Wayzata Fire Department

Wayzata Fire Department
600 Rice Street East
Wayzata, MN 55391
(952) 404-5337

The Wayzata Fire Department is a paid-on-call department that serves the City of Wayzata. There are approximately 30 members serving this department. Call volume is approximately 300 responses annually. The Wayzata Fire Department has one fire station covering approximately 3.8 square miles. The Wayzata Fire Department contracts with the City of Woodland for their fire coverage and the City of Orono for fire coverage to the eastern portion of their city. The Wayzata Fire Department also has mutual aid agreements with all cities within Hennepin County.

Kurt Klapprich of the Wayzata Fire Department.
Kurt Klapprich of the Wayzata Fire Department.

Second Call

The Second Call Fire Department is an old tradition in the Wayzata Fire Department dating back more than 80 years. Second Call helps the Wayzata Fire Department morally as well as financially in any way possible. Today, the money donated from this organization is used primarily for unbudgeted fire equipment. Contact the Fire Department at 952-404-5337 for an application form or for more information.

Becoming a Firefighter

For more than 100 years, Wayzata residents have relied on so-called ordinary people to protect our community with our volunteer Fire Department. Wayzata firefighters provide fire suppression activities, rescue, hazardous material, and emergency medical services for the City of Wayzata and surrounding area cities when needed.

The Wayzata Fire Department is always recruiting for paid-on-call Firefighters. Few part-time jobs afford the chance to help others, serve the community and qualify for a pension, all while providing an essential public service. We welcome applications from women and men from all walks of life to continue this tradition of service. For requirements and an application, visit www.wayzata.org/firefighter or contact the Fire Department at 952-404-5337.

Recreational Fire Safety

  • Fires must be contained within a 3 foot diameter that is completely surrounded by non-combustible and non-smoke or odor producing materials.
  • Fires must be at least 25 feet from any structure.
  • Only clean wood or charcoal may be burned. Burning trash or leaves is not permitted.
  • Fire extinguishment equipment must be readily available and fires must be constantly attended.
  • Fire users must respect weather conditions, neighbors, burning bans and air quality, so that nuisance, health or safety hazards are not created.
  • Fires are not permitted when the City of Wayzata or the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has declared a burning ban or when the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has declared an air quality alert. The Wayzata Fire Department may prohibit any or all recreational fires when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such fires hazardous.
  • Contact the Fire Department with the time of the planned fire at 952-404-5337.

Grilling Safety

  • The Fire Code does not allow for cooking grills on decks of multifamily
    units (more than two units)
  • Grills should be used and stored at least 15 feet away from any building or combustibles. Grills should never be used on wooden patios or under overhangs of garages, homes or decks.
  • Establish a grill safe zone 5-6 feet around the grill. Teach your children that only adults are allowed in the grill zone.
  • Have propane cylinders filled by a professional. Overfilled tanks or cylinders that leak often have serious consequences.
  • Keep charcoal briquettes stored in a metal container with a secured lid. Charcoal briquettes can self ignite under the right conditions.
  • Never use gasoline to start a grill or use lighter fluid to stoke a fire.
  • Close the vents of the grill after you use it and if it is a propane grill make sure the fuel source has been shut off.
  • If a fire starts on the grill, put the cover on the grill and turn off the heat source if possible (electric or propane grills). Smother a grease fire. Do not use water.
  • Always keep the cover on the grill when it is not in use.
  • Keep matches, lighters and lighter fluid in a secured place away from children. Teach children that these items are not toys. They are tools and are for adult use only.

Information and pictures courtesy of the City of Wayzata New Resident Guide, republished on Wayzata.com under authority of the Minnesota Legislature and the Minnesota Data Practices Act – Chapter 13.