Wayzata is a premier suburb located 11 miles west of downtown Minneapolis. With a population of 4,500 people, Wayzata is a tight-knit community which is known for its vibrant downtown and picturesque setting on Lake Minnetonka. A popular destination for visitors, Wayzata’s downtown is home to a number of specialty shops, boutiques, professional services, and restaurants.

Friday, November 28, 2008

WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008 Schedule: Season Recap

Wayzata's perfect season was completed tonight with a victory over the Blaine Bengals. Here, in chronological order and in order of the Wayzata Football 2008 schedule, is every story this year that appeared on It details the long and narrow road that the undefeated Wayzata Trojans had to tip toe to win the Class 5A Prep Bowl (Minnesota State Football Championship).

Rochester Century 42-0

Rochester Century just got run over by a steamroller in Wayzata in an unevenly matched non-conference game. Kevin Knight scored two rushing touchdowns in the effort.

Minnetonka 24-7

The Wayzata Football Trojans beat the Minnetonka Skippers soundly in a Classic Lake Conference battle. Cecil Doe caught two touchdown passes in the effort. A capacity crowd of 6,000 attended the game.

Armstrong 63-7

The Wayzata Football Trojans rolled over the Armstrong Falcons in the Battle of 494. The win was Wayzata's 2nd in the conference and made the Trojans.

Apple Valley 44-14

Garrett Englehardt made Wayzata's homecoming night by scoring 3 touchdowns as the Wayzata Football Trojans (4-0), ranked number 2 in the Metro Top 10, defeated the Apple Valley Eagles (3-1) who were ranked number 4.

Minneapolis North 49-14

Wayzata started most of their drives at about the 50 yard line, and Minneapolis North seemed to always be deep in their own zone. The future of Wayzata Football, such as Chris Lindsey who scored a touchdown, got plenty of chances to play.

Hopkins 54-20

The defensive line had a number of sacks (8?) behind the strong play of Tobi Okuyemi, Kevin Potas, and Carl West. Daryl Brown returned a punt for 50 yards to break the game wide open for Wayzata in the second quarter.

Burnsville 70-0

Defensive Back Chris Meyers intercepted 2 passes and returned them for touchdowns as Wayzata soundly beat an overmatched Bursville Blaze. Garret Englehardt scored 2 rushing touchdowns in the effort as well, and Daryl Brown returned a punt for a touchdown. Wayzata’s extremely stout defense kept the Blaze offensive unit in check all night. The Trojans set their single game scoring record as well.

Edina 16-10

Strong performances by John Ries, Matt Tarpley, Chris Meyers, Daryl Brown and Garrett Englehardt, and the entire Wayzata Trojan defense lifted the Trojans above the Hornets with just minutes left in the game.

Cooper 42-7

Ryan Macgregor, Trojan Punter, kicked a state record 83 yard punt to pin Cooper on the 1 inch yard line during the course of the game.

Champlin Park 41-15

#2 Wayzata (10-0) rolled over Champlin Park with tenacious defense and a strong offensive attack. Kevin Potas, Carl West and Toby Okeyumi made life tough for the Champlin Park offense.

St. Cloud Tech 38-0

Kramer Berg threw a perfect pass in front of AJ Troup who caught it and tore up the sideline for a 98 yard touchdown score to end the game on a night where everything went Wayzata's way.

Rosemount 34-10

The Trojans relied on spectacular performances by the Wayzata offensive line and running backs Garrett Englehardt and Kris Kroeten to move the ball and score. Jack Egan returned a fumble recovery for 50 yards to score a touchdown on defense.

Blaine 27-7

The Wayzata Trojans took on the Blaine Bengals tonight in the Class 5A Prep Bowl (Minnesota State Football Championship) and won behind the solid play of Fritz Rock, who caught one touchdown and threw for one touchdown. John Ries threw for 2 touchdowns, and Cecil Doe caught one TD. Defensive lineman Toby Okuyemi blocked a field goal attempt and had an interception, and a host of Trojans made other key plays.


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WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: Trojans defeat Blaine in Prep Bowl 27-7 Media Report

Pictured left is the Sports section of the Star Tribune for November 29th, 2008.

Wayzata wins it's 2nd State Football Title tonight by defeating the Blaine Bengals 27-7. Many of the outlets are talking about the 99 yard drive in the 3rd quarter that ended with a backwards pass from John Ries to Fritz Rock, and from Rock to a wide open Matt Tarpley in the end zone to make it 20-7. Blaine was never able to recover as Wayzata had another take away as Jack Egan intercepted a pass and returned the ball to the Bengal 5 yard line. Chris Kroeten punched in a touchdown to make it 27-7 in the 4th.

The following is the media report:

More to come!


