Amid growing concern that the name "Wayzata School District" does not appropriately reflect the majority of the population that attends the schools, top level administration under conditions of anonymity, leaked the Plymouth Plan late Wednesday evening. The policy initiative will change the name from the "Wayzata School District" to the "Plymouth School District" under a systemic and detailed plan by the year 2017.

The change in naming rights will impact alumni as well, as they will now have to list "Plymouth High School" as their alma matter, and people will refer to the school as going to 'Plymouth'. Sports teams and activities will also be impacted, as the new school mascot will be the 'Plymouth Trojans', and sports teams will be referred to as 'Plymouth Football', 'Plymouth Basketball', etc.

Wayzata High School will be called Plymouth High School
by the year 2017, according to documents leaked
this morning by top levels of school administration.

Bob Noyed, Communications Director for the district had no comment.  Wayzata Superintendant Chace Anderson did not immediately return a phone call.  Wayzata School Board Chair Patricia Gleason had no comment, as did Director John Moroz who hung up immediately on this reporter.

School District residents had mixed reactions to the naming agreement. Joe Prankster indicated, "I'm not sure why we would change the name after all these years. I don't like it."

Local resident April Phool indicated she was "thrilled with the idea of more accurately reflecting the geographic location the school district serves."

Stay tuned to, your "Plymouth School District" leader.