Mayor Ken Willcox recognizes Christine Morrison for her years of service to the City of Wayzata. Photo Dan Gustafson.

The City of Wayzata recognized Christine Morrison for her years of service to the community at the Wayzata City Council meeting last evening.  Christine served in the following capacities:

Planning Commision: 1991-1995
Wayzata City Council: 1995-1999
HRA: 1996-2010

Morrison was praised by colleagues and peers on the Wayzata City Council, the Wayzata Planning Commision, and most recently the HRA.

"I am deeply honored and humbled by all of this," Morrison indicated in her remarks while accepting the award.  "In thinking about what is going on here in this community and our State, I can't help but think about these tempestuous times in government, especially at the State and Federal level.  It gives me all the more appreciation for what goes on in the City of Wayzata... The real truth about Wayzata that makes it so extraordinary, is the people.  What I will remember of my service to the City of Wayzata was the opportunity I have had to get to know so many people that I would not have known otherwise."

A cake was served during a brief adjournment to recognize Christine Morrison Day. Photo Dan Gustafson.

See more photos from the presentation here: Honoring Christine Morrison 

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