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Saturday, November 08, 2008

WAYZATA PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Classic Lake Conference Votes to Exclude Robbinsdale Armstrong


At a meeting on November 6, the superintendents from the five Classic Lake Conference (CLC) districts voted to exclude Robbinsdale Armstrong High School from the conference beginning with the 2010-2011 school year. The superintendents acted on a recommendation that was approved by the principals at an October 31 meeting. The exclusion of Robbinsdale Armstrong from the CLC is pending based on action by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL).

Current members of the Classic Lake Conference are Edina High School, Hopkins High School, Minnetonka High School, Robbinsdale Armstrong High School and Wayzata High School.

“This decision was made cooperatively with all five schools represented in the discussions,” said John Schultz, superintendent, Hopkins Public Schools. “While it was a difficult decision, it will lead to equitable opportunities for students in all five schools and it is best for the future of all five schools.”

Conference activities directors examined data from all high schools in developing their recommendation. The rationale for the recommendation and decision by the superintendents was based on data including the following:
  • Current grade 9-12 enrollment – The other four CLC schools currently have enrollments at least 15 percent larger than Robbinsdale Armstrong.
  • Future grade 9-12 enrollment – Enrollment projections for 2010-2011 show the other four CLC schools with enrollments 17 to 40 percent larger than Robbinsdale Armstrong.
  • Number of students participating in activities and athletics – Robbinsdale Armstrong currently has 45 percent fewer students participating in athletics than the other four CLC schools (unduplicated count). The other four CLC schools are projected to have at least 534 more students participating in athletics than Robbinsdale Armstrong by 2010-2011.

The current CLC member schools – after losing Richfield in 1999 and Robbinsdale Cooper and St. Louis Park in 2005 – have found it increasingly difficult to schedule events. It has become necessary for CLC schools to travel great distances, often out of state, to fill a schedule of games. Attempts have also been made over the past several years to seek additional members to join the conference. These attempts have not been successful.


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