Written by Jenna Kopp.

Aaron Wong (12) started this group during the second semester of his junior year after he was inspired by a WHS graduate Huy Nguyen and Tony Moua (12).

Although this dance group is not an official WHS club, Wong is enthusiastic in getting new and younger students like Johnny Lu (10) and Ty Hintzman (9) to join his dance group. "I think it's great, it's a fun way to express ourselves," said Ty Hintzman (9). According to Hintzman, the group is described as a "blender" where everyone brings in their own unique styles to the table. Hintzman says the group holds dance-off or "battles" which provides a chance for each member to show off their best moves and provides an opportunity for other members to learn new moves. According to Wong, the group prefers students who already have basic background in dancing as dance lessons will not be offered, but if basically everyone is welcomed to join the group. "It's not like ballet or something," said Wong "If you learn from an instructor, you will be learning their style, not creating your own."

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