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WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: Wayzata beats Blaine 27-7 in the Prep Bowl, remains unbeaten for perfect 13-0 season


The Wayzata Trojans took on the Blaine Bengals tonight in the Class 5A Prep Bowl (Minnesota State Football Championship) and won behind the solid play of Fritz Rock, who caught one touchdown and threw for one touchdown. John Ries threw for 2 touchdowns, and Cecil Doe, caught one TD. Defensive lineman Toby Okuyemi blocked a field goal attempt and had an interception, and a host of Trojans made other key plays.


Wayzata started thier first drive at the Trojan 27 yard line. Ries threw it to Matt Tarpley on a hitch to the left, Tarpley gained 7 yards, and was tackled by Steven Shumacher. On 2nd down, Kevin Knight carried for a first down by picking up 5 yards. On 1st and 10, Knight carried again for no gain. Ries threw a slant pass to Fritz Rock for a gain of 14 yards and a Trojan 1st down at the Bengal 46. A false start backed up the Trojans up to the their 49 yard line. Ries was sacked for a loss of 4 by David Ackerman to bring up 2nd and 19. A Blaine offside penalty made it 2nd and 14 at the 50 yard line. Garrett Englehardt gained 5 to his left and was brought down by Bengal defender Di-Jon Starr to make it 3rd and 9. Ries dropped back, and took forever for a developing screen pass to Chris Kroeten who scampered for 25 yards to the Blaine 21 yard line for a 1st down. A handoff to Kroeten gained 3 to the left, tackle by Bengal Chad Mueller. A bullet from Ries to a streaking Fritz Rock for 22 yards into the end zone resulted in Wayzata's first score of the evening. David Stranghoener made the extra point to make it 7-0 with 7:17 left in the 1st quarter.

Blaine return man Deven King took Stranghoener's kick-off from the 25 to the Blaine 31 yard line. James Peterson came in under center, and tried to get the ball to Nick Rusin, but was well defended by AJ Tarpley. Another Peterson attempt to Eric Kline fell incomplete to bring up 3rd and 10. Peterson threw to Rusin for a gain of 16 before being tackled by Robbie Heflin. 1st and 10, Peterson ran a keeper for 8 yards and was tackled by Heflin again. Peterson threw to Deven King who was tackled by Chris Meyers after a 3 yard gain for another Bengal 1st down. Peterson started in the shotgun, and handed off to Deven King for a gain of 4, who was tackled by Kevin Potas. A quick out from Peterson to Nick Rusin picked up 7 and another Blaine 1st down. A Peterson option to King was stopped for no gain by AJ Troup to make it 2nd down. Peterson threw to Mike Thai for a gain of 5, and the play was well defended by Paul Hoffer to make it 3rd and 5. Kevin Potas sacked Peterson for a 7 yard loss to bring up 4th and 12. Blaine went for it, and picked up 25 yards to Nick Rusin to advance to the Trojan 6 yard line, with the defensive tackle provided by Paul Hoffer. Peterson on the keeper for a yard, tackled by Grant Olson. Another keeper by Peterson for 3 yards to the Trojan 3 yard line, Grant Olson on the tackle. Peterson kept it again and scored on 3rd down. Braden Horning added the extra point to make it 7-7 with 2:56 left in the 1st Quarter.

Jack Egan and Daryl Brown were the return men as Blaine kicked it out of bounds. Ries and Company started on their 35 yard line. A handoff to Garrett Englehardt gained 17 yards before he was brought down by Tobi Saporu on the Bengal 48 yard line. A quick Ries flip to Tarpley gained 7 yards, tackle by Steven Schumacher for a 2nd and 3. A handoff to Kroeten gained 2.5 yard to make it 3rd and inches. Ries kept it and lunged forward for a Trojan 1st down at the Blaine 38 yard line. A Ries handoff to Kevin Knight gained 2 yard up the middle before being tackled by Jordan Kosminskas for Blaine. A wide receiver screen to Rock with a great block by Cecil Doe gained 10 yards before being forced out by Alvan Washington. Kroeten lost 2 yards on 1st down as he was tackled by Starr.


Ries and Company continued with a pass to Rock for no gain. A pass attempt on 3rd and long to Cecil Doe was well defended by Bengal Washington to bring up 4th and 14. Ries fumbled the ball and Joe Stearly for Blaine fell on it.

