In the past week, the Wayzata Police Department has taken two reports involving phone scams.

 In both cases, a male calls an elderly woman and says he is their oldest grandson. The caller states that they are out of the country and were involved in a car accident. The caller states that they broke their nose in the accident and that is the reason they sound different. The caller then asks the potential victim to wire them money ($2800 and $3000) to get the vehicle repaired and get them out of trouble. They were asked to wire money through Western Union.

When one of the victim’s went to her local bank to wire the money, an alert teller suspected this was a scam and asked that the woman contact her grandson. When she did, she learned he was not out of the country and had not called her.

There are dozens of these types of scams perpetrated everyday via phone, mail, and email. Never send money without verifying the authenticity of the recipient. If you have any question about the validity of such a request, contact the Wayzata Police Department and we will look into the matter.

Report any suspicious activity to the Wayzata Police Department immediately by dialing 911.

Chief Mike Risvold