Wayzata is a premier suburb located 11 miles west of downtown Minneapolis. With a population of 4,500 people, Wayzata is a tight-knit community which is known for its vibrant downtown and picturesque setting on Lake Minnetonka. A popular destination for visitors, Wayzata’s downtown is home to a number of specialty shops, boutiques, professional services, and restaurants.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Alex and Chris Olmanson are finalists in unwanted Target Field spruce tree video competition

Last year at Target Field, there were enough complaints from batters that the Twins have decided to remove the spruce trees in center field.  Wayzata residents Alex and Chris Olmanson are one of five finalists in a video contest to win one of those spruce trees.

Chris on the left and Alex on the right. Submitted photo.
The boys have a backyard baseball field, and their video is about convincing Twins fans that it would be natural for the unwanted spruce tree at Target Field to be planted there.

The Olmanson brothers are 2010 graduates of Wayzata High School.  Chris is a freshman at Boston College, Alex at University of Denver. Chris and Alex also played PWYBA travel baseball since 4th grade.

Good luck Chris and Alex!

You can see their video and others here.

Sunsets outdoor waiting area request on City Council agenda for May 2

Not to be outdone by both Gianni's and the Muni making headlines in recent weeks, Sunsets has an agenda item on the docket for next Tuesday's City Council meeting: "Sunset's Outdoor Waiting Area Request". City Planner Bryan Gadow will be presenting the information.

This image taken from Sunsets website shows people waiting outside for a table during summer.  Will Sunsets request and receive the ability to serve food and or alcohol in these areas?
An email requesting more information to the ownership group at Sunsets as to the nature and specifics of the request was not immediately returned.

Update at 1:41 pm.  Brian Prose, part of the ownership group at Sunsets had this to say about the request before the City Council:  "An outside waiting area has been something Sunsets has thought about for a few years. Often in the summer our guests ask if they can take their drink outside while waiting for a table. Of course our answer has always been no you cannot take a drink out side. In this competitive world we live in Sunsets is trying to figure out more ways to say yes."

Prose continued, "I think it gives the city an 'alive' image that shows something is going on by being able to see people outside enjoying the downtown area."

When asked whether or not this was reactionary, Mr. Prose denied that by indicating, "As for this being a reaction to Gianni's or the Muni, the answer is no. We truly feel that a vibrant retail will only help all the downtown merchants."

Politically, does the City Council have the ability to say no to restaurant requests regardless of size, shape, or scope given the new Muni was built with tax payer dollars?  Does the Council feel guilt or responsibility to allow others to compete with the new Muni in non-traditional ways such as the recent Gianni's request?  Will other restaurants in town follow suit asking for more permits and permission to grow outside their physical buildings or compete in ways that traditionally would have been voted down?

Give us your take in the comment box, and as always, stay tuned to, your Wayzata restaurant saga leader.

Wayzata City Council Meeting Agenda for Tuesday, Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wayzata City Hall Community Room, 600 Rice Street
Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1. Roll Call

2. Public Forum - 15 Minutes (3 min/person)
a. Swearing In of New Police Officer Dustin Edberg Risvold
b. Presentation of Centennial House Awards Stemmer

3. Approval of Minutes
a. Minutes of April 19, 2011 2
4. New Business

a. Ordinance #708 Amending Permitted Uses for C-2, C-3, C-4, C-4A, C-4B Districts Meller 5
b. Resolution No. 15-2011 DEED Cleanup Grant Gadow 13
c. Sunset's Outdoor Waiting Area Request Gadow 15
d. Resolution No. 16-2011 315 Manitoba Ave. S. CUP Gadow 20
e. Resolution No. 17-2011 Scenic Byways Comp Plan Text Amendment Gadow 92
f. Resolution No. 18-2011 IOCP Concept Plan PUD Gadow 110
g. Resolution No. 19-2011 Authorizing Use of Henn. Co. ERF Funds-110 Grand Ave S Gadow 167
h. Consider and Approve Municipal Licenses (Administrative) Orsen 169

5. City Manager's Report and Discussion Items

6. Public Forum (as necessary)

7. Adjournment

Meeting Rules of Conduct:
Turn in white card for public forum and blue card for agenda item
Give name and address
Indicate if representing a group
Limit remarks to 3 minutes

Upcoming Meetings:
City Council - May 17 & June 7
Planning Commission - May 16 & June 6

Members of the City Council and some staff members may gather at the Wayzata Bar and Grill immediately after the meeting for a purely social event. All members of the public are welcome.

Finalist for Birchview Elementary Principal position announced

Jason Wenschlag is the finalist for the principal position at Birchview Elementary School.

Wayzata Public Schools Superintendent Chace Anderson will recommend Wenschlag to the school board at its May 9 regular board meeting.

Wenschlag is currently the principal at Sheridan Hills Elementary School in Richfield, Minnesota. He received his bachelor of science degree from North Dakota State University, his master’s degree from the University of Minnesota and his education specialist degree from St. Thomas University.

“We are pleased to recommend Jason to the board as the next principal of Birchview Elementary School and are excited about his potential to continue the school’s strong tradition of excellence,” said Anderson.

Wayzata Planning Commission Meeting Agenda Monday, May 2, 2011

Community Room,
600 Rice Street East,
Wayzata, Minnesota

7:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order, Roll Call, and Approval of Minutes

2. Regular Agenda Public Hearing Items:
a. 324 Bushaway Road – BCLW Investments – 3 lot subdivision
i. Concept and General Plan Planned Unit Development (PUD)
ii. Preliminary and Final Plat Subdivision
b. 331 Broadway Avenue South – McCormick’s Restaurant
i. Project Design Review for façade modification

3. Other Items:
a. Review and Approval of Planning Commission Report and Recommendation on 110 Grand Avenue South – IOCP Concept Plan PUD
b. Review of Development Activities
c. Other items

9:00 p.m.

4. Adjournment


1. Time(s) are estimated and provided for informational purposes only.
2. Members of the Planning Commission and some staff may gather at the Wayzata Bar and Grill immediately after the meeting for a purely social event. All members of the public are welcome.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A fresh start for the Muni

Katie Pennington and Mark Cheeley enjoy a beverage at the old Muni. Photo Dan Gustafson.
A packed house moved from one Muni to the next as hundreds of attendees bid farewell to the old Wayzata Bar and Grill on April 28, 2011.  A team of dancers from the Wayzata Chamber, City Officials including Mayor Ken Willcox and City Manager Al Orsen, and many others busted a move across Superior Boulevard.

Mayor Ken Willcox and City Manager Al Orsen dance their way across Superior Boulevard. Photo Dan Gustafson.
A small ceremony in front of the new building included Sommelier Gina Holman opening a bottle of champaign and subsequently throwing open the doors of the new establishment.

Sommelier Gina Holman throws open the doors on the new Muni. Photo Dan Gustafson.
The Wayzata Bar and Grill has a full house. Photo Dan Gustafson.
To see hundreds more photos of the event, click this link: Wayzata Bar and Grill Grand Opening.

