Monday, August 29th 2011, Theresa Talbot received the manager position at Caribou Coffee.

Before Caribou, Talbot worked at Leeann Chins, and needed a change. She then decided to apply elsewhere, and found the job at Caribou.

Talbot wants to improve the store in more ways then one. She says, "the store needs to be cleaned, and reorganized." She also wants to work on guest relations, and consistency.

So far Talbot has been enjoying herself in the Wayzata community. "I really love Wayzata, it's really cute and quaint, and I love the idea of everyone knowing each other." said Talbot.

In her free time, Talbot enjoys playing Frisbee golf and going to the puppy park with her fiance and dog. She also likes to play strategic boardgames like munchkin, settlers, and Agricola. Talbot is also a fan of Anime movies like Memoirs of a Geisha.

A lot of Talbot's free time is taken up by the planning of her Wedding that will take place next year.

Overall, Talbot is really excited to be in this new position and plans on being there for a long time.

See Talbot and the rest of the Caribou staff at 609 East Lake Street.

Stay tuned to, your Caribou Coffee gets new management leader.