Wayzata gets props in the Wall Street Journal (sort of)

Wall Street Journal blogger Robert Frank looks at the lives and culture of the wealthy in a blog called The Wealth Report. In a recent entry, he writes: New Model for the Rich: Minnesotans

Frank indicates that all of a sudden it’s out of style to flaunt ones wealth, and that the whole country should take a page from how Minnesota’s elite live.
The props for Wayzata come when Frank refers to an article by KRISTIN TILLOTSON from our very own Star Tribune indicating the only time it’s okay to flaunt wealth these days “…is breaking out Grandma’s diamond necklace once a year, and then only for a Wayzata fundraiser.”
Frank from the WSJ calls Wayzata a country club–he’s only half right. Those of us in the know, know better than that. Still it’s nice to be recognized in those big New York City newspapers.
Wayzata.com is your Wayzata in the big media leader.

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