Insider Preview draws hundreds to Muni Wednesday night

Hundreds of "insiders" got a sneak peek at the new Wayzata Bar and Grill last evening.  The closed event was attended by Wayzata City Staff, Wayzata Council Members, and a select group of friends to the Bar and Grill.

The event went from 5:00 - 8:00, and was "a night of fun, food, and drinks", according to the invite that was mailed out by CEL Public Relations.

The grand opening available to the public is schedule to take place on April 28 from 2-4 pm, starting at the old location.

Council member Jack Amdal and his wife Cheryl enter the new Muni April 27, 2011. Photo Dan Gustafson.

2010-11 Career Teacher Award recipients honored

The 2010-11 Career Teacher Award recipients were honored with a ceremony held April 26 at Central Middle School.

Career Teacher Honorees for 2010-11 are Candy Lee, business marketing and technology teacher at Wayzata High School; Mary Coleman, sixth grade teacher at West Middle School; Nancy Hanily-Dolan, potter instructor at Wayzata High School; and Debbie Mossefin, media center teacher at Kimberly Lane Elementary School.

Candy Lee, business marketing, and technology teacher.

Mary Coleman, sixth grade teacher.
Nancy Hanily-Dolan, potter instructor.
Debbie Mossefin, media center teacher.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wayzata Police Blotter April 19 - 25, 2011

McGruff says, "Take
a bite out of crime!"
The Wayzata Police Blotter is brought to you by the Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition, a non-profit group that raises awareness and money to assist the Wayzata Police Department in keeping Wayzata a safe Community. For more information, or to get involved, visit Take a bite out of crime!

Theft Report
Reported: 04-25-2011  1026
Addresses Involved
Laundry Room entered and coin boxes tampered with, but no loss.
111 Grand Ave S, Wayzata

4th Degree DWI
Reported: 04-24-2011  0111
Male, 25 yr old from Long Lake, arrested for 4th degree DWI / tested .12
Addresses Involved
Wayzata Boulevard W & Willow Drive , Long Lake , MN 55356
Names Involved
(Arrested) Clark, Maxwell Butterfield

Reported: 04-23-2011  0225
Female, 31 yr old from St. Paul, arrested for 4th degree DWI, speed and improper lane use / tested .16.
Addresses Involved
16000 block of Hwy 12 , Wayzata, MN 55391
Names Involved
(Arrested) Zweber, Rachel Ann

Cancel/No Contact 4

OPINION: Use LinkedIn sparingly

Counter Perspective to LinkedIn presentation

Many thanks to the Wayzata Chamber and Caroline Melberg for putting on the LinkedIn presentation this morning at Wayzata City Hall.  About 30 attended, and the program was helpful and well received.

I feel compelled to offer a counter perspective to the information that was presented this morning. The whole concept of LinkedIn is based on too many ifs for me to make it a high priority in my marketing efforts. Should you be doing it? Yes. Should you focus any time on it outside of filling out your profile completely and responding to requests? Not yet, in my opinion.

Too many ifs

For those who missed it, part of the presentation up front went something like this: If someone needs a plumber, and if a plumber is part of someone's network and if someone searches for a plumber on LinkedIn then this is a good way to get business and connect with people. That is way too many ifs for me to handle. An informal show of hands survey during the presentation indicated 5 in 30 had searched for a specific type of service provider on LinkedIn in this way.

Let me offer a different informal survey for your consideration: how many searches did each person in the room perform on Google yesterday? 5? 10? 20? 50? 100? Using keyword research, a relevant domain name, professional writing, and incoming links to step in front of people as they look for a specific product or service makes much more sense to me, at this time.

Let me give you an example: recently began offering high quality printing as part of our category of services. As part of the marketing mix, I secured the domain name “”, made a page that contains information about the type of printing services available, and matched it with the geographic location served. This is much more effective at lead generation in my opinion, and doesn't require the labor intensive introductions where one person emails another to talk with another. If people are searching for printing in Wayzata, my business had better have a landing page created for the Google search “wayzata printing” because the chances are good I get that business.

No "Add to Cart"

My background is in e-commerce; and search, content, bounce rates, converting keywords, conversion rates, and revenue are all able to be measured and improved upon in this kind of business platform. I have sold all kinds of things online from photo albums, to music, to promotional novelty items, to food processing equipment. The presentation about LinkedIn forces me to ask you this question: What is missing from Facebook and LinkedIn and other social media platforms? The answer in my mind: there is no “Add to Cart” button. When you place info on these pages in the hopes that you are marketing, it is very difficult to get people to buy something from you via these types of interactions, because there are just too many ifs, without much measurement.

When I built an online store for Woulett's Bakery here in Wayzata about a year ago, my team and I gave Jim Jurmu an “Add to Cart” button. The philosophy I approached him with is, “Hey, do you want to hand out an online brochure on cookies, bread, and cakes or do you just want to sell them online?” I hope you know what his answer was—and it's working. The challenge for attendees in the room then is how do we sell things online when we can't put them in a box and ship them all over the state or nation? My answer: LEAD GENERATION THROUGH SEARCH.

When people look for what you sell, do they find you?

Google is the 800 pound gorilla on the internet. 85% of all searches globally happen on Google. If I need to find a mortgage officer in Minneapolis, I'm searching Google for “minneapolis mortgage”. If you are a loan officer and your web-page isn't part of the results that get returned, someone else is getting that lead. And speaking of leads, we can know going in how many people are looking for “minneapolis mortgage” per month—in this case 2400--and those are hot leads. Let's budget X number of dollars to capture Y% of those leads and close Z% of that business. Now you are talking the language of business.

Once we build a page and start to monitor the traffic that arrives at it, we can build more content based on the variations of the keywords: “minneapolis loan officer”, “minnesota mortgage”, “minneapolis refinance”, etc, etc, etc. Make yourself an authority on your web-page about what you do—and do so using tools where it can be found.

Speaking of websites, how big is your web presence? 25 pages? 50? 100? 1,000? Know what it is going to take in the future? More—both high quality and high quantity pages. If your web presence is small in quantity or quality, you are going to lose.

Gutenberg's printing press still works

I have heard many people refer to the article that was recently published in the Star Tribune about CEL Public Relations and Small Business Mavericks. Do you know what I took away from it? CEL is excellent at getting stories published in the Strib. They got another one published, this time about themselves and the so called power of “Social Media” they provide. Caroline indicated she got a lot of business and inquiries from the story running in the paper. Proof positive in my book that newspapers and media providers are as effective as ever at driving business, and that LinkedIn should be a much smaller priority at this time for any client that values my perspective.

Does CEL and Small Business Mavericks offer quality products and services? Absolutely—the web sites and marketing materials I have seen them produce are very high quality, and are updated with regularity. Do I buy putting in more effort or spending large sums of money on Facebook and LinkedIn based on the presentation this morning? Not yet.

So what should I do to increase my business?

