Scott Gengler WayzataMinnesota Association of Secondary School Principals issued the following press release: (verbatim)

Scott Gengler has been a school administrator for 20 years and served as Wayzata High School principal for the past seven years. Scott considers school culture to be his greatest responsibility and that culture is shaped by the school's purpose. Wayzata High School's focus is that every student graduate is prepared for post-secondary success, regardless of race, class, gender or ability.

This purpose has become known as the "Wayzata Promise" over Scott's tenure. The promise is a commitment shared by all staff to ensure that each student is afforded an opportunity to learn and grow in a safe, secure, nurturing and supportive environment. "We are here for you" is part of the school's motto.

Scott has fostered innovation and creativity by creating the "WHS HUB". This user-friendly, student focused web based tool that helps staff communicate, innovate and collaborate. In 2019 the Wayzata HUB was awarded a Local Government Innovation Award by the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Students share that the creation of the Honors Mentor Connection (HMC) greatly impacted their learning. "HMC" is a class that allows students to pursue research in a field that interests them and are instructed on how to reach out to principal investigators at local labs/ colleges to seek a research position.

Staff share that Scott's core belief is that "each and every student deserves an opportunity to thrive, and staff are encouraged to develop learning opportunities that immerse students in hands-on and real world learning. Mr. Gengler realizes our school's role in society's broader network for students, and he seeks opportunities for staff and students to plug into that network".

An initiative that has impacted many learners at Wayzata is that of Courageous Conversations. Scott sought ways to amplify student and staff voices on a variety of issues both in, and out of the school. These monthly meetings give students, teachers and staff an opportunity to see and hear each other in ways that break down communication barriers and the constraints of an academically packed, skills driven class session. This initiative moved some teachers to tears and to action because of the honesty and insight of student voices. Congratulations Scott!


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