The Minnesota Vikings: A Legacy of Failure – NSFW

Not safe for work – your were warned. This video is absolutely hilarious.

The Vikings existence is a life of miserable failure in nearly every aspect of being. Let’s face it: You thought it was just the field goals, didn’t you? Maybe you knew of the Herschel Walker trade and the four Super Bowl losses.

There is far more failure than any of us could’ve ever imagined. This video is dedicated to that misery. I would make a drinking game out of it, but we would all be dead after four minutes.

#2 Trojans Baseball team falls to #1 ranked Minnetonka Skippers 9-2

View Dan Gustafson’s photo gallery here: Wayzata vs Minnetonka Baseball.

The #1 ranked 4A Minnetonka Skippers (2-0) jumped all over the defending State Champion Wayzata Trojans (4-1) Baseball team on Friday evening 9-2. Aaron Brush went 4 for 4 with a home run to lead the skippers.

Tonka’s batters had Trojan pitchers Matthew Bohlke (2.3 IP, 6 Hits, 2 Runs, 6.0 ERA, 1 BB, 2 SO) and Alec Lonson (4.66 IP, 9 Hits, 7 Runs, 10.50 ERA, 2 HR, 1 BB, 5 SO) seeking answers.

Scoring for the Trojans were Chad Musser and J.J. Hale on RBI’s from Nicholas Kaye and Danny Deis.

Wayzata is back in action on Saturday at noon versus Rochester Mayo at the Central Middle School ball field. Minnetonka is back travels to Buffalo to play at 4pm at Bentfield Mills City Park.

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Volunteers make Wayzata literacy program a success

The joy of reading doesn’t happen overnight. Some children need a push and the Wayzata School District has a program designed to do just that.

Interested in making a move and joining all the fantastic programs available to students? View homes for sale in Wayzata School District?

L’More Chocolat coming to Wayzata

The Wayzata Weekly newsletter from the City of Wayzata included this tidbit:

“A building permit was issued at 641 Lake St. E, suite 632 to make way for L’More Chocolat. The scope of work includes an interior remodel and a new exterior look. L’More Chocolat will take up a portion of the old Maha! tenant space.”

A quick visit to the company website indicates it will be the “Chocolate Lover’s Destination on Lake Minnetonka,” which will included handmade and imported chocolate treats, truffles, macaroons and more for “discerning connoisseurs“. The website also indicates it is the shop is expected to open in June.

I had seen some plywood over the old Maha space located adjacent to Gianni’s patio as I drove up and down Lake Street this week and wondered what was happening. Stay tuned for more information as it is available!

Image and text courtesy City of Wayzata / Data Practices Act § 13.02

Wayzata synchronized swimming has won 10 consecutive state titles

Check out this video highlighting the Wayzata Synchro team from CCX Media:

The Wayzata synchronized swimming team will try to extend an amazing streak this season. The Trojans will take aim at their 11th consecutive state championship next month and feature a talented and dedicated team who put in a lot of hours in the pool perfecting their routines.

The Trojans clearly are one of the longest running and best dynasties–beating Hopkins 37-8.

School district employee goes all in on the socks

Could not help but laugh at this tweet showing Wayzata School District employee Andrew Hagen representing the Wayzata Trojans with these outstanding socks! Where do you get such great Wayzata Apparel??!!! HA!

A dusting of snow this morning

Wayzatians may notice some vehicles and roofs around town that have snow on them this morning. Seems that mother nature isn’t ready to let us have summer quite yet.

The forecast for Friday and Saturday indicates sunny with highs in the mid 50’s. Most of the other days before and after indicate cool and wet weather ahead.

Greenway Foundation seeks your help raising funds to end childhood cancer

Join former Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway and The Chad Greenway Foundation for a charity golf scramble at the Wayzata Country Club on May 15th.

“Chad Greenway is calling on Vikings fans, Hawkeye faithful and the community as a whole to join together to raise $52,000 for St. Baldrick’s and for childhood cancer research. When the $52,000 benchmark is hit, Chad Greenway will shave his head to stand in solidarity with kids with cancer.

Please join Greenway in the fight to take childhood back from cancer, and find cures for childhood cancers, giving survivors the long, healthy lives they deserve. Purchase a shirt, today! Help us reach our goal by May 1st!

All proceeds from the shirts will benefit the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and will become research grants that focus on all major types of childhood cancers.”

Click here for more information and to register for the event.

EDITORIAL: Net neutrality is the basis for modern day free speech and commerce

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai today announced plans to unravel the Net Neutrality provisions currently in place in the United States. The internet is the ultimate playing field leveler, giving every person the ability to both exercise the right to free speech electronically as well as take in the opinions of others; and engage in interstate and intrastate commerce for their own benefit and the benefit of others.

Already algorithms from the tech elite such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, and others are reading each and every key stroke, every address for each page visited on the internet, and “prioritizing” which tweets, which pages, and which posts receive preferential treatment and which must be “boosted” meaning paid to reach the intended target audience. These actions by tech companies stifle competition and make businesses large and small rely on these tools and technology to reach consumers in an every increasing pay to play scenario.

The end of regulation of internet access as a utility will only distort the playing field further against the individual and towards big business, big institutions, and big government. All devices and all applications connected to the internet must be allowed to be on the same playing field whether large ( or small (Rasberry PI).

It is no secret your internet company has no respect for you, both nationally and locally. To my most recent recollection and as an example, Mediacom is in default on it’s Franchise Agreement with the City of Wayzata, and yet our bill at home has never been higher (30% higher than a year ago) and the pressure to sign a multi-year agreement never ending.

It’s a symptom of a disease. When was the last time you were really irritated with the electric company in the same way–I can’t remember a time even as I can be shocked at the amount that is being invoiced from time to time.

I urge you to contact your representatives and tell them to keep internet access a utility:

The freedoms guaranteed to us under the Bill of Rights require net neutrality; the future of our country, of free speech, and interstate and intrastate commerce depend on it. Read more about Net Neutrality and why it is important here.

Dan Gustafson

Mpls St. Paul Magazine digs into Bellecour’s one-of-a-kind-whisky

As though Bellecour needed any more promotional press or plugs by either local or metro media, the white hot French Bakery and Restaurant in Wayzata was recently featured in Mpls St. Paul Magazine for a Private Select Whiskey from Maker’s Mark.

The headline of the article reads: “Barman Robb Jones teamed up with a legendary bourbon maker to create a custom whiskey for buzzy new Bellecour.” The author of the article is Stephanie March.

Catch the whole story here: