Wayzata.com was first to report that an Italian restaurant was being planned for the former Bellecour space shortly after Chef Gavin Keysen announced he would close the critically acclaimed french bistro last July.

Josefina / Pizza Fina

A number of reports have surfaced indicating that Argentinian born Chef Daniel del Prado is part of a team that is launching Roman inspired Josefina / Pizza Fina in the legendary spot on Wayzata's Lake Street that has housed such restaurants as Chouette in the late 1970's and Blue Point in more modern times.

Wood fired pizza file photo. Photo Vinicius Benedit.

del Prado's credentials are impressive including Linden Hills based Martina, an "amalgamation of Argentianian-Italian influences", Colita, an "Oaxacan Mexican-influenced menu of carefully crafted barbequed meats and creative tacos," and Rosalia, "a pizza spot featuring wood-fired Sicilian-style pizzas and full of unique co-stars of Mediterranian-inspired side dishes," according to Martina Restaurant.com.

Wayzata Bar & Grill announces new pizza program

Wayzata Mayor Johanna Mouton and Wayzata Bar & Grill General Manager Jeff Pietrini recently announced that the Muni would be offering pizza as part of their menu.

Wayzata Mayor Johanna Mouton serves up a slice of pizza during a recent video.

According to Pietrini, "We wanted to have some new menu items in 2021 and really maintain our identity as a bar and grill so we felt like pizza was the perfect opportunity."

"It's delicious," remarked Mayor Mouton as part of her February Mayor Minutes video program.

The pizza offerings are expected to launch as of February 1st.

Other restaurants that currently serve pizza in Wayzata include but are not limited to: Maggie’s, Punch PizzaD’Amico & Sons, nine twenty five and the Wayzata Legion.

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