Wayzata.com will be engaging all the candidates running for the 2014 Wayzata City Council in the coming weeks--and we would like your help in determining what questions get asked and answered by the candidates.  Please take a moment to submit your question(s) for the people running for City Council in Wayzata.

Just a refresher, the four persons who have filed to run for office are:

  • Jack Amdal (Incumbent)
  • Johanna McCarthy
  • Alex Plechash
  • Steven Tyacke
Wayzata.com wants your help!  Please use the Contact / Submit News form located on the upper left hand side of this website to submit your questions for the candidates.  Alternatively, questions can also be submitted to dan@rexmills.com.  Publisher Dan Gustafson will select the best questions and seek answers from the candidates for publication here on Wayzata.com.  Come on, don't be shy, what do you want to ask the future Wayzata City Council Members?