Want exposure and lead generation in Wayzata and the surrounding community? Plan on an insert 12 months out of the year in the Wayzata Chamber newsletter with your name and picture on it. Commit to running a newspaper ad in the Wayzata Sun Sailor and the Lakeshore Weekly News for 52 weeks out of the year. Email your clients once or twice a month with fresh insight and a specific offer to measure conversions. Build a bigger and better website. Compete in search with both a high quality and high volume of pages. Consider e-commerce, if applicable. Buy high quality pens with your name and logo on it and give them away to everyone you know. Take an ad in the Wayzata Booster program. Give money to the Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition. Take an ad in the Wayzata Fire Department calendar. Volunteer. Have a high quality brochure detailing the benefits of doing business with you ready for when somebody asks. Buy an ad on, and if you need help or don't have the time, trust to execute your year long marketing schedule from start to finish.

Disagree with me? Let the community know in the comment box.


Dan Gustafson is the President of, a geo-domain website and marketing firm specializing in Wayzata, MN. The company offers news and information, internet consulting, quality printing, indoor and outdoor sign manufacturing, and full service marketing for small to medium sized businesses. He can be reached at 952-473-5200 or

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WHS computer art students learn from artist in residence

Students in computer art 3 class. Photo courtesy WPS.
Students in Wayzata High School’s computer art 3 class, had an opportunity to learn from artist in residence Abigail Woods Anderson in April. The class is taught by Lee Anne Jasper.

Anderson lead a lesson on blending media. The students hybridized diverse techniques, from sun prints, to simple lino cuts, to digital intervention. The successive stages offered students opportunities to respond to and transform their own work.

Anderson is a Minneapolis-based artist and educator and currently works with the Walker Art Center’s department of education and community programs. Anderson makes prints at Minnesota Center for Book Arts, where she’s an instructor and member of the artist cooperative.

Monday, April 25, 2011 launches community calendar

A screen shot of the new Wayzata Calendar.
Dan Gustafson of is pleased to announce a new online calendar serving the Wayzata community is being published at The event listings are a collaborative effort with, the City of Wayzata, and the Wayzata School District.

Have an upcoming event? Visit and click the "Submit Your Event" link. For more info, call 952-473-5200 or email

OBITUARY: Barbara Neary

Neary, Barbara J. age 82 of Minnetonka, died April 21, 2011.

Preceded in death by her husband Robert. Survived by her sons, Jim and wife Deb, Bill and wife Maribeth; grandchildren, John, Erin, Brian and Laura; sister, Carole Newcomer and husband Steve as well as other loving relatives and friends.

Special thanks to Dr. Raymond Scallen and Maggie as well as Wellstead of Rogers and North Memorial Hospice. Barb was active in the New Hope Community, and was an avid golfer, bridge player and reader. She enjoyed spending time with family and travelling with friends.

Funeral service 11 AM Tuesday, April 26 at The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, 4900 Nathan Lane N., Plymouth. Visitation 6-8 PM Monday AT THE CHURCH and one hour prior to the service at church.

Interment Lakewood Cemetery.

Memorials may be directed to North Memorial Foundation, 3300 Oakdale Ave., Robbinsdale, MN 55422.

David Lee Funeral Home
Wayzata 952-473-5577

Wayzata Bay Photos

The Wayzata Boat Works at sunset over the weekend. Photo Dan Gustafson.
If you haven't walked around the Wayzata Depot, the Wayzata Boardwalk, and the Wayzata Boat Works at night when the sun is setting, it really is a must do if you live in or are visiting the area. Here is a Photo of a 40 foot Sea Reay moored in its slip as the sun is setting.

For even more photos, visit this link: 2011 April Sunset on Lake Minnetonka


Finn, Mary A. Died at Augustana Chapel View on Maunday Thursday, April 21, 2011. With her were those she loved and she left us peacefully, full of years, destination assured.

Mary was born Mary Albrecht, to William and Hildegard in Plymouth, Wisconsin on June 18, 1915. She lived in Minneapolis most of her life, graduating from Edison High School and the University of Minnesota. She worked at Campbell Mithun until she married John F. Finn, to whom she was married 66 years.

They had four children: James, John, Thomas and Kerry, six grandchildren and six great grandchildren followed with 2 more on the way. Some of Mary's fondest memories were working summers in Glacier National Park, and later travels to Europe, Africa and the Far East. We love her.

David Lee Funeral Home
Wayzata 952-473-5577

OBITUARY: Marie Gorman

Gorman, Marie E. Age 96 of Bloomington, formerly of Long Lake, passed away on April 23, 2011.

Preceded in death by son, James M. Gorman.

Survived by her 9 children, Judith (Edward) Tischleder, Thomas (Laura) Gorman, Joan (Marc Bolin) Revels, Mary (Robert) Bulau, Linda Gorman, John Gorman, David Gorman, Stephen (Penny) Gorman and Paul (Tracey) Gorman; 23 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.

Visitation is Monday April 25, 2011, from 5 to 7 p.m. at St. George Catholic Church and one hour prior to Mass on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at St. George Catholic Church. Mass of Christian Burial 11:00 a.m. Tuesday April 26, 2011, at St. George Catholic Church, 133 North Brown Road, Long Lake, MN.

In lieu of flowers, memorials preferred to Presbyterian Homes Foundation, 2845 Hamline Ave N, Roseville, MN 55113.

David Lee Funeral Home
Wayzata 952-473-5577

OBITUARY: Lyle Jensen

Jensen, Lyle W. Age 87 of Wayzata, died April 23, 2011.

Survived by his wife of 57 years, Jean; sons, Jim of Edina and Paul of Wayzata; brother, Wayne Jensen and his wife Fay of Esmond, ND as well as other loving relatives and friends.

Private family services will be held.

Memorials may be directed to Minnetonka Lutheran Church, 16023 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka, MN 55345.

David Lee Funeral Home
Wayzata 952-473-5577

Public works to begin flushing hydrants today

If you see rust in your water over the next couple of weeks, you are not imagining things.  Starting April 25, Wayzata Public Works will be driving around town and letting water out of hydrants and water mains according to a detailed plan.

Public works employees flushing the water mains.
Photo courtesy City of Wayzata.
The purpose of this annual process is to remove any particulate matter that may have built up in the water mains over the year and insure that all fire hydrants on the water system are operating properly.

If discolored water is present, run the cold-water faucet until the water runs clear. Residents are advised to be observant while washing clothes until after the flushing has been completed.

For more information regarding hydrant flushing contact the Wayzata Public Works at 952-404-5360, choose option 2. A map showing the hydrant flushing schedule can be found by clicking here.

‘The Muni’ in Wayzata advertises on

Wayata Bar & Grill and Wayzata Wine & Spirits, collectively known as “The Muni,” recently discovered one of the best ways to get the word out in the Wayzata area – online display advertising at

“Our clients are consistently impressed with the return on their marketing investment,” said Dan Gustafson, founder of “We help create a positive identity for companies, which puts them at a competitive advantage.”

For the past 64 years, The Muni has been an integral part of Wayzata, with all profits going back into the community.