Blaine took over on their 37 yard line, and Peterson tried a keeper for no gain, tackled by Potas. A flip from Peterson to Eric Kline gained 4 yards to make it 3rd and 6. An inside slant to Thai gained 20 yards, tackle by AJ Troup. A handoff to King gained 7, tackled by Potas made it 2nd and 5. Rusin caught a pass for 7 yards on Peterson's right to get another Bengal 1st down at the Trojans 31 yard line. Daryl Brown almost picked off a Peterson pass and had nothing but open field in front of him. A handoff to Joe Winter gained 5 yards to make it 3rd and 5 at the Trojan 26 yard line. Peterson kept it for a gain of 6 and a Blaine 1st down, and was tackled by Grant Olson. Peterson kept it up the middle for a gain of 5, to make it 2nd and 5 at the Wayzata 14 yard line. A QB keeper by Peterson gained 3 yards, tackle by John Connelly. Peterson was stuffed by Jack Egan to make it 4th and 2 on the Wayzata 11 yard line. Toby Okuyemi blocked the kick by Alex Wesdorf to turn the Bengals away and keep the score 7-7.

Ries and Company came out throwing to Cecil Doe who gained 28 yards and a Trojan 1st down up to the Wayzata 48 yard line, coverage by Washington. Kroeten carried for no gain to make it 2nd and 10, tackled by David Ackerman. A Ries pass to Adan Hassan was slightly overthrown to make it 3rd and 10. A Ries rollout and pass attempt to Matt Tarpley fell incomplete to bring up 4th and 10. Ryan Macgregor punted it away to Blaine's Mike Thai who returned the football to the Bengal 29 yard line.

Peterson threw a wide reciever screen pass to Thai for a gain of 5, tackled by John Connelly. Carl West tipped a pass from Peterson that was intercepted by Toby Okuyemi to give Wayzata the ball on the Blaine 30 yard line.

Englehardt carried to his right side for a gain of 8 yards to make it 2nd and 2 at the Bengal 22. Another Englehardt carry went for no gain, tackle by Saporu of the Bengals to make it 3rd and 2. A wide receiver screen pass to Rock gained the necessary yards for a Trojan 1st down at the Begal 15 yard line, tackle by Ackerman. A 1st down slant pass from Ries to a streaking Cecil Doe scored a touchdown for 15 yards. Stranghoener's extra point was blocked, making it 13-7 with 2:37 left in the 1st half.

Blaine started at their own 35 yard line. A Peterson pass to Matt Arford was stopped by Egan after a gain of 3 yards to make it 2nd and 7. Peterson on the option kept it, and was stopped by Grant Olson and a host of Trojans after a gain of 2 yards. Kevin Potas chased and and Grant Olson tackled Peterson as he dumped it to avoid losing yardage to bring up 4th down and 5. Peterson punted the ball away, and Grant Olson picked up a personal foul.

Englehardt picked up 11 yards to his right to bring the football out to the Trojan 31 yard line, tackle by Washington. Another handoff to Englehardt gained 10 up the middle. Ries's pass attempt to Rock fell incomplete to stop the clock with :33 seconds left in the 2nd quarter. Kroeten gained 2 yards up the middle to let the clock expire.


Stranghoener kicked it away to Blaine's Rusin who returned it out to the Bengal 45 yard line, tackled by Englehardt. A screen pass to Kline lost three after being sniffed out by Carl West. A pass from Peterson to Thai was fumbled as Chris Meyers tackled him to pop the ball out, and AJ Troup scooped up the ball and returned it to the Wayzata 18 yard line. It was a huge stop to keep the momentum away from Blaine.

Ries came out throwing to Rock, who gained 9 yards up the left sideline. A handoff to Kroeten and 2nd and 1 went picked a a yard and a 1st down, tackle by Cody Hedstrom from Blaine. A flip from Ries to Tarpley gained 11 yards and another Trojan 1st down, tackle by Schumacher from the Bengals. Englehardt was stuffed for no gain to bring up 2nd and 10. A scamper by Kroeten gained 5 yards, tackled by Buchman. On 3rd and 6, Ries threw to Rock who was just short of the 1st down marker to bring up 4th down and a yard. Wayzata tried to get Blaine with an offsides, but to no avail. Ryan Macgregor kicked it away, and Englehardt and Kenny Reitz stopped Thai on the return.

Blaine started on their 28 yard line with a fresh set of downs. A handoff to King gained 3 yards, with Grant Olson providing the tackle. A false start by the Bengals made it 2nd and 12 at their own 26 yard line. Kline carried the ball for 17 yards and was knocked out for a moment after a monstrous hit by Daryl Brown. Blaine had a 1st and 10 at their own 43 yard line. A pass attempt to Rusin fell imcomplete, with Chris Meyers on the coverage. Another pass attempt to Rusin was deflected by Jack Egan to make it 3rd and 10. Peterson was tackled by Olson and Okuyemi after a gain of 5 to bring up 4th and 5. Peterson punted the ball away to Daryl Brown, but it was downed at the 1 yard line after a 55 yard punt.

