The Wayzata City Council will meet in a joint workshop with the Wayzata Planning Commission on April 5th at 5pm to discuss a development moratorium in the Mixed Use Residential/Commercial and Central Business Districts.

The request comes on the heels of a March 15th special workshop by the Wayzata Planning Commission in which 6 of the 7 members “noted their questions and observations about the City’s management of thoughtful development both immediately and farther into the future,” according to a workshop agenda published on the City’s web site on April 1st.

The questions and observations for discussion at the special joint workshop will include: (verbatim):

  • The 2040 Comprehensive Plan notes that up to 30 units per acre may be considered in the Mixed Use Commercial/Residential and Central Business District parcels, but the corresponding Zoning regulations are not yet updated to reflect when, why, and how this density would be permitted.
  • The updates to the Design Standards will  be reviewed in public meetings in April, May, and possibly June; however, project proposals may be submitted before the updates are adopted.
  • Questions on how the community’s vision for more housing choices at varying levels of affordability can be incorporated into regulations and policies that guide development on Lake Street and Wayzata Boulevard

Moratoriums like this can typically last from 6 to 12 months, and that could be considered by the City here.

When asked about the Moratorium, City Manager Jeff Dahl indicated, “Since any moratorium could have significant implications, we thought it would be best to discuss all perspectives, the pros and cons, etc. in an informal format. If there is any kind of consensus, it will be presented in a more complete form at a regular meeting.”

Stay tuned to for more on this developing story.