The City of Wayzata hosted a celebratory planting event on Saturday April, 22nd near the new Bushaway Road bridge as part of a local Earth Day Celebration. Over 300 volunteers from the City of Wayzata’s Volunteer program, Cargill, and Great River Greening gathered to take part in the planting.

Volunteers gather at the Bushaway Road planting event on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017. Image courtesy Merrily Borg Babcock.

The event capped a multi-year effort by local citizens of working with Hennepin County to rebuild the historic road in the way the Community desired. Orginal plans had called for a significant enlargement of the road by expanding from two lanes to four.

Former Council Member Jack Amdal served on the Bushaway Task Force, and commented “Saturday’s Earth Day Event with Great River Greening was a great ending to a long process of planning and working with Hennepin County which lasted nearly a decade.” Amdal continued, “I hope all return in the future to see the results of all their Earth Day handy work.”

Mayor Ken Willcox also presided over the activities which included planting the ceremonial last tree as is pictured above. Willcox summarized the Bushaway project, “The final planting of the Bushaway corridor caps a 5-year project to ensure that the road remained a scenic byway. Over 300 volunteers from all over the Twin Cities participated. Special thanks to Wayzata’s own Jack Amdal and Bridget Anderson for coordinating the event and to Great River Greening for exceptional oversight.”

Other organizations providing support at the planting event included Burlington Northern, the Wayzata Yacht Club, and Kare 11.

Wayzata citizens and the business community have endured significant pain and inconvenience over the many years, and it seems fair to say that all involved are quite happy to close the door on this chapter of road re-construction with such a positive event. Stay tuned to!

Check out the photo gallery from the event here:

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