Ries and company started with 99 yards between them and their end zone. Ries threw it to Doe for a gain of 11 yards, forced out of bounds Saporu. On 1st down, Ries threw it to Doe again on a pass that hung in the air, and then was caught for a gain of 34 yards--pushed out of bounds by Schumber for Blaine. 1st and 10 on the 48 yard line, a carry by Kroeten gained 4 yards, tackled by Bryce Vee for the Bengals. A slant to Nolan Odland gained 10 yards to move the ball to the Bengal 35 yard line. Kroeten gained 5 up the middle, tackled by Mike Leslie for Blaine. On 2nd and 5, Kevin Knight burst up the middle in a big hole to gaine 6 yards and another Trojan 1st down up to the Bengal 25 yard line. A Ries pass attempt to Doe in the end zone fell incomplete to make it 2nd and 10. Another attempt to Doe in the end zone was poked away by Sam Chase for Blaine to make it 3rd and 10. Kevin Knight followed his big offensive line for a gain of 11 yards to pick up the 1st down and advance to the Blaine 14 yard line. Englehardt was stopped by Bengal Starr for no gain. A pass attempt to AJ Tarpley was slightly overthrown to bring up 3rd and 10. Another Ries attempt to Matt Tarpley fell incomplete as well to bring up 4th and 10. Coach Anderson rolled the dice, and Ries threw a backwards pass to Fritz Rock, who threw it to Matt Tarpley in the end zone for the score and the momentum changer of the game in which Blaine could no longer handle the Trojans. Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 20-7 with 1:20 left in the 3rd quarter.

Stranghoener kicked it away to Rusin who brought it back to the Bengal 28 yard line, and was tackled by Wayzata's John Connelly. Peterson on the keeper was hit behind the line by John Connelly for a loss of 2 to make it 2nd and 12. Kevin Potas, Carl West, and Toby Okuyemi applied big time pressure as Peterson threw it away to avoid a 15 or 20 yard sack. A screen to King lost one, tackle by Grant Olson. A personal foul on Blaine backed them up to their own 12 yard line to make it 4th and 25. Peterson kicked it away to Daryl Brown, who returned it to the Bengal 26 yard line. A block in the back brought Wayzata back to their own 49 yard line.

Englehardt took a Ries handoff for 2 yards to make it 2nd and 8 as the 3rd quarter expired.


The Trojans started the 4th quarter at midfield and with a 13 point lead. Ries threw to Rock for a gain of 6 yards to make it 3rd and 4 and the Bengal 45 yard line. Ries fumbled the ball and fell on it to bring up 4th and 4. Ryan Macgregor kicked it away to Mike Thai, who returned the ball to the 28 yard line.

Blaine started at their 29 yard line. Jack Egan intercepted a Peterson pass and returned it the Bengal 5 yard line.

Ries and Company started and the Bengal 5 yard line. Englehardt carried up the middle for 2 yards to make it 2nd and goal from the 3 yard line. Chris Kroeten followed the goal line package of Macgregor, AJ Tarpley, and the Hogs into the end zone for the score. Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 27-7 in favor of the Trojans with 9:42 left in the game.

Stranghoener kicked it away to Bengal Thai, tackled at the 23 yard line by Connelly. Peterson threw it to Thai, who fell down for no gain to make it 2nd and 10. A pass attempt to Rusin from Peterson skipped off the turf, with excellent coverage by Trojan Brown. Peterson on the delayed keeper gained 4 yards, tackle by Grant Olson to bring up 4th down and 5. An offsides moved the ball forward 5 yards and Blaine got a 1st down. Peterson on the QB draw gained 12 yards, tackles by Grant Olson and Paul Hoffer. Peterson threw to Kline for a gain of 8. Peterson on the naked bootleg gained 8 yards, tackled by Kevin Potas. Another QB draw by Peterson picked up 11 yards and another Blaine 1st down at the Trojan 28 yard line. Coach Lombardi took a timeout to talk to his troops. Grant Olson sacked Peterson for a huge loss to make it 2nd and 27 from the Trojan 45 yard line. An inside slant to Rusin gained 11 yards, tackle by Jack Egan. The reverse handoff lost 5 for the Bengals, tackle by Grant Olson to make it 4th and 20. A throw to Thai was stopped 1 yard short of the 1st down as Blaine turned it over on downs with 5:13 left in the game.

Wayzata started at their 19 yard line, and a handoff to Englehardt gained 1 yard. A pass from Ries to Macgregor gained a Trojan 1st down, tackled by Bengal Schumaker. A handoff on 1st down to Kroeten gained 4 yards as the clock continued to tick. Englehardt gained 1 to his right to make it 4th down and 4. Macgregor kicked it away to Thai, who was tackled by Carl West and Garrett Englehardt at the Blaine 38 yard line.

