The Star Tribune is reporting that Wayzata may lose it's AAA bond rating if Washington doesn't come togerther on a debt limit solution:

U.S. debt crisis threatens to drag down ratings of state's cities, schools | "The nation's debt limit standoff now is threatening the good credit of nearly a dozen top-rated local governments and school systems in Minnesota, as they grappled Friday with news that their prized AAA bond ratings could tumble because of troubles in Washington.

The cities of Minneapolis and Wayzata; Hennepin and Ramsey counties; Edina schools, and six other local government entities learned that Moody's Investors Service included them on a list of 177 jurisdictions nationwide for a potential downgrade in credit worthiness. That rating is equivalent to an individual's credit score. If it goes down, the cost of borrowing for such things as schools, roads and other infrastructure goes up."

Stay tuned to, your Wayzata credit score may be affected by the debt ceiling leader.