The Wayzata State of the City took place at the Wayzata Country Club on August 3, 2021. Wayzata mayor Johanna Mouton addressed a few major topics including the Panoway Project, COVID-19, and the City's Operations.

“After nearly a decade of planning, it was a pleasure to finally be able to see residents enjoying the benefits of the new and improved space and connection between Lake Street and Lake Minnetonka,” Mouton said about the Panoway project.

In addition to adding a multi-use Plaza Park near the lakefront, Lake Street from Barry Ave. to Broadway Ave. was also improved with its utilities and expanded sidewalk space and the Dakota Rail Regional Trail was revised to allow users to safely cross Ferndale Road to Broadway Ave.

Mouton also expressed her excitement about the new 9/11 memorial, which will open this fall, Phase II, of the new lakefront boardwalk, and the restoration and renovation of the Historic Section Foreman House into a lakeshore learning center.

On the topic of COVID-19, Mouton said that city staff spent 2,700 hours in total addressing COVID-19 in 2020 and staying up to date and educated in order to keep the community and staff safe and informed. “Operations were modified to accommodate for remote work, virtual Council, Committee and Commission Meetings and weekly emergency management meetings were held.”

The City received funding and dedicated the funds to partner with the Chamber and The Musicant Group to create installations on Lake Street in the new Panoway space all winter long including enhanced holiday lighting, ice sculptures, curling and more, which replaced the annual one-day event Light Up the Lake. “This additional programming was meant to create a safe way to bring joy and business back to Lake Street,” Mouton said. The city also waived liquor licensees and other permitting fees and provided direct relief to the Chamber of Commerce.

On the operations front, Mouton said there was a total construction value of $82,000,000 which was up 37% from 2019.

In addition, the DMV had a 4.6-star rating on Google. “We have prioritized high levels of customer service for ALL departments, for example, our DMV has, which is unheard of and significantly higher than many, if not all, DMVs in the Twin Cities area,” Mouton said.

“We are really proud of the State of the City and the commitment and dedication of staff and engagement of its residents and business community,” Mouton said.