Blaine took over with 2:43 left in the game, and Peterson was sacked by Jack Egan for a loss of 4 yards. Peterson threw towards Rusin, Meyers and Egan on the coverage. Peterson gained 3 on a scramble to his left, tackle by Grant Olson who would not let go to allow Peterson to break free. Kevin Potas blocked Peterson's punt, and Grant Olson returned it to the Bengal 18 yard line.

Ries and company took a knee to end the game.


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WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: Welcome Home Reception at WHS after the Prep Bowl

The official website of Wayzata Football is reporting that:

There will be a WELCOME HOME RECEPTION in the gym at Wayzata High School 45 minutes after the conclusion of the game. All students, parents, and community members are welcome! Image courtesy Wayzata Football.

Stay tuned to, your Welcome Home Reception in the gym leader.


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WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: Wayzata Trojans v Blaine Bengals Prep Bowl Broadcast Coverage

Here is a breakdown of the Broadcast Coverage for the Wayzata versus Blaine Bengals Prep Bowl game tonight.

Of course stay tuned to, for all the latest breaking info on the game, a write-up afterwards, a full media report, and interviews with Brad Anderson and the stars of the game.

WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: Wayzata vs Blaine Preview Media Report

Here is the media report for the Wayzata vs Blaine Prep Bowl Game tonight.


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WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: Wayzata versus Blaine Prep Bowl Preview

When Wayzata and Blaine meet later tonight for the Class 5A Football Championship, aka the Prep Bowl, they will be playing for all the marbles. Blaine is the Cinderalla of Class 5A, having knocked off Eden Prairie and Cretin-Deham Hall. Wayzata enters the game having only trailed this season for a couple of minutes.

Things to watch for / notable notes:


  • James Peterson, Bengal QB has over 2,400 passing yards and over 900 rushing yards this season.

  • Nick Rusin and Mike Thai Thai have combined for more than 120 receptions and 12 touchdowns this season.

  • Shannon Gerrety begins his 22nd year as a football coach at Blaine High School. This will be Shannon's 5th year as the head coach of the Bengals. Along with his head coaching duties, Coach Gerrety will continue to coach the linebackers and coordinate the defense. Coach Gerrety's most important mission as the head coach of the Bengals is for his team to play with class, for the boys to be good people, and for each player to create memories that will last a lifetime. Coach feels that if the Bengals accomplish those three things, they are successful. Shannon teaches physical education at Blaine and in his spare times enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Stacy and their twin boys Shea and Sam (age 8).


  • The Trojans have the fastest defense in the state, with some of the best defensive backs. Defensive Lineman Kevin Potas, Defensive Back Chris Meyers and the Wayzata defense have not allowed an opponent to score more than 20 points during a game. Potas has 18 sacks this year and Meyers has 8 interceptions.

  • The Trojans are dressing a total of 127 players for the Prep Bowl: all 43
    seniors; all 54 juniors, and 30 sophomores. Football is a no-cut sport at
    Wayzata. August 2008 saw a record number of players in the program: 304 students (grades 9-12) were issued uniforms on the first day of practice.

  • All of Wayzata's first-unit players are in the lineup for the Prep Bowl. The most significant recent injuries were to: (1) senior captain DB John Connelly (dislocated patella and MCL injury suffered Oct. 25); and (2) senior RB Kevin Knight (fractured hand suffered Nov. 8). Both return to the lineup this week.

  • Wayzata is playing its 11th game of the year on artificial turf. The Trojans
    played twice this year on grass: Aug 29 at Century (42-0) and October 10 at Burnsville (70-0).

  • The current seniors were freshmen when the Trojans last played in the
    Metrodome in 2005. No freshmen dressed for the State Tournament in 2005. Everyone on the 2008 roster played a high school game in the Metrodome for the first time in the Nov. 15 semifinal.

  • Most Wayzata players have not shaved since the playoffs began on October 25. Last week the WHS student TV news ran a feature on the beards, players' nicknames for them, and various individual problem growth areas. Plans are underway for the players to be shaved next week at the high school in a benefit event for local causes, including for Kai Wilson, a 2008 Wayzata graduate and U of M student who suffered a serious head injury in a fall earlier this year.

