Jacob Bros, Fire Chief Kevin Klapprich, and Nicholas Bros pause for a photo. The brothers were recognized for fire safety recently. Photo Dan Gustafson.

Brothers Jacob Bros, 12, and Nicholas Bros, 9, received an award from Wayzata Fire Chief Kevin Klapprich on Tuesday, August 2nd. The boys were recognized because they kept their fire hydrant by their house clear of snow all winter.

Chief Klapprich expressed his appreciation at Night 2 Unite, “By them having it all clear, it saves us time having to look for it, and dig it out. In that time it could be the difference in saving a house or not saving a house” He also went on to say, "if there is a fire, seconds count, and if they have to spend time digging out a fire hydrant, which can take a few minutes, there is a greater chance in losing the house."

Stay tuned at Wayzata.com, your local Wayzata brothers are recognized by the Wayzata Fire Department leader.