Today was a particularly desolate day in Downtown Wayzata, and I can't help but notice that the lack of life outside North Coast was unfamiliar.

The patio at NorthCoast. Photo Dan Gustafson.

Windows closed and blinds down, North Coast will never have the same Summer vibrancy as it did a few months ago when I ate lunch with my parents. We even talked about how nice it is to live in a town where we have the luxury of sitting outside on a perfect day with the lake at our feet.

The North Coast sign still stands, but all that is left of the formerly comfortable patio is a blocked off piece of cement. A strip of worn tile lines the middle of that cement block, marking the area where waiters brought customers their plate of bruschetta. Circled patches of sand identify where tables used to sit.

Businesses come and go, but North Coast was a place that the docks of Wayzata will not feel the same without.