Move to 2-1 on the season, Eden Prairie (2-1) up next. 

Pictured above Trojan linebackers Cade Ciarrocca and Trevor Palesch tackle an Edina ball carrier. © Dan Gustafson & Wayzata Photography.

The Trojan defense came in running on all cylinders during their Friday night bout against the Edina Hornets. On the opening drive, Wayzata pushed the Hornet’s offense deep into their own territory, forcing a punt from the end zone, which was blocked, and recovered by the Trojans for a safety.

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Even with a healthy cushion, Wayzata’s offense struggled to produce early in the first quarter. Running back, Alec Underhill popped off a few nice carries but the Trojan’s passing game just wasn’t in sync enough to produce an opening quarter touchdown. This slump didn’t last long as the Trojan’s marched down the field and punched the ball into the end zone from the 1 yard line to open the second quarter.

Equipped with a 9-0 lead, Wayzata’s defense kept their foot on the gas. The front four held their own and the secondary quickly filled the gaps to form the wall that stopped the Hornets offense on a 4th-and-short effort inside Trojan territory. To top it off, linebacker, Trevor Palaech bumped up the intensity and sacked Edina quarterback, Ethan Hufendick, to close the half.

The Trojan offense fed off of their defense’s energy and opened the third quarter strong. A few nice runs from running back Christian Vasser set up the trojans with a red zone opportunity. The Trojans capitalized on opportune field position, scoring on a 13 yard toss from Keaton Heide to wide-out Ian Hanlin.

Ian Hanlin scores on a 13 yard touchdown reception from QB Keaton Heide.
© Dan Gustafson & Wayzata Photography.

Now up 16-0, the Trojan defense settled into their roles and continued to execute. Quality pursuit and flat-out effort allowed for Wayzata to outmatch the Hornet’s attack. On a key third down, a horse filled with Trojans united to sack Edina for a nine yard loss. A muffled punt downed for another loss ended the lackluster drive for the Hornets.

Quarter 4 sailed just as smooth for Wayzata as their offense rolled with a rhythm. The Trojans took advantage of good field position and scored again through the air. This time, Jacob Wildermuth reeled in a ball dropped in by Heide to make it 23-0. Rolling off of momentum, the trojan defense ended Edina’s hopes of a comeback with an interception by senior captain, David Sandall. Final Score; 23-0.

Jacob Wildermuth snags a 26 yard touchdown reception from Keaton Heide.
© Dan Gustafson & Wayzata Photography.

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