David Sandall celebrates a fumble recovery by the Wayzata Trojans.
David Sandall celebrates a fumble recovery by the Wayzata Trojans.  © Dan Gustafson & Wayzata Photography.

The Wayzata Trojans battled the Centennial Cougars at home for their first postseason game and were dominant in all facets of the game.

To open the first quarter, the Wayzata defense forced a quick 3 and out, and set up the Trojan attack with excellent field position. From there, they drove the ball 44 yards down the field and pounded it in from the 4-yard line for a quick score.

On the next drive, a huge 49-yard completion from Heide to Kallerup helped set the Trojan offense up with the ball at the 9-yard line. Malaki Jackson took care of the rest, as he waltzed into the end zone for another Wayzata touchdown. Now up a pair of scores, the Trojans looked to keep their foot on the gas.

 Defensive back Keegan Nickel, Cornerback Coach Jimmy Mireri, Lindeback Trevor Palesch, and Defensive Coach Jordan Halverson celebrate a fumble recovery. © Dan Gustafson & Wayzata Photography.

Continuing their dominance on defense, Wayzata forced and recovered a Cougar fumble deep in their own territory. Starting from the 6-yard line, the Trojan’s plowed their way into the endzone to make it 21-0 to end the first quarter.

The Trojan’s started the second quarter shaky after a few penalties set them back. These struggles proved to be brief as Wayzata’s offense  resurrected their lost rhythm, and went up 4 scores on a pass to Kallerup from the 10 yard line.

Now 28-0; the Trojan defense looked to keep Centennial scoreless going into the half. After a muffed snap, Wayzata pursued the ball and recovered it in Cougar territory. Opting to try and score once more before the half, the Trojan offense drove the ball down the field. From 3-yards out, runningback, Bennett Fragomeni fought his way in for his third touchdown on the night. Trojans lead 35-0 at half.

The Trojan’s opened the third quarter flat on both sides of the ball. Offensively, Wayzata was forced into a 3 and out situation and attempted a pooch punt, which was tipped and downed after a net gain of less than 20 yards. Centennial took advantage of this slight spark and drove the ball into the red zone. Unfortunately, the Cougars fumbled the ball on the 1-yard line, which the Trojans recovered for the touchback.

On the next drive, Keaton Heide busted out a couple of solid runs, each over 25 yards. From the 5-yard line, Fragomeni plowed his way in for his 4th touchdown on the night. This seven point turn-around diminished the Cougar’s hopes of a comeback.

At the start of the 4th quarter, Wayzata chose to replace their starters. Eating up a majority of the game clock, the Trojan’s got themselves in field goal position. The kick was good, making the score 45-0; Wayzata. The Trojans took a knee and let the clock run out.

Final score: 45-0.

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