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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Local window washer branches out

Adam Hokens launches Lake Minnetonka Tree Service.

Hokens and his team can thin trees, remove dead wood, remove trees, prune, and plant. They can also do bushes and hedges.

"We don't have a gap between our management and our employees, I'm on the job, so if they hire me I'll be there with the customer or home owner," said Hokens while comparing his company to his competitors. "There will be no middle man, which eliminates the communication barrier, and they will talk with the man that will be there working."

This isn't Hokens first buisness. He has been running Lake Minnetonka Window Cleaning, a successful window cleaning buisness for homes around the West Metro. Lake Minnetonka Window Cleaning is a trustworthy and respectful buisness that pleases the customers and leaves the windows squeaky clean.

"I love being able to work outdoors," said Hokens. Hokens became interested in the tree buisness from his passion for the outdoors that he got from his window cleaning buisness.

"Feedback from my customers has been really positive. They say I'm very thourough, they have referred me to their friends, and they like my work," said Hokens.

For more information, or to contact Adam, please call 952-200-1198.

Stay tuned to, your Adam Hokens launches Lake Minnetonka Tree Service, leader.

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