Video from June 11, 2017 Storm in Wayzata ๐Ÿ“น

Good morning Wayzata, Dan Gustafson, it’s Sunday morning. Just a little after the storm has passed through. I got a notificiation from–actually my mom called me and and told me there was a pretty big storm moving through the area this morning, took a look online and there were all kinds of lightning strikes and things on the radar and the weatherman, and that kind of stuff.

So I went ahead and took the precautions as everybody does, saw a bunch of people ducking into covered parking right before the storm. So I went out and shot a little video which you can see behind me. First I wandered over to the hotel landing and had a look at what was coming down the thing.

Then I stood in the driveway and watched the storm, the straightline winds were about 60 miles per hour coming through, and then there was pea sized hail–and then the rain! It was a pretty good sized storm–the Wayzata Fire Department was out and all the emergency responders were probably ready to go just in case something was happening.

Ater the fact my daughter was out with her boots on splashing in the puddles in the street on Circle A Drive behind the hotel. Anyway, hope you are having a good one, hope everyone is safe. There were some reports of power being out in Mound and Excelsior, and the internet being out in Wayzata.

We’ll keep you posted if we here anything else going on, and hopefully you and your property and your family made it through without incident. Have a great day, take care!

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