Hi, My name is Kim Buff. Mom to Matthew Buff (soon to be 6th grade student at Wayzata West).

I’m writing you this note today to tell you about an amazing day my son had last week thanks to the Wayzata Trojan football team.

Members of the Wayzata Football team visit Matthew Buff. Submitted photo. 

Matthew was diagnosed with Leukemia 2.5 years ago while in the 3rd grade at Greenwood Elementary. Matthew is now in remission but remains on daily oral and monthly IV chemo until May, 2012 to keep the cancer from coming back(10 more months!). One of Matthew’s wishes this year was to have a backyard football party for his 11th birthday with the some of the Wayzata Trojan football team. Thanks to Jeremy Prickett (a WHS Math teacher and WHS football coach) that dream came true on this past Saturday, July 30th. Matthew invited about 20 of his football loving friends from Greenwood over to our backyard for what we thought would be a fun football camp with a few WHS Trojans. But a FEW was wrong…the High School athletes kept coming and coming. By the middle of the party there were approx. 15 WHS Football players including the two varsity captains and the QB! The WHS boys were AMAZING with not only Matthew but all the soon to be 6th graders who attended the event. At the end of the two hour party in our backyard, the WHS Trojans sang “Happy Birthday” to Matthew and presented him with a ball they all signed for him. WOW!!! Jeremy Prickett said that all it took was a general posting and the WHS Football Team wanted to do this for Matthew. We were blown away!