In my first Bay Window message I would like to extend a special tribute to Mayor Andrew Humphrey for his many years of distinguished leadership in Wayzata. We will miss his wise and steady hand.

We also congratulate and greet Andrew Mullin, the newest member of the City Council. We will benefit from his intellect, organizational skills and energy. Mary Bader was elected to her first full term on the Council, and we welcome her back with her tremendous analytical abilities and strong commitment.

Not surprisingly, economics will absorb much of our attention in the coming months. We are fortunate, in a way, that Wayzata does not receive Local Government Aid (LGA) funds. As a result the state’s budget cutting will have less effect on us. Nonetheless, we will be doing everything we can to reduce the tax burden on our citizens. The Council and staff worked very hard to keep the 2009 levy increase below the rate of anticipated inflation. That represents the lowest increase in years. The City of Wayzata’s share of your property tax is about 18 cents on the dollar. Almost double that amount goes to both Hennepin County and the school district.

The largest factor impacting your property tax is the valuation of your home. If you have any disagreement with your valuation, you should contact the tax assessor. If you are still not satisfied, the Spring Truth in Taxation hearing, 7 p.m. April 7, at City Hall is the forum for you to challenge that figure.

The next months and years will be busy ones in Wayzata. Construction projects will dominate. They will be disruptive and probably annoying. These include 1) the buildout of the Bay Center and surrounding intersections, 2) the high pressure sewer main to be installed by the Met Council along Lake Street, and 3) Hennepin County’s planned expansion of Bushaway Road. These don’t even include city infrastructure projects such as the completion of the Ferndale Road rebuild and the construction of the new water storage facility. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, enjoy the remainder of winter. Spring’s not far off.

Ken Willcox
Mayor of Wayzata

Courtesy City of Wayzata - Wayzata Bay Window


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