A group of Wayzata men on the Trolley Smoker. Photo Wayzata.com.
The Trolley is constantly listed as one of the the most iconic and fun attractions in Wayzata.  Young children and families are whisked from one end of Wayzata to another in it, Gold Coast tours allow curious visitors to see the large homes on the lake, in addition to all the private bookings through out the year.
Manufactured approximately 19 years ago, some might argue that the useful lifespan of the local people transporter has come and gone.  Yet a group of men has been riding the Trolley in an annual event called the Trolley Smoker for the last three years to help raise funds and pay expenses for repairs to the Wayzata icon.
Organizer Mike Lee talked about the most recent fundraiser, which occurred Thursday August 11, "We raised about $1,000 this year.  The idea came together because I serve on the Board of Directors for the Chamber, and also on the Trolley Task Force.  We started this three years ago to raise money for tires and brakes."
The group started at the Wayzata Bar and Grill, spent some time at Bayside around a campfire and overlooking the lake, and finished the night at Lord Fletcher's.
The view from Bayside as the Trolley Smoker made a pit stop. Photo Dan Gustafson.
The Trolley is owned by the Wayzata Community Foundation and operated by the Chamber of Commerce. The fundraiser could not have come at a more appropriate time, as the Wayzata Trolley is currently at Village Chevrolet waiting for parts and repairs.  The Stillwater Trolley was booked as a substitute, and the event went on as planned.
Watch for the Trolley Smoker event next year, and stay tuned to Wayzata.com, your Trolley Smoker leader.