Irene Stemmer leads the Bushaway Neighborhood Trolley Trip prior to it being cut short by weather. Photo Dan Gustafson.

The Bushaway Road Neighborhood Trolley Trip detailing the history of the area was cut short yesterday by severe weather in the area.

Irene Stemmer of the Wayzata Heritage Preservation Board, who is also the narrator indicated, "We were parked in front of one of the houses on the tour, and the lightning and thunder shook the entire trolley. We didn't get to finish our trip, as the trolley driver took us back to Wayzata."

The Wayzata Trolley carries passengers along the Bushaway Neighborhood tour. Photo Dan Gustafson.

Stemmer continued, "We had such a good group, but we only made it about halfway through the presentation and we had to go home."

Stemmer did not know whether or not the group would try to reschedule the tour.  "It depends on the Chamber and City.  I thought I might offer it, but we'll see."

Stay tuned to, your lightning and thunder shakes the Wayzata Trolley leader.