We got Wayzata Football Head Coach Brad Anderson on the horn to dish the dirt about the new class being added by the Minnesota State High School League. Here is his response:

Wayzata Football Head Coach Brad Anderson. Photo Dan Gustafson.

"I received word while I was down here in Florida, about the extra class being added to football. It really doesn't effect Wayzata Football too much. As far as playoffs, we are going to be battling the best schools in the state for what would be the largest classification, this just makes it one bigger.  

The difference is possibly, the loss of the first round of playoff games, which sometimes in the past we have had a bye.  The big thing is, this really doesn't help solve the scheduling problems as far as our conference goes, and specifically our school.  Next year we are going to play a team which will travel out of Chicago down to Iowa.  I assume the following year we are going to have to do something similar.  It really doesn't help us as far as our scheduling problems, so not a very big impact on our school."

You heard it here from the Coach!  Stay tuned to Wayzata.com, your Wayzata Football sports leader.