  • After practice the day before each game, players and coaches gather in the
    school cafeteria and eat a team meal that includes local merchant donations and dozens of dishes home-cooked by parents. The meal follows a motivational talk from a guest speaker. This season's speakers have included: (1) David Gross, trial lawyer at Faegre & Benson; (2) Dan Sorenson, Target Inc., Notre Dame punter (1985-86); (3) Terry Steinbach, Oakland As and Minnesota Twins (1997-99); (4) C. Willi Myles, comedian, St. Cloud State football (1978-82); (5) Matt Blair, Minnesota Vikings (1974-85); (6) Tim Laudner, Minnesota Twins (1981-89); (7) Billy Soule, University of Minnesota; (8) Jim Ramstad, U.S. House of Representatives; (9) Wes Hamilton, Minnesota Vikings (1976-84); (10) Joe Laurinaitis, professional wrestler; (11) Mike Trewick, Wayzata HS principal, St. Cloud State (1968-70); (12) Keith Simons, University of Minnesota (1972-75).

  • Wayzata's average 2008 regular season margin of victory -- 36.3 points -- is the largest of any Trojan team ever, besting the 28.5 points by the 8-0 team of 1951. The 2005 state championship team (7-1) outscored regular season opponents by 19.9 points per game.

  • In its four-game 2008 postseason, Wayzata has outscored its opponents by 195-32, for an average margin of 30.8. The 2005 team entered the Prep Bowl with an average winning margin of 30.5 in the same four playoff games. The 2004 team entered the Prep Bowl with an average winning margin of 15.3 in the same four playoff games.

  • From 1903 to 2007, in approximately 670 games played, the Trojans scored 8 or more touchdowns on six occasions. This year, between Week 3 and Week 7, the 2008 team did it three times: 9 TD vs. Armstrong on Sept. 12, 8 TD vs. Hopkins on Oct. 3, and 10 TD vs Burnsville on Oct. 10. (Wayzata's defense scored 6 of those 27 TDs).

  • 􀅸 Wayzata scored 54 points against Hopkins while being held scoreless in two of the four quarters. The linescore was 0-34-20-0 = 54 SCORING BURSTS IN 2008
    􀅸 Wayzata scored 63 points against Armstrong while being held scoreless in the first quarter. The linescore was 0-21-28-14 = 63
    􀅸 Six times in 2008, Wayzata scored 34 points or more in one half

  • In 2008, the Trojan first-unit defense has allowed a total of four (4) touchdowns. (Two of those four touchdowns came with Wayzata leading by 35 points.) In the first half at Burnsville on October 10, the Trojan first-unit defense itself scored that same number of touchdowns (4).

  • Nine of Wayzata's 12 opponents set a season low for points scored in their
    game against the Trojans: Century (0), Minnetonka (7), Armstrong (7), Hopkins (20), Burnsville (0), Edina (10), Cooper (7), St. Cloud State (0), and Rosemount (10). Eight of Wayzata's 12 opponents set a season high for points allowed in their game against the Trojans: Armstrong (63), Minneapolis North (49), Hopkins (54), Burnsville (70), Cooper (42), Champlin Park (41), St. Cloud State (38), and Rosemount (34).

  • In 2008, the Trojans have trailed for 5 minutes and 46 seconds of the 576
    minutes played. On Nov. 15, Wayzata trailed Rosemount by 3-0 from 5:41 left in the first quarter to 11:55 left in the second quarter.

  • In 2008, the Trojans have had the lead for 270 of the 288 second half minutes played. On Oct.15, Wayzata was tied 10-10 with Edina from 7:10 left in the third quarter to 1:18 left in the 4th quarter.

  • 􀅸 Most total points: 517
    􀅸 Most points per game: 43.1
    􀅸 Largest point differential per game, regular season: 36.3
    􀅸 Most consecutive wins in a season: 12
    􀅸 Largest single game score: 70 (at Burnsville Oct. 10)
    􀅸 Second largest single game score: 63 (vs. Armstrong Sept. 12)
    􀅸 Longest TD pass play: 98 yards, Kramer Berg to AJ Troup (vs. St. Cloud Tech)

  • Largest one game margin of victory (70); most points in a half (49); most
    touchdowns in a half (7); most defensive touchdowns in a half (4).

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from Wayzata!

Here's wishing you and your family the very best of Thanksgivings. If your family is anything like mine, it will involve giving thanks before the meal, having some turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie. After dinner, we all proceed to the living room to sleep on the couches and chairs while watching the Dallas Cowboys take on whoever they are playing this year.

This little post got me thinking about the origins of Thanksgiving, so for your review, here is what Wikipedia has to say about Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving, also known as Thanksgiving Day, is a harvest festival. Traditionally, it is a time to give thanks for the harvest and express gratitude in general. It is primarily a North American holiday which has generally become a national secular holiday with religious origins.

The dates and whereabouts of the first Thanksgiving celebration are a topic of modest contention. Though the earliest attested Thanksgiving celebration was on September 8, 1565 in what is now Saint Augustine, Florida, the traditional "first Thanksgiving" is venerated as having occurred at the site of Plymouth Plantation, in 1621.