One reason why The Muni chose to partner with is because the site is tailor-made for people in Wayzata and the surrounding Twin Cities area. Even the website name,, matches the geographic location it serves, making it a “geo-domain.” Because of their limited number and clear name recognition, research shows that geo-domains are extremely effective at reaching their target audiences.

Wayzata Bar & Grill has one of the longest wine lists in the state of Minnesota, and Wayzata Wine & Spirits offers tasting bars for wine, beer, and spirits throughout the year. As advertisers with, The Muni will have the opportunity to publicize messages about its brand new building, tasting events, new menu items, special discounts, and more.

In addition to high-impact banner placement like The Muni is utilizing, area businesses have access to other proven marketing resources through, such as complete printing services and mailing, high-quality signs and graphics, and personalized ad design and copy writing.

To learn more info on this suburban Minneapolis advertising firm, go to the site local people are checking – Additional information is also available by calling (952) 473-5200 or e-mailing

Sponsored text ad
Minneapolis Advertising
Full service marketing agency
Web, Print, Broadcast

Friday, April 22, 2011

Star Tribune reporting Wayzata's Davis resigns

The Star Tribune is reporting that Wayzata Hockey Coach Carl Davis is stepping down. Here is an excerpt from the story, as well as a link to the article:
"Carl Davis wanted his players to hear the news first.

So he called a 7 a.m. meeting on Friday, April 22, and told them they would have a new coach next season.

Davis, Wayzata’s boys hockey coach for the past 16 seasons, made his resignation official on Friday after contemplating the decision for most of the spring.

“When I try to talk people out of it, usually it’s a mistake,” Wayzata activities director Jaime Sherwood said. “He just thought the timing was right. I’ve got to honor that, though I’m saddened by it.”"
Read the rest of the story on from the Strib here: Wayzata's Davis resigns

Masons French Toast Breakfast scheduled for May 1, 2011

Click this image to view the flyer from the Masons about the Annual French Toast Breakfast.
The Wayzata Masonic Lodge is hosting an Annual French Toast Breakfast on Sunday May 1st from 8AM-1PM. The address is 407 East Lake Street (Across from the Depot).

It is an all you can eat breakfast consisting of french toast, sausage, scrambled eggs, coffee, juice and milk.

Adults $6
Kids (3-6) $3
Kids (under 3) Free

All proceeds go to fund the annual scholastic scholarships presented by Wayzata Lodge.

For more information, please call Rob Miller at 952-715-1576.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

OBITUARY: SharonLee Siwek

Siwek, SharonLee
Age 65 of Minneapolis, died on April 18, 2011.

Preceded in death by parents, Paul and Alice Siwek; sisters, Pauline Kern and Delores Scribner; brother, Paul Siwek Jr.

Survived by daughters, Judy (John) Malark and Jeannette Smith; grandchildren, Jadie, Jessie, John Jr., and Julia; brothers, Jerry (Jean), Loren, Mike, and Jerome (Donna) and nieces and nephews.

The family would like to give a special thanks to the doctors and nurses at Abbott Northwestern Hospital for their care.

Funeral service 1PM Tuesday, April 26, with visitation starting at 12:30 at David Lee Funeral Home, 1220 E. Wayzata Blvd., Wayzata.

Interment 2:30 PM at Sunset Memorial Park, 2250 St. Anthony Boulevard NE, Minneapolis.

Memorials preferred to American Diabetes Association Minnesota, Florida West Building, Suite 307, 715 Florida Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55426.

David Lee Funeral Home
Wayzata 952-473-5577

Sponsored text ad
Minneapolis Advertising
Full service marketing agency
Web, Print, Broadcast

OBITUARY: Kimberly "Kim" Meyer

Meyer, Kimberly Rae “Kim” age 50 of Minnetonka, formerly of St. Paul passed suddenly after a long struggle with M.S. on April 13, 2011.

Survived by her parents, John and Doris; siblings, Lori (Jim) Vinz, Scott (Suzanne) Meyer, Jodell Meyer and Krissa Meyer; nieces, Chelsea, Ciara, Jena and Kelly Meyer, Bethany Vinz; nephew, Hayden Vinz.

Kim was a graduate of the U of M and a former employee of the MN State Senate. She was a member of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. Kim loved politics, Tab, baseball, wine and Hall & Oates.

Celebration of Life gathering 6-8 PM Monday, April 25, 2011 at David Lee Funeral Home, 1220 E. Wayzata Blvd., Wayzata.

Memorials may be directed to the M.S. Society, Campfire of America, Planned Parenthood or the American Indian Women’s Resource Center.

David Lee Funeral Home
Wayzata 952-473-5577

OBITUARY: Lillian Furry

Age 88 of St. Louis Park, died on April 18, 2011.

Preceded in death by husband, Robert and daughter, Patricia Scheiller.

Lillian was a loving mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

She will be missed by sons, Larry (Carol), David, Robert (Nancy), and son-in-law, Kenny Scheiller; grandchildren, John (Dianne), April (Chris), Elizabeth, Anna, Steven, Jessica. Eleven great-grandchildren and many nieces, nephews, and friends

Funeral service 12 PM Saturday, April 23, with visitation one hour prior at David Lee Funeral Home, 1220 E. Wayzata Blvd., Wayzata.

Interment 10 AM Monday, April 25, at Ft. Snelling National Cemetery.

Memorials preferred to American Cancer Society, 2520 Pilot Knob Rd, Ste. 150, Mendota Heights, MN 55120.

David Lee Funeral Home
Wayzata 952-473-5577

Four teams from WPS advance to Global Destination Imagination Finals

WPS Destination Imagination teams are headed to the Global Finals. Image courtesy Wayzata Schools.
Four teams from Wayzata Public Schools are advancing to the Destination ImagiNation Global Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee on May 25-28 following the state competition held on April 16.

The following teams will be competing at the Global Finals:

  • The Permanent Markers from Oakwood Elementary took first place in the elementary level for Challenge C, Triple Take Road Show and were state champions – Team members are Duffy Davidson, Ali Gabler, Conor Greenberg, Mara McCollor, Elizabeth Page, David Sandall and Erica Svendahl; team managers are Jeff Page and Pete Sandall
  • Psychedelic Hippie Kaleidoscopes from Central Middle School took first place in the middle level for Challenge D, Mythology Mission and were state champions – Team members are Justin Greenberg, Maia Miller, David Mo, Arman Shah, Abby Trouth and Leighton Zhao; team managers are Robb Greenberg and Diane Miller
  • Six DIgrees of DImagination from Oakwood Elementary took second place in the elementary level for Challenge B, Spinning a Tale – Team members are Christopher Caryotakis, Abby Kassmir, Elizabeth Mack, Derek Rosenberger, Ellie Shaver and Claire Weiss; team manager is Paula Caryotakis
  • The DInamites from West Middle School and Oakwood Elementary school took second place in the middle level challenge for Project Outreach – Dynamic Networks – Team members are Simran Chugani, Kyle Eckman, Frank Fetrow, Hannah Hagen, Madeline Tapper, Isaac Polum and Lucas Waskosky; team managers are Holly Tapper and Kristin Tollison

