Submitted by Dallas Johnson of the Wayzata Yacht Club.

This is THE event of the summer. Robbie Haines (gold medalist and Morning Light coach) is flying in for this special one night showing at the Excelsior Dock Cinema. Tickets are nearly sold out. To see a cool sailing movie in a cool theater with hundreds of other sailors and a chance to meet one of the stars of the movie including a Q&A just doesn't happen everyday in fly-over country. There are two ways to be a part of this event.

Option One: The Big Show
Bring the kids, invite your friends, this is your opportunity to show everyone what sailing is all about. A fantastic documentary about young (I now call 18-22 young) kids learning the skills and the fortitude needed to race a sailboat to Hawaii. This is what WYC does all summer long, it's what the WCSC does all summer long, except their not sailing around Big Island this time. Buy a pack of tickets for your friends and family, it's for a good cause, and they will thank you for the experience. I know it's a school night, but who cares - 7:00pm, One Night Only, Excelsior Cinema.
Order tickets for 7:00pm showing at

Option Two: The Meet & Greet
Robbie Haines will be at the WYC Clubhouse from 4:30-6:00 for a special, limited attendance, Meet & Greet Book Signing. This includes heavy apps, refreshments, and you can buy a book and a poster to have personally signed by Robbie. Only sixty ticket are available for this so you won't have to stand in line. Only about 12 tickets remain, so step up now. Your donation ($50 minimum, more if you'd like) includes food, refreshments, and a movie ticket. Note: Your Commodore will also be there and is happy to sign your books/posters if you step up on the donation scale...
Order tickets for book signing w/tickets at

Both of the above links have movie trailers, so if you're unsure what the movie is about go there to get a preview. You won't be disappointed.

I encourage you to forward this message to your friends who might be interested.

See you at the Robbie Haines Book Signing!