Bob Nash cuts Tracy Ingram's hair at Barbers Inn.
Photo Dan Gustafson.

Barbers Inn has been a Wayzata institution for men's hair care for 40 years.  If you ever visit the store, you will recognize Bob Nash, Dave Duffner, and the shop dog Bagley by their friendly faces.  You will also get a hearty laugh from the good natured ribbing that is directed at anyone and anything in town.

Now the only real barber shop in town is leaving it's long standing place at the Wayzata Bay Center and headed to the other end of Lake Street--into the old Hunt Queens location. "The new location will be open on April 1st, although that's April fools day, so you will have to decide whether or not we are being serious about that."

Nash attended barber school at the Lee School of Barbering in St. Paul in 1967.  "I also cut hair when I was in the Navy in 1968 and 1969."

With a motto of "Free haircuts tomorrow" and other salty remarks that were not appropriate for this publication, this Wayzata institution seems likely to continue in the tradition it has been known for many years to come.

If you go:

Days: Tuesday - Saturday
Hours: Open at 6am, appointments preferred.
Phone: 952-475-2326
New Address as of April 1, 2011:  269 Lake Street East.