Two third place teams will also be alternates and may be invited to attend the Global Finals if a first or second place team is unable to attend. The following teams are the alternates:

  • The JK’s from West Middle school took third place in the middle level for Challenge B, Spinning a Tale – Team members are Kate Bernhardt, Katie Erdahl, Jacob Hoffner, Julia Hoffner, Jack Stetler and Kira Stetler; team managers are Angela Bernhardt, Jason Erdahl and Jim Stetler
  • The Razzle Dazzles from West and Central middle schools took third place in the middle level for Challenge C, Triple Take Road Show – Team members are Griffin Caryotakis, Caroline Davidson, Andy Gabler, Melanie Hoof, Tess Kehne and Adam Tapper; team manager is Tricia Davidson

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wayzata Police Blotter April 12 - 18, 2011

McGruff says, "Take
a bite out of crime!"
The Wayzata Police Blotter is brought to you by the Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition, a non-profit group that raises awareness and money to assist the Wayzata Police Department in keeping Wayzata a safe Community. For more information, or to get involved, visit Take a bite out of crime!

Terroristic Threats
Reported: 04-18-2011  1330
Addresses Involved
Male, 37 yr old from Maple Grove, charged with Stalking. Charges pending.
234 Central Avenue S, Wayzata, MN 55391

Residential Burglary
Reported: 04-16-2011  2052
Forced entry of unoccupied home; loss of electronics, etc. Value undetermined at this time/ under investigation
Addresses Involved
1XXX Holdridge Cir , Wayzata

4th Degree DWI
Reported: 04-15-2011  2221
Female, 59 yr old from Plymouth, arrested for 4th degree DWI / tested .12
Addresses Involved
600 block of Lake Street E, Wayzata, MN 55391
Names Involved
(Arrested) Paiko, Shelley Anne

Reported: 04-15-2011  1423
Electronics & other items missing after forced entry to home / preliminary estimate of loss $4000 / under investigation
Addresses Involved
1XXXX Holdridge Road West , Wayzata

Reported: 04-15-2011  1115
Unauthorized transactions on debit card
Addresses Involved
1XXX Underhill Cir , Long Lake

Domestic Assault
Reported: 04-13-2011  2340
Male, 36 yr old from St Paul Park arrested for Domestic Assault and Interference with 911 Call.
Addresses Involved
240 Central Ave N

Debit Card Fraud
Reported: 04-12-2011  1420
Unauthorized charges to debit card
Addresses Involved
XXX Birch Lane W , Wayzata

Theft From Business
Reported: 04-12-2011  1336
Theft of engine scanner, battery and battery charger from mechanics bay at gas station / loss approx. $3200
Addresses Involved
1905 Wayzata Blvd W, Long Lake

Theft/No Pay (Under $250.00)
Reported: 04-12-2011  1153
Customer left restaurant without paying / loss $50 / under investigation
Addresses Involved

1830 Wayzata Blvd W , Long Lake
Reported: 04-12-2011  0207
Test Results Pending
Addresses Involved
815 Rice St E, Wayzata

Other Fire/Smoke 1
Grass/Brush Fire 1
72 Hour Hold/Emergency Admission 1
SOLICITATION - Verbal Warning 1
911 HANG-UP 4

2011 Taste for Wayzata Public Schools

Attendees at the 2011 Taste for Wayzata Public Schools. Photo Dan Gustafson.

Click here for more photos from the 2011 Taste for Wayzata Public Schools.

DICK OSGOOD: A Milfoil Plan for All of Lake Minnetonka

Guest columnist Dick Osgood.
Eurasian water milfoil was discovered in Lake Minnetonka in 1987 – the first lake in Minnesota to have milfoil. Within a couple years, the pesky plant spread throughout the lake and has been problematic since that time – I estimate there are up to 5,000 acres of milfoil in Lake Minnetonka.

Given the scope, duration and impact of milfoil on Lake Minnetonka, it is surprising to me there has never been a comprehensive inventory of milfoil nor has there ever been a comprehensive management plan for milfoil.

There have been several milestones in collective battles to manage or control milfoil:

  • 1989 – Harvesting Program began
  • late-1990s to early 2000s – University of Minnesota research on milfoil weevil control
  • 2006 – Milfoil Demonstration Project
  • 2008 to 2012 – Milfoil Control on Carmans, Grays and Phelps Bays using herbicides
  • 2011 – Gideon and St. Albans Bays added to herbicide project

A synopsis of these projects is as follows:

The harvesting program is designed to facilitate access and navigation, but not to control milfoil in the lake. The harvesting program cuts and removes about 300 acres of milfoil per season.

Weevils are native to Minnesota (and are in Lake Minnetonka) and grow on milfoil. It was hoped the weevils, if enhanced, would provide a biological control for milfoil. The weevil research of the University of Minnesota (as well as similar research around the country) did not result in any practical or operational control program, despite the expenditure of over $1,000,000. Unfortunately, sufficient weevil densities could neither be attained nor sustained - and it was discovered that bluegills preyed upon the weevils. The LMCD’s AIS Task Force has determined that weevils do not represent a viable control method for milfoil.

The 2006 demonstration project evaluated ‘selective’ herbicides in three test areas. Here, ‘selective’ refers to the ability of the herbicide product to selectively target and kill milfoil while doing minimal harm to native plants. On the basis of the positive results, the larger-scale milfoil control project was initiated.

In 2007, a Lake Vegetation Management Plan was developed to frame a milfoil control milfoil in three bays (Carmans, Grays and Phelps). The expert panel concluded that the use of selective herbicides was the only feasibly method to control milfoil and protect native plants. This project was begun in 2008 and will continue through 2012.

This year, Gideon and St. Albans Bays will be added to the herbicide project.

The Lake Minnetonka Association supports the herbicide project and believes it should be an element of a long-term, comprehensive management plan for milfoil in Lake Minnetonka.

The agencies responsible for managing milfoil on Lake Minnetonka must now take advantage of the recent knowledge gained and the high level of community interest and initiate the development of a milfoil management plan for all of Lake Minnetonka to be implemented by 2013.

Elements of a comprehensive plan should include:
  • Problem assessment supported by a comprehensive lake vegetation inventory
  • Stakeholder involvement and input
  • Clear management goals and objectives
  • A review feasible management and control alternatives
  • Funding needs and sources
  • A commitment to action
We have learned that private funding for controlling milfoil can be an element of this plan. However, the funding model we have developed through the milfoil control program on five bays relies too heavily on private funding, which we believe is not sustainable in the long run. Further, Lake Minnetonka is a public resource, therefore a reliable source of public funding ought to provide the majority of support for milfoil management.

The Lake Minnetonka Association is gratified the milfoil control program on the five bays has been supported by individuals, businesses and governmental agencies. We think this positive energy should now be focused on the development of a long-term milfoil management plan and program for all of Lake Minnetonka.

