1. Roll Call - Amdal absent.

2. Public comment -none.

3. Approval of Minutes - Approved.

Mayor Willcox moved the Heritage Planning Board and Planning Commision appointments up in the schedule:

Full Terms
Joe McCarthy
Judy Starky
Becca Lundberg

Through Dec 31 2009
Dan Storms

Planning Commision

Rufus Winton
Laura Merriam

New appointment:
Lynn Gruber

4 New Business

A Consider Design Review, CUP & Variance for 1022 Wayzata Blvd. Youngstedt's of Wayzata

Youngstedt's hopes to revamp the old Shell Gas Station on Wayzata Boulevard. Remove all fuel compenents from the site. 23 spaces are required based on the size of the repair facility. Cross easement agreement would be required with the City of Wayzata to facility a number of parking spaces. The council will have to wave some design review requirements for stucco and glass in order for this project to move forward. They also have to renew the Conditional Use Permit and a variance to add onto a structure this close to a residential area.

Council Member Bader expressed her concern about the noise that the project might put out in terms of being close to a residential neighborhood.

Council Member Mullin expressed concern about the quality and grade of the fence, as well as the height to protect the neighborhood from the lights that might end up projecting down to the homes. Additionally, the applicant indicated they could use opaque upper doors to block that light.

Mayor Willcox indicated that this is the intensification of a property and that impact wrenches are louder and called himself skeptical with regards to the fence.

Motion by Bangert to continue so that applicant could address noise concerns to the south. Seconded by Mullin.


B. 2nd Reading of Ord. No. 694 on the Re-codification of the City's Ordinance Book

Basic idea is to put it the city code online. Moved by Bader, Second Bangert. Passes.

C. Municipal Licenses. Staff recommends approval. Bader moves to approve, Bangert second.


City Managers Report and discussion items:

Recycling material has no market at this time and may need to be addressed.


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