching football, and the boating season on Lake Minnetonka and Wayzata Bay comes to an end.

Elisha and I enjoyed leasing a slip for our Sea Ray on Libbs Lake and boating to Big Island and Maynard’s for burgers and drinks. We had a wonderful time this summer, but pulled our Amberjack out of the Gray’s Bay boat landing last Saturday in the pouring rain. If you still have your boat in the water, enjoy these last couple of days this week and get ready for frost advisories and cool breezes. Chalk up another year on Minnetonka for me, as we have had trouble getting out with all the happenings. Too bad summer doesn’t last 9 months out of the year hear in Wayzata, MN. Before we know it it will be time for the Chilly Open.

Fall Football Pickup Game in Front of the Wayzata Depot

Elisha and I were over by the Wayzata Depot after the dissapointing Vikings loss today as we wanted to get out of the house and see what was going on. We found what appeared to be a family in the middle of a pickup football game. Check out the pre-snap in front of the Depot, the streak down the field, and the reception in front of Lake Minnetonka and Wayzata Bay. You couldn’t make it up if you wanted too.

They also appeared to be folding up tables and crock pots from a picnic in Wayzata on a rainy day.

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Time lapse video – Drive from Delano through Wayzata to St. Paul

This is a very cool video that takes the viewer from Delano, MN to St. Paul along Highway 12/394/94. It shows all the construction at the Long Lake and Wayzata border. I read a sign there the other day that said the construction was scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2009–can that be right? Seems like it has been under construction for over a year already! I cannot wait until they have the Long Lake bypass done! Anyway, check out Delano, Independence, Maple Plain, Long Lake, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park, Minneapolis and St. Paul along this heavily traveled road. It’s time lapse, so it takes just a couple of minutes as compared to the hour it would take in light traffic.

Wayzata adds new water tank under tennis courts – Lakeshore Weekly News

The Lakeshore Weekly News has a real nice article about the water tank that is going to be buried underneath the Tennis Courts at Klapprich Park. The tank will hold 500,000 gallons of water for the City of Wayzata. Other improvements include a new water treatment plant, and a new well house. For Wayzata.com’s original writeup on the September 2nd City Council meeting, click this link.

Image courtesy Hennepin County.

Wayzata Alum James Laurinaitis Calls Ohio State loss to USC “Disappointing”

Well, OSU’s season isn’t turning out exactly like Wayzata Alum James Laurinaitis would like. The Buckeyes lost to USC 35-3 on Saturday.

“Obviously it’s very disappointing,” said Ohio State middle linebacker James Laurinaitis in an interview with Nathan Rush of Athlon Sports. James turned down NFL millions to return for his senior season in his hunt for a national championship. He went on to say, “We’ve looked forward to this game for a long time and we didn’t play like we wanted.”

For a full writeup on the game, visit this New York Times article.
Image courtesy Ohio State Buckeyes.

Wayzata.com thanks you the reader and needs your help spreading the word

Hello Wayzatian,

Dan here. Thank you for your participation and interest in Wayzata.com. I have met so many people and gotten many emails from people in our community expressing their support and enthusiasm for the site. Linda Muller told me that someone emailed her picture from Wayzata.com and that she could not believe that it was up there. Mayor Andrew Humphrey wrote me and said, “What a great site and an asset to the community! Well done,” Coach Brad Anderson of the Wayzata Football team thanked me for the coverage of the Trojans. The point is that Wayzata.com is headed in the direction that works for the community, and I need your help to spread the word.

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Weekly Roundup: Wayzata.com’s Top 5 stories of the week, Sept. 8-12

Wayzata saw a flurry of activity this week. It was hard not to find something interesting to do or watch. Additionally, you can find this list of Top 5 Stories of the week being published in the Trojan Tribune, the Wayzata High School Newspaper. Editor Krista Logelin will continue the tradition of posting these Top 5 stories for the 2008-2009 School Year. Let’s get to it!

Wayzata Trojans Football rolls over Armstrong 63-7

The Wayzata Football Trojans rolled over the Armstrong Falcons tonight in the Battle of 494. The win is Wayzata’s 2nd in the conference and makes the Trojans 3-0 and sitting atop the Classic Lake Conference standings.

