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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WAYZATA BAY CENTER: Ed Briesemeister indicates it will be some time before pile test results are known

A number of the test piles at the Bay Center have been driven into the ground. Elisha and I live right next to the Wayzata Bay Center, so we were concerned that during this process the noise might make living here unbearable. On the contrary, for a huge crane to be pushing piles into the ground, the sound has been very modest when we were inside our home.

Since the pounding has paused for the time being, we wondered if the testing was done, or was there more to do. A quick note from Ed Briesemeister explained the next steps as I asked whether or not there were any conclusions:

"It will be a while--some weeks. Our next step is for the geothermal contractor to install his test "wells" as they are called. This involves installing geothermal tubing loops down three of the deep piles (about 120'), filling the pipe with grout and attaching some monitors that measure the heat exchange in the ground."

There you have it, sounds like some more work to do and engineering to be done.

Stay tuned to for all the latest Wayzata Bay Center news.

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