Wayzata is a premier suburb located 11 miles west of downtown Minneapolis. With a population of 4,500 people, Wayzata is a tight-knit community which is known for its vibrant downtown and picturesque setting on Lake Minnetonka. A popular destination for visitors, Wayzata’s downtown is home to a number of specialty shops, boutiques, professional services, and restaurants.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wayzata School Officials Monitor for H1N1 Flu, Watch Orono High Stay Closed

Orono High School will remain closed today, with all acitivities cancelled, according to their website and numerous media reports. Students in Grades K-8 will return to class at the following schools: Schumann Elementary School, Orono Intermediate School and Orono Middle School. Also reopening today will be the Discovery Center.

Bob Noyed, Director of Communications for ISD 284 (Wayzata), described Orono's closing yesterday and today, "As I understand it, Orono administrators consulted with the Minnesota Department of Health when they learned of their probable case. We would do the same and would follow their advice. We currently do not have any probable cases, but are continuing to monitor the situation."

Wayzata Superintendant Chace Anderson echoed Noyed's comments, indicating that WPS has been in touch with the Center for Disease Control, and was carefully watching for any indications of swine flu. Anderson also expressed some relief that the Swine Flu appears at this time to be acting a like seasonal flu than a strain of killer virus.


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