“Exploring Spiritual Aging/Sage-ing for Women” is a lively, progressive women’s study group meeting at the new Unitarian Universalist Church at 2030 Wayzata Blvd. East.

Led by Creative Spirit director, Gabriel Ross using the text, “From Aging to Saging by Schachter-Shaloni and Miller the group will discuss how to create an aging process for themselves that is full of adventure, passion, mystery and fulfillment as well as explaining exactly how to become a sage in their own community. Participants will find the class provides a helpful and moving way to use their own experiences to nurture, heal , mentor and enjoy elder years.

Early registration is underway. ย Contact Gabriel at 651-644-4266 or email mysticinthewoods@msn.com for more information and the registration form.

Classes begin Tuesday, Sept. 26 and run through March 27th with breaks at several points, including the winter holidays.

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