Today, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. Thanksgiving dinner is held on this day, usually as a gathering of family members.


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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PODCAST: Wayzata Football Coach Brad Anderson - Preview Blaine Bengals in Section 5A State Championship aka Prep Bowl

Head Coach Brad Anderson was kind enough to join me for our regular segment to Preview the Blaine Bengals as the Wayzata Trojans Football Team prepares to play for the Minnesota State Football Championship in the Class 5A Prep Bowl.


WAYZATA HIGH SCHOOL: 2008 Wayzata Idol

From Wayzata Public Schools:

The talents of ten Wayzata High School students were showcased on Tuesday November 25 at the High School Auditorium. Three student judges and four faculty judges selected Liz Hawkinson as the 2008 Wayzata Idol, with runnerup honors going to Nina Yasmineh.
Liz performed the song At Last and Nina sang What the Heart Wants. Other contestants included Dylan Carlson, Natalie Sandberg, Lauren Bevington, Parker Mullins, Angela Sandall, Brent Haagenson, Yoojin Kim and Peter Bache-Wiig. The annual event is a benefit for the National Honor Society.
The 2007 Wayzata Idol winner, Sarah Walk, was also on hand to perform her winning song, The Remains, on piano. The Wayzata Idol competition is based on the popular "American Idol" with the three witty and acerbic student judges — Keegan Buffington, Kelly Nelson and Dutch Endy — passing on their critiques after each performance. The faculty judges — Lisa Parra Staves, David Motes, Mark McIlmoyle and Anna Olson — met after the ten performances to select the winners.
The 2008 Wayzata Idol program will be shown in its entirety on ED's TV, the West Metro Cable Channel, on:
  • Saturday November 29 at 10:00 a.m.
  • Sunday November 30 at 9:05 p.m.
  • Monday December 1 at 8:00 a.m.
Watch soon for a video clip of Liz Hawkinson's winning performance!A video clip of the selection of the 2007 Wayzata Idol and the winning performance can be found on the ED's TV Video Gallery (scroll through to November 20, 2007 listings)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: Trojans ranked #1 in the Country by USA Today's Massey Ratings

The Wayzata Trojans football team has moved into the #1 spot in the nation by USA Today's Massey Ratings, a computerized ranking of every high school football team in the USA. Congratulations to the Trojans, and good luck against Blaine on Friday night!


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TROJAN TRIBUNE: WHS Student wins Miss Dance Team Minnesota Competition

Written by Jenna Kopp, Trojan Tribune staff writer

Second year Trojet Dance Team captain Vanessa Iorio recently became Miss Dance Team Minnesota 2008.

In 2007 Iorio was the runner-up and this year successfully went for the gold. Iorio competed against eighty girls in grades nine through twelve from morning until dusk on Sunday, October 26th. “There has not been a lot of Wayzata people that have done this, and I really wanted to represent our two-time state champs dance team.” Iorio said. Iorio’s friend Amy Quanbeck won the competition in 2006 and her other friend from Maple Grove, Kia Hill, won last year. After having being in it for a year and having friends in it, Vanessa new what to expect this year. “Last year my modeling was probably my weakest component so I worked hard at it for this year.” Iorio said.

The competition consists of three parts; an interview, modeling, and a solo dance. Contestants started off their day with an interview in a quiet room with fifteen judges. The girls get a minute to think about the question they are asked, then must respond to the judges. “This years question was easier than last years,” Iorio said, “I had to describe my most favorite dance performance compared to last years explanation of why dance team is a sport and how my team represents that.”

The modeling and solo is done in front of the fifteen judges and a large audience. “You model five different dance skills in a shape of a star,” Iorio said, “so they call it a skill star.” Vanessa performed her solo to an a Capella version of I am Every Woman by Whitney Houston. is your Wayzata student wins Miss Dance Team leader.

WAYZATA FIRE DEPARTMENT: Blood Drive scheduled for December 1st

From the Wayzata Fire Department:

The Wayzata Fire Department will be hosting their 2nd Annual Blood Drive in coordination with the Memorial Blood Center. This year’s drive will be held on Monday, December 1, 2008 at the Fire Station. Appointments can be made every 15 minutes between 2 and 7 pm. Email or call 952-221-0952.

CITY OF WAYZATA: Lighting up Wayzata for the Holidays

From the City of Wayzata:

The holiday shopping season is almost here and we are looking at ways to promote our wonderful retail and dining community. Last year a new tradition was started with a window (street facing or in a mall) decorating contest to entice shoppers to our area. The windows were photographed and used on our website. This year whatever your business, a bank, a retail store, a restaurant; the City will be looking at the most original/unique, most whimsical, most elegant, best lighting, best use of materials, best traditional holiday decorating. Judging will be held on November 24th and recognition of winners and all participants will be given at the December 1st City Council meeting. is your decorated window contest leader.