City approves Gianni's outdoor patio request

Council approves memorandum of understanding for one year trial of outdoor 48 seat cafe and boardwalk to route pedestrian traffic into parking spaces

Rendering of outdoor cafe and boardwalk.
Gianni's Steak House managing partner Terri Hummel went before the Wayzata City Council on April 19th, 2011 seeking approval for use of sidewalk and parking spaces to have an outdoor cafe. The request was a follow up to her previous appearance before the council in which more due diligence was requested.

The restaurateur received formal approval to place an outdoor cafe of 48 seats on the sidewalk and extend the walking lane into four parking spaces via an elevated platform.  The approval allows for the Gianni's outdoor cafe to be operated for the year 2011 in a trial run.

Approaching from the east.
Ms. Hummel presented architectural drawings showing the proposed use of sidewalk and parking spaces.  "Each one of those parking spots is nine feet wide.  There is railing around the outside, and one that encloses the seating area for the restaurant. The traffic will be guided and protected."

A rendering of the 48 seat outdoor cafe and boardwalk.
The project was inspired by designs originally used in San Francisco; click here to see some samples.  Hummel indicated that the National Restaurant Association as well as local media outlets will be watching this trial closely.

Mayor Ken Willcox indicated, "I think this is a very exciting experiment.  If this works, I wouldn't mind seeing a whole street full of this. This is the kind of thing we need in Wayzata to bring back excitement, to bring back people, to enjoy the view of the lake. I think it is a spectacular concept you have come up with."
Landlord Stacy Carisch indicated her approval as well, "It's exciting if we can make it logistically work for all people that are impacted."

 Stay tuned to, your Wayzata trial sidewalk cafe leader.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Block Captains gather at Crime Prevention training

The Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition held it's annual Block Captain training session in the Anchor Bank community room on Monday, April 19th, 2011.  Residents and block captains from all areas of Wayzata and Long Lake gathered to learn more about the Wayzata Police and Fire departments, as well as to discuss better ways to communicate with each other.

Wayzata Police Chief Mike Risvold, McGruff the Crime Dog, and Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition President Gina Holman at the annual Block Captain training session. Photo Dan Gustafson.
Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition President Gina Holman welcomed the group with a complimentary dinner provided by the Wayzata Bar & Grill.  Wayzata Fire Chief Kevin Klapprich gave a summary of the departments calls for 2010.

A full capacity crowd attended Block Captains training at Anchor Bank.  Photo Dan Gustafson.
Wayzata Police Chief Mike Risvold gave examples of crimes that had occurred in the area, as well as statistics on clearing cases that showed the effectiveness of the WPD. McGruff the Crime Dog also made a brief appearance, to the delight of the crowd.

Stay tuned to, your Wayzata Crime Prevention news leader.

Wayzata Yacht Club to host benefit for John Pearson

The Wayzata Yacht Club will host a benefit party for John Pearson on Saturday, April 23, 2011 from 5-8pm. Pearson is a long time sailor on Lake Minnetonka and a Deephaven resident. For the last 5 years he has operated a boat repair shop in Watertown. John can always be found at either Minnetonka Yacht Club or Wayzata Yacht Club or at either sailing school helping out with various projects, most of it as volunteer time.

John Pearson. Photo courtesy WYC.
Last winter, John suffered a severe pancreatic infection and cardiac arrest that lead to nearly two months in the hospital and another month in rehab. While simply lucky to be alive, he's made a significant recovery thus far. However, his business had to be liquidated due to medical expenses and this event is intended to help get him back on some financial footing. This was largely a result of diabetes.

According to Dallas Johnson, "What's really driving this is that John is someone who contributes so much to Lake Minnetonka, this is a way for us to help give back with silent auction donations or cash donations to Anchor Bank."

If you go:
  • Get your funky clothes out (Optional) and join the celebration (A Must).
  • A Priceless Raffle Item you do not want to miss!!
  • A great silent auction will close at 7:00 pm
  • Minimum $20.00 Donation at the Door.
  • Food, beer and wine have been donated for the celebration
  • For planning purposes, please RSVP by April 15th to Valérie Petit or 952-212-1823

Attend or Send Money to
Anchor Bank
1055 Wayzata Blvd East, Wayzata, MN 55391
Jonathan A Crump/Carol A Kranz
"for the benefit of John Pearson"

Monday, April 18, 2011

Two WHS students named U.S. Presidential Scholar semi-finalists

Wayzata High School seniors Rohit Agrawal and Lauren Urke were named semi-finalists in the U.S. Presidential Scholar program and are two of nine semi-finalists from Minnesota.

They were chosen based on their accomplishments in many areas including academic and/or artistic success, leadership and involvement in school and the community and represent excellence in education and the promise of greatness in America’s youth.

Agrawal and Urke were two of six students nominated from WHS for the honor including seniors Samantha Carter, Rebecca Dryer, Michael Neaton and Amy Wen.

Finalists in the program will be named in early May. In April, the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars will review the applications of all semi-finalists and select up to 121 academic scholars and up to 20 arts scholars. All scholars are honored for their accomplishments during the national recognition weekend, held in June in Washington, D.C. During this trip, Presidential Scholars are guests of the commission and enjoy an expense-paid trip to meet with government officials, educators, authors, musicians, scientists and other accomplished people. Scholars have the opportunity to visit museums and monuments and to attend recitals, receptions and ceremonies. To commemorate their achievement, the scholars are awarded the Presidential Scholars medallion at a ceremony sponsored by the White House.

WHS math team wins third straight state championship

The Wayzata High School math team won its fourth straight state championship tier I title on March 14 at the 26th Minnesota Mathematics League State Tournament at South Saint Paul High School.

This is the seventh time in the last nine years the WHS math team has won the state title. The WHS math team competed in the Southwest Suburban division and finished the season with 597 points – the top score in the state. 

The WHS math team finished the state tournament with a score of 117 points which put them in first place. WHS seniors Rohit Agrawal, Gaurav Singh and sophomore Abram Sanderson were the top scorers at the state meet. Agrawal has had perfect season records (70 points - i.e., all 40 questions correct) for the past three years, and Singh the past two years.  Last year, Agrawal was the first student ever to have a perfect season score and a perfect tournament score in the same season.  Also, in the 27 year history of the state math league in its current form, only four students have won the season scoring title multiple times including Agrawal and Singh, and only 12 students have had perfect seasons including Agrawal and Singh.

This year's state tournament participants were: seniors Agrawal, Kelly Chen, Larry Lee, Singh and Brian Tu; juniors Duligur Ibeling and Sahiba Singh; sophomores Miri Choi, Jacob Kautzky, Abram Sanderson and Roy Zhao; and freshmen Priyanka Narayan, Apekshya Panda and William Zeng.

The team is coached by head coach Thomas Kilkelly and assistant coach William Skerbitz.

In addition to the win at the state tournament, the team also placed third out of 181 teams across the nation on the Mandelbrot team competition. This is a contest in which groups of four students work together on a series of proof-style questions. The students write out their explanations to the successive parts, which build upon one another to develop a mathematical result. The team play lasts one hour and student responses are mailed to a panel of graders for evaluations.

