The Wayzata City Council will begin interviewing applicants to fill two positions on the Planning Commission this week.

This comes after Commissioner Lindsay Bashioum and Commission Chair Chris Plantan filed for resignation last month. The city put out a call for applicants open through July 23 and six people applied.

Interviews will be held on Thursday, Aug. 5.

The council is expected to select two applicants to fill the open positions during its next meeting on Aug. 10. The first Planning Commission meeting for the new commissioners would be Aug. 16.

Vice Chair Jeff Parkhill is serving as Interim Commission Chair. The commission meets next on Aug. 2.

Applicants were all asked the same questions for this piece. Bonnie Schwalbe was unavailable to respond so answers from her application with the city were used.


Adam Elg

What present issues or projects in Wayzata are most important to you?

The four strategic priorities in the Wayzata Strategic Plan outline many very good and important areas of focus and meaningful and impactful goals. All of which will serve Wayzata well. I have particular interest in the Wayzata Blvd redevelopment study and planning, East Lake street redevelopment, the future of the Panoway and downtown parking to name a few. When it comes to Wayzata Blvd redevelopment, I'll be ensuring the conversation includes discussion of techniques for traffic calming and how to place buildings, signage and landscaping to ensure a look and feel appropriate for Wayzata and to ensure pedestrian, bike and vehicle safety. 


Jenni Greenway

What present issues or projects in Wayzata are most important to you?

The residential and commercial development is of extreme interest to me, but truthfully, it is mainly making sure our residents are heard and respected. I want to be a part of making Wayzata the city everyone wants to be a part of whether they live, shop, dine or vacation here. I foresee a lot of good opportunities coming to Wayzata, and it excites me to think I can be a part of helping make it even better!


Jennifer Severson

What present issues or projects in Wayzata are most important to you?

Wayzata is a highly desirable place to live and work.  I love seeing the new developments and the interest in revitalizing our community.  I also want to make sure we consider city codes, traffic implications, sidewalks, and schooling.  Our city is growing quickly, and we need to consider occupancy rates and how our housing needs are able to meet the demand.  Most importantly, I want to ensure Wayzata is a thriving community for years to come.


Jason Mikunda

What present issues or projects in Wayzata are most important to you?

I am interested in volunteering for the Wayzata Planning Commission, as I raise my family & run a business in Wayzata and care about the future of our community. I’ve worked for 20+ years in real estate financing, during which I have gained a great deal of experience with real estate development, zoning, variances & bylaws, along with working with multiple parties and opinions daily to reach mutual agreements. I’ve built homes personally for myself. My business is off Lake Street, so development and the Panoway are important and I live next to the Blake Highcroft school, which is up for sale. And I plan to be active in the upcoming events there.


Bonnie Schwalbe

What is your interest in serving on the Commission?

I am retired and want to serve my community.


What strengths and abilities would you bring to the CAB?

Reflective listening, conflict de escalation and resolution.


Community service, civic and professional activities?

I have been an election judge in Wayzata for several years.


Daniel Drotning

What present issues or projects in Wayzata are most important to you?

36 years home owner in Wayzata, 10 years Wayzata fire department, 15 years with the Designe Services Group of Supervalu, currently on the HPB of Wayzata.