Cites Direction of Planning Commission

Planning Commissioner Greg Flannigan submitted a letter of resignation on March 25th to the City of Wayzata.

Flannigan was appointed to the Planning Commission in 2016, and “during his tenure, he served as Vice Chair of the Commission in 2018 and Chair in 2019. Under his leadership, the City Council adopted the 2040 Comprehensive Plan. He devoted countless hours to the review of development applications during his years of service on the Commission and for that the City is extremely grateful,” according to the City Council Agenda for April 6th.

Flannigan’s letter noted his reasons for resignation, “I have enjoyed my time learning about the city and meeting the very talented people that run the City of Wayzata and its residents. Ultimately I feel the Commission has moved in a direction that I am not comfortable and I no longer feel connected to the Commission. With this lack of connection it is difficult for me to remain engaged with the important work that is required of a Commissioner.”

City Staff will move to fill the vacancy as soon as possible, and the appointment of a new Commissioner will require Council approval.

Image courtesy Lurie, LLP.