Hey what’s going on Wayzata? Dan Gustafson with Wayzata.com coming to you from the home studio. Just got this notification from the City of Wayzata that the Mill Street Parking Ramp is going to be available starting this weekend. It will open 160 stalls according to the release, on the upper level. That’s great because if you have been downtown on the weekend you know that the traffic in front of Bellecour and CoV and just generally is really bananas. The girls and I tried to get down to Yogurt Lab and get an ice cream cone–make that a cup of ice cream last weekend and could not find a place to park. We all know how busy it is down there on the weekends. Thisย additional will be a great deal in terms of relieving pressure. Hope you are having a good one, stay tuned to Wayzata.com, your Wayzata news leader. Take care, bye bye.

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