Wayzata is a premier suburb located 11 miles west of downtown Minneapolis. With a population of 4,500 people, Wayzata is a tight-knit community which is known for its vibrant downtown and picturesque setting on Lake Minnetonka. A popular destination for visitors, Wayzata’s downtown is home to a number of specialty shops, boutiques, professional services, and restaurants.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Ice Fishing on Lake Minnetonka

Mike Lee talks about fishing with a camera.
Bringing new meaning to ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka, friends Mike Lee, Kenny Camm, and Mike Hubsmith were having a go of it on Sunday afternoon.  Lee said, "We caught about 15 little perch at around 5:00, and not much else after that.  It doesn't matter though, we just like to get out on the ice and have a good time."

The ice fishing shack puts the stereotypical ice house to shame.  It was equipped with heat, 2 recliners, a cd player with built in speakers, a stove, a microwave, and a flat screen tv used for Bond marathons on chilly nights.

The group also had a camera they could insert in one of the holes in the ice to see what was going on near the bottom of the lake-a great advantage when ice fishing.

Kenny Camm and Mike Hubsmith.
Stay tuned to, your Lake Minnetonka sportsman leader.


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