Wayzata won the field position battle in the first quarter but was unable to capitalize in the way of points. A summary of notable plays in the first quarter:

  • Armstrong received the ball first and started at their own 19 yard line. Wayzata Trojan Kevin Potas and the defense stopped the Falcons on their first drive.
  • The Trojans received a punt and started at midfield. The drive stalled with a couple of missed connections in the passing game despite Chris Kroeten’s strong running.
  • Armstrong started their second drive on their own 31, and Paul Hoffer intercepted a Falcon pass at midfield and ran it back to the 30 yard line.
  • Trojans started from the Falcon 30 yard line, had a number of strong runs by Chris Kroeten, but John Ries fumbled the ball on the 7 yard line.
  • The Trojans defense kept the Falcons from doing anything as Grant Olson made an outstanding tackle and Chris Meyers defended a long Falcon pass attempt.

The second quarter was markedly different. The Trojans got their offense going, and the defense continued to be stout:

John Ries threw a number of great passes, first to Cecil Doe for a long gain and then to Matt Tarpley for Wayzata’s first Touchdown.

  • Paul Hoffer intercepted an Armstrong pass and returned it about 20 yards.
  • A Trojan fumble on the first play of the ensuing drive turned the football back over to Armstrong
  • Daryl Brown had an outstanding 40 yard punt return to electrify the crowd and motivate his team by getting to the Falcon 6 yard line.
  • John Ries threw a pass to Wayzata tight end Ryan McGregor who was left all alone in the back of the endzone for an easy score to make it 14-0.
  • AJ Troup made a great interception.
  • Kevin Knight scampered into the endzone for a 13 yard touchdown to make it 21-0.

As the first half ended, the defense began to swarm as they gained confidence and the Falcons effort began to diminish.

The third quarter is when Wayzata began to pour it on with a bevy of offensive scoring, strong defensive play, and a bunch of points.

  • Trojans Chris Kroeten and Kevin Knight strung together a couple of nice long runs. A host of Trojans kept the football moving for Wayzata.
  • John Ries threw a pass to Cecil Doe who did a shake and bake to put the ball into the end zone to make the score 28-0.
  • Trojan defender Tobi Okuyemi fell on a fumble to start another Wayzata offensive drive.
  • The next Wayzata drive ended with John Ries threw a 17 yard touchdown pass to Fritz Rock to make the score 35-0.
  • Trojan linebacker Grant Olson recovered a fumble to start another set of downs for Wayzata.
  • Kevin Knight scampered into the end zone from 17 yards out to make the score 42-0.
  • Chris Lindsey scored on a touchdown with a 1 yard run to make it 49-0

The fourth quarter turned into a running clock because Wayzata led Armstrong by more than 35 points in the fourth. Highlights included:

  • Duncan Sallstrom turned an interception into a touchdown with a 20 yard return to make it 56-0.
  • Aaron Roth made a big splash with a 51 yard dash into the endzone late in the fourth quarter to make in 63-0.
  • Armstrong’s Dwight Bates kept the Trojans from making it a shutout with a 55 yard scamper.

Coach Anderson said this to his team after the game. “Never look at a victory and turn your nose up at it. We weren’t perfect tonight, but victories are tough to come by and you have to celebrate them. I thought our defense played great the whole game. Offensively, we didn’t play well in the first half, fumbled the ball, three or four times, just didn’t take care which is what you have to do if you are going to be good club. While we are disappointed with how we played offensively in the first half, we still put up 21 points and second half I thought we executed a lot better.”

Cecil Doe had this to say about the game as well: “We started slow, made some mistakes in the first half. Coach told us you can’t play down to your opponent, you have to play hard every play.” He also described his touchdown scoring play, “I ran the wrong route actually. I shook the guy, I was supposed to run a little angle route, but I just ran straight cause I was open. I flipped my head around right away and the ball was there. When I saw the endzone, I said I gotta get there.”


The Trojans did very well against Armstrong tonight. It would have been nice to have skunked the Falcons, but winning as big over another team is always uplifting. The Trojans need to work on not turning over the ball via fumbles. The defense is playing very well, and the offense is capable of scoring with a number of different players, running backs, receivers, and quarterbacks. Stay tuned all the latest Wayzata Football news. Announced attendance was 64,871.

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