Redeemer Christian Academy Name Change Reflects Growth

School gets new brand, facilities upgrades but stays committed to classical Christian education

Wayzata— Redeemer Lutheran Church has occupied the northwest corner of Ferndale and Wayzata Boulevard for over 64 years. 40 years ago the church also added a school and Redeemer Lutheran School, Wayzata was born. This spring, the school and church voted unanimously to change the name of the school to Redeemer Christian Academy.

“The name change reflects a change in the makeup of our school families,” said school administrator Linda Wiebold. Wiebold also teaches first grade language arts and math at the school. “Our school’s growth has been from families outside of our church, and many of those families are non-Lutherans,” said Wiebold.

The school has always been open to non-Redeemer families. Over the last decade the school has grown, and today over 80% of the families that attend the school worship at another church. When the school started 40 years ago, those numbers were reversed. The change to Christian Academy removes any doubt that all are welcome at Redeemer.

“We have seen a growing demand from parents in our community that are looking for a Christian based education and a place that emphasizes faith in all aspects of life,” said Pastor Steve Ferber, whose four daughters also attend Redeemer Christian Academy. “While our name will change, our mission to equip students for their journey on the road through this life to eternal life with God will never change. We remain steadfast in our commitment to teachings for a LIFEtime: Learning, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence to become equipped disciples of Jesus.”

As part of the name change, the school will be adding new exterior signage and making some significant facility upgrades. Redeemer students have always excelled academically and athletically, even surpassing many other schools in the region. “The improvements reflect a growing school that is committed to giving our kids an all around great experience,” said Wiebold. Redeemer has already upgraded their computer lab, language lab, added new lockers and improved athletic facilities. The rest of the upgrades are scheduled to be completed before the school year begins on August 28th, 2017.

While many other Christian schools have seen declining enrollment over the past several years, Redeemer’s enrollment has grown from 5 years ago, but there are still spots available Wiebold says. Many of our classes are filling up, but there are at least 1-2 spots in every grade level, except pre-K which is full.

Wiebold credits prayer and word of mouth marketing for their recent growth. “We have a wonderful group of parents who are passionate about our school and all of our students,” said Wiebold. “That passion is contagious, and they are sharing it with their friends and neighbors. Now is our chance to share it with the rest of the community. Great things are happening at Redeemer Christian Academy.”

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