Pastor and author Rob Bell indicated no one will go to hell, swore during the service, and spent time talking with enthusiasts provided they purchased a book.

Bestselling author and preacher from Michigan Rob Bell spoke to a full capacity crowd at Wayzata Community Church on Monday evening.  The dynamic speaker has made headlines in recent months for indicating that no one will be sent to hell in the afterlife--in direct conflict to many of the teachings of traditional Christianity for the last 2000 years.

Best selling author and minister Rob Bell waits to take the stage.  Bell swore during his talk on Monday evening, ending the service by saying the word "shit." His opening musical act said "ass" and "frickin" as part of the service. Photo by Dan Gustafson.

Bell affirmed that position on Monday evening in front of a packed house, dangling a story of an un-named celebrity who died of AIDS and had his body "restart" after meeting Jesus near a stream in the after life.  This unidentified celebrity then notified his Christian friends that he had been allowed the opportunity to return to earth, and had not been sent to hell.

A capacity crowd at Wayzata Community Church.  Photo Dan Gustafson.

Book buyers get to interact with author Rob Bell on Monday evening in the lower level of Wayzata Community Church. Photo by Dan Gustafson.

Disciples jotted notes furiously, and asked questions as the unorthodox program was delivered by the dynamic speaker.  Bell finished the evening by indicating that he had tried to minister to Sammy Hagar, former rock band Van Halen lead singer.  Bell characterized Hagar's response to his witness as, "You are going to save the world with that shit." The closing comment brought smiles and laughter from the capacity crowd.

What is your take on swearing in church services by speakers and pastors?  Was it done in this instance to garner media attention and buzz? Or is it just part of going to church these days? Use the comment box to give your opinion.