The team also tied for second place internationally on the American Regional Mathematics League (ARML) Power Contest. The team scored well with 136 points on the year’s ARML local competition. WHS had 14 students score high enough on the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) to participate in the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME). Of those 14 students, Agrawal and Singh qualified for the United States of America Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO) tam, while Sanderson qualified for the Junior USAMO.

Wayzata Farmers Market event a huge success

If you visited the Wayzata Bay Center on Saturday, you know how busy the indoor farmers market was.  Every parking space in the parking lot was taken, and the place was hopping.

A patron enjoys a sample at the Wayzata Farmers Market on April 16, 2011. Photo Dan Gustafson.
Shoppers also enjoyed a live petting zoo for kids and adults.

The petting zoo drew a huge crowd. Photo Dan Gustafson.
 See all the photos from the Wayzata Farmers Market by clicking this link: Wayzata Farmers Market Photos

The Brost Clinic celebrates 25th anniversary

If you live in Wayzata or the surrounding area and have had back problems or the need for natural health services, the chances are good you have been to the Brost Clinic on Wayzata Boulevard.

Barbro Brost, D.C. celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Brost Clinic. Photo Dan Gustafson.
Dr. Barbro Brost and her staff celebrated their 25th anniversary on April 16th in the lobby of the Brost Clinic located at 1421 Wayzata Boulevard East.  Light refreshments were served.

Brost and her staff of 20, including daughter Caroline Brost-Sailer D.C. and son-in-law Shawn Sailor D.C., keep the clinic a family affair.

Caroline Brost-Sailer, D.C. gets a visit from a young patient. Photo Dan Gustafson.
Brost graduated from Bloomington based Northwestern Health Science in 1979, and spent 6 years in her native country of Sweden before settling back in Wayzata. "I married a classmate who was from this area, and it has turned out to be a great spot." Dr. Brost said in an interview. She continued,  "The residents in this area are very health conscious.  Many people need the help of a coach, and we are here to help in that role."

Shawn Sailer, D.C., son-in-law to Dr. Brost addresses staff at the clinic. Photo Dan Gustafson.
Asked what her reflections of 25 years in the industry, Dr. Brost Indicated, "It is amazing how much the natural health climate has changed.  Even the Mayo Clinic now offers the very same types of services you can get right here at the Brost Clinic in Wayzata."

The Brost Clinic offers:
  • Chiropractic
  • Accupuncture
  • Message therapy
  • Therapy excercies
  • Spinal decompression
and many more services.

They can be reached at 952-473-9637 or at 1421 Wayzata Boulevard East in Wayzata. Congratulations on 25 years!

To see more photos of the 25th Anniversary, follow this link: The Brost Clinic 25th Anniversary

The Brost Clinic is a client of Marketing and Media Services.

Street Sweeper is cleaning up this town

Ryan Anderson of Wayzata Public Works pauses from street sweeping for a moment. Photo Dan Gustafson.
Ryan Anderson of the Wayzata Public Works is out in the Elgin street sweeper owned by the City of Wayzata.  Efforts to clean the roads of gravel, sand, and debris have been ongoing for several weeks.

City of Wayzata's Elgin street sweeper.  Photo Dan Gustafson.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

OBITUARY: Roger Bond

Bond, Roger L. Age 85, of Plymouth, passed away after a long battle with lung disease on April 12, 2011, surrounded by family members.

Preceded in death by his parents, Charles and Myrtle.

Survived by his beloved wife of 64 years, Marilyn; son, Hal (Ruth Brockmann); daughters, Charlene (Tim) Peterson and Karen (Tom) Boerner; grandchildren, Jeff (Nora) Boerner and Kelly (Christopher) Rust; five great-grandchildren, Alice, Greta, and Hazel Boerner, Thomas and Lydia Rust; sister, Carla (Bill) Miners; several other relatives, as well as many treasured friends.

Roger was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but moved to Southern California as a young boy. He left high school to join the Navy when World War II broke out. Upon returning from the war, he married Marilyn, whom he had known since junior high, and enrolled in the University of Southern California. After graduating with a degree in Transportation, he embarked on a long career in the trucking industry, working mostly as a Traffic Manager. He, Marilyn and Karen moved from Northern California to Minnesota in 1970, where Charlene already lived.

Roger was a man of passion and compassion, with an unbridled love for his family, his church, Norway and anything Norwegian, his dear friends and Life. He will be dearly missed by everyone whose lives he touched.

Memorial Service Wednesday, April 27th, 11:00 A.M. at St. David's Episcopal Church, 13000 St. David's Road, Minnetonka. Visitation one hour prior to service. Interment Ft. Snelling National Cemetery.

Memorials preferred to St. David's Episcopal Church or Cornerstone Assisted Living of Plymouth, MN.

David Lee Funeral Home
Wayzata 952-473-5577

OBITUARY: James Boody Massie

Massie, James Boody age 92 of Woodland, died peacefully at home Friday, March 4, 2011.

Preceded in death by his wife of 61 years, Chloe Lochridge Massie.

He is survived by his daughter Lynn Massie Oehler and her husband, Ben; his son John R. Massie and his wife, Betsy; seven grandchildren, Sara Oehler King and her husband, Brad; Cornelia and Susan Oehler; Robertson, Annie, Laura, and Marc Massie; and one great-grandchild, Ella Grace King.

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Sept 1, 1918, Jim grew up in Minneapolis, graduated from The Blake School and Harvard University, and returned to the Twin Cities in 1941 to work for Northrup King & Company as a clerk in its garden seed department.

In 1963 he was elected President of the company, and in the interim years worked in nearly every aspect of sales. Under Jim's leadership, Northrup King grew and prospered. He brought it from being a privately held company to a publicly held company in 1968, and in 1976 oversaw the sale of Northrup King to the Swiss agricultural chemicals firm, Sandoz.

In addition to his love of the seed business, Jim was deeply committed to Rotary. He was the second longest-term member in the club's 102-year history. In 2006, Jim received the Marty Baskerville Philanthropy Award from the Minneapolis Rotary Foundation. Jim had many other civic and business interests as well, including the YMCA, The Blake School, Abbott-Northwestern Hospital, The United Way, Third Northwestern Bank, and the US Feed Grains Council.

Among the clubs he most enjoyed are The Minikahda Club, Woodhill Country Club, The Minneapolis Club, and Desert Forest in Carefree, AZ.

Jim was a meticulous caretaker of his yard and garden. He enjoyed boating, tennis, golf, and paddle tennis, was an avid hunter, fisherman, and skier, and a lover of games of all types. Jim will be deeply missed by all those whose lives he touched.

Memorial Service Saturday, April 23, 2 pm at Lakewood Chapel. Reception to follow at The Minikahda Club.

Memorials preferred to the Minneapolis Rotary Foundation, 701 4th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55415, or The Blake School, SDS 12-2577, PO Box 86, Minneapolis, MN 55486-2577.

David Lee Funeral Home
Wayzata 952-473-5577

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Will winter ever end?

The ice is out on Lake Minnetonka, but someone forgot to tell mother nature. She dropped snow on Wayzata and the surrounding area late Friday evening and early Saturday morning. I'd like to order a string of 70 degree days, please.

View more photos from early Saturday on Lake Street in Wayzata here.

A dusting of snow coats the tables on Lake Street. Photo Dan Gustafson.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Lauren Urke named 2011 WHS Athena Award winner

Lauren Urke, 2011 Athena
Award Winner.
Photo Wayzata Schools.
Wayzata High School senior Lauren Urke is the 2010-11 Athena Award winner.

Urke has earned a total of six varsity letters including three in soccer, two in track and field and one in hockey.

She was a member of three girls' soccer teams at WHS that advanced to the state tournament, including the 2009 team that won the Class 2A state championship and the 2010 team that finished in second place. Urke was voted the hardest worker by soccer teammates all four of her years at WHS. Urke was also part of a 4x400 meter relay team during her freshman year that earned All-State honors by placing fourth at the state meet.

Off the field, she has been a violinist for the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphony for nine years and started her own volunteer mentoring program to provide lessons to struggling violin students. She is a semi-finalist for the United States Presidential Scholars program, a National Merit Finalist, Advanced Placement Scholar with Distinction and a member of the National Honors Society. She earned a perfect score on the ACT exam and has been named Academic All-State in both soccer and track and field. Urke plans to play college soccer at Harvard.

Crime Alert: Residential burglary

Wayzata Police Chief Mike Risvold issued a statement today about a residential burglary occurring on the east side of Wayzata Friday afternoon.

According to the report, the home was entered by forcing a locked door.  Chief Risvold indicated similar burglaries have occurred in recent weeks in Minnetonka and Plymouth.

The Wayzata Police Department encourages you to report any suspicious activity by dialing 911.

Stay tuned to, your Wayzata home was burglarized leader.

Wayzata Planning Commission Meeting Agenda Monday, April 18, 2011

Community Room,
600 Rice Street East,
Wayzata, Minnesota

7:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order, Roll Call, and Approval of Minutes

2. Regular Agenda Public Hearing Items:
a. 110 Grand Avenue South – Concept Plan PUD – Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners
b. Bushaway Road/CSAH 101 - Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment for Local Designation as a Scenic Byway

3. Other Items:
a. Review and Approval of Planning Commission Report and Recommendation on 315 Manitoba Avenue South – Parking Conditional Use Permit
b. Review of Development Activities
c. Other items

9:00 p.m.

4. Adjournment

1. Time(s) are estimated and provided for informational purposes only.
2. Members of the Planning Commission and some staff may gather at the Wayzata Bar and Grill immediately after the meeting for a purely social event. All members of the public are welcome.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

3 Major Milestones Reached On Wayzata Bay Center Redevelopment Project

Presbyterian Homes and Services has announced reaching three crucial milestones that clears a path for construction to commence on The Promenade of Wayzata (The Bay Center Redevelopment project) by the end of the year. The first milestone was completing successful mediation with the Original Pancake House on a buyout of their remaining lease. Second is the announcement that Presbyterian Homes and Services has signed an exclusive agreement with Opus Development Corporation, giving Opus the option to purchase the right to develop the retail and condominium portions of the project. Lastly is the announcement that in the first three weeks of potential sign up for the Senior Housing Apartments, 40 of the first 91 units within the Superior Block have been reserved, strongly confirming the strength of the market for this portion of the project.

Since the approval of the redevelopment by the City of Wayzata, Presbyterian Homes and Services has negotiated with each long-term Bay Center tenant on a relocation package or lease buyout. With negotiations successfully completed with the Original Pancake House, agreements have been reached with all tenants, which now allows planning to begin for demolition and construction. The agreement with the Original Pancake House will allow the restaurant to remain in place until October 1 unless they choose to close before, however partial demolition could occur as early as August 15. When asked about the agreement, John Mehrkens, Vice President Development of Senior Housing Partners, stated, “We are pleased to have reached an agreement with the Original Pancake House that will allow them to continue to serve their many loyal customers and hopefully, an opportunity to relocate their business in the Wayzata area. We know the Original Pancake House is a fixture in the community and we’re proud to have had them as an anchor at the Bay Center since 1994.“

Presbyterian Homes and Services has signed a letter of understanding with Opus Development Corporation giving them exclusive rights to undertake due diligence and preliminary marketing of the retail and residential development components of The Promenade of Wayzata. The Opus team has a national reputation for designing and building distinctive and innovative retail and housing developments. When asked why Opus chose to partner with Presbyterian Homes and Services, Dave Menke, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Opus Development Corporation, commented, “Opus has a very similar approach to development as Presbyterian Homes, with a strong focus on delivering superior quality with a distinctive look and design that’s customized to each specific project. We are happy to be involved in a project that will benefit and shape the future of the Wayzata community.“ Opus Development Corporation and Presbyterian Homes and Services will be doing a joint marketing effort for the retail portion of the Promenade of Wayzata in May at the RECon Global Retail Real Estate Spring Convention in Las Vegas, NV.

While there has long been an expectation of strong market appeal for the Senior Housing planned for the community, the inital marketing has vastly exceeded initial projections. Over 300 people attended informational meetings at Wayzata Country Club and hundreds more watched the webinars on the Senior Housing Project, which has been named Folkestone. Dena Kuenzel, Housing Advisor for the Folkestone Senior Community, commenting on the initial response stated, “Particulary in this challenging housing environment, we have been excited at the level of interest in Folkestone. With the first 50 individual meetings with potential residents completed, we’ve already had 40 senior apartments reserved to date. This puts us well ahead of our initial schedule. Given the strong response, I would encourgage anyone interested in learning more about Folkestone to call me at (952) 944-5737, or view our information webinar at“

Reaching the three milestones continues to clear the path for the current Bay Center to be raised and construction on the new Promenade of Wayzata started by the end of the year.

2011 Lake Minnetonka Ice Out declared

Lake Minnetonka Ice Out 2011 status: open

No ice remains between Wayzata and Excelsior.  Click this photo for a larger image. Photo Dan Gustafson.
The 2011 Lake Minnetonka Ice Out was declared at 5:14 am on April 14 by the Freshwater Society. The ice-out came 12 days later than last year, when the lake became ice-free on April 2.

Since 1968, the Freshwater Society has kept close records of the day the ice yields to warmer temperatures on Lake Minnetonka. Freshwater founder Dick Gray described the standard for determining ice-out in a 2003 column: The ice is considered to be "out" when it is possible to travel from any one shore to any other shore through any passage on the lake, he said.

In addition to declaring the ice-out every year since 1968, Gray has compiled a list of all recorded ice-out dates on Lake Minnetonka, dating back to 1855. The earliest recorded ice-out, measured by noted naturalist Dr. Thomas Roberts, was March 11, 1878, and the latest recorded date was May 8, 1856.