TROJAN TRIBUNE: Breaking Dancing Hits the Floors at WHS

Written by Jenna Kopp.

Aaron Wong (12) started this group during the second semester of his junior year after he was inspired by a WHS graduate Huy Nguyen and Tony Moua (12).

Although this dance group is not an official WHS club, Wong is enthusiastic in getting new and younger students like Johnny Lu (10) and Ty Hintzman (9) to join his dance group. "I think it's great, it's a fun way to express ourselves," said Ty Hintzman (9). According to Hintzman, the group is described as a "blender" where everyone brings in their own unique styles to the table. Hintzman says the group holds dance-off or "battles" which provides a chance for each member to show off their best moves and provides an opportunity for other members to learn new moves. According to Wong, the group prefers students who already have basic background in dancing as dance lessons will not be offered, but if basically everyone is welcomed to join the group. "It's not like ballet or something," said Wong "If you learn from an instructor, you will be learning their style, not creating your own." is your break dancing at Wayzata High School leader.

CITY OF WAYZATA: Truth in Taxation Scheduled for December 1st at 7:00 pm

From the City of Wayzata:

The Truth in Taxation Hearing will be held on Monday, December 1st at 7:00 pm in the Wayzata City Hall Community Room. You can find out how the 2009 budget affects your property tax bill. The City of Wayzata has a responsible long-term perspective with financial planning and management. Decisions are made with the future in mind to ensure our ongoing ability to provide residents and businesses with the quality services they have come to expect, and at a reasonable cost. City taxes represent only about one fourth of your total property taxes. Hennepin County and the school district each account for another one third of total taxes, and other smaller jurisdictions make up the remainder. Property taxes support the basic City services which go to maintaining streets, public facilities and providing police and fire protection. is your Truth in Taxation Meeting leader.

LAKESHORE WEEKLY NEWS: Wayzata Football dominates Sports Section

The Wayzata Trojans running backs Garrett Englehardt, Chris Kroeten, and Kevin Knight have been featured in the Lakeshore Weekly News in a story by Jon Weisbrod. The article is entitled: Trojans learning to share. Weisbrod also has an article on Blaine, the Trojans opponent in the Prep Bowl: Bengals to spread things out. Additionally, he breaks down match-up in this article: Wayzata, Blaine: there's just no telling.


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Christopher Karls sentenced to at least 15 years for home invasion and rape

The Star Tribune is reporting that Wayzata resident Christorpher Karls has been sentenced to at least 15 years for a break-in and rape of a young woman near the University of Minnesota.

For the full article, visit this link from the Strib: Invasion victims tell of changed lives.


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NorthCoast featured in City Pages

NorthCoast, the Wayzata Restaurant in the Boat Works building on Wayzata Bay and overlooking Lake Minnetonka, was recently featured in City Pages. Rachel Hutton visited recently and began the article like this:

"NorthCoast restaurant is in a suburban office park on Lake Minnetonka, not far from Cargill headquarters. It's decorated like a hotel lobby—smart yet unassuming—and boasts a clientele of boaters, businessmen, and ladies who lunch. In the summer months, its roof deck is so popular that the restaurant sometimes serves 700 guests in a night. The best-selling entree is the walleye."

To read the full write-up, visit this link: Wayzata's NorthCoast offers delectable edible science experiments.

NorthCoast is located at:
294 East Grove Lane
Wayzata, MN, 55391


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WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: MSBN will Internet Broadcast Trojans vs Blaine

WEST ST. PAUL, MN; The Minnesota Sports Broadcast Network announces today that the network will be broadcasting all six Prep Bowl match-ups live from the Metrodome in Minneapolis November 28 and 29. This marks the second straight year that MSBN will be bringing extensive coverage of the state championship games, as MSBN broadcast all 12 semifinal match-ups last year as well. Each of the six games can be heard, free of charge, online at MSBN’s website, The winners of each of the six games will be crowned Minnesota state football champions for 2008.

When the state football tournament is concluded at the end of the day on November 29, the Minnesota Sports Broadcast Network will have concluded its football broadcast schedule, having broadcast 110 high school football games live throughout the course of the fall.

7:00 pm: State Class 5A Final: Blaine (11-1) vs. Wayzata (12-0): One team will claim their second Prep Bowl title in the Class 5A championship game, as the Blaine Bengals and Wayzata Trojans will square off in the final game of day number one from the Metrodome in Minneapolis. The Bengals have knocked off a who’s who of Minnesota football to make it to the title game, beating Eden Prairie in the state quarterfinals 28-24, and then Cretin-Derham Hall in the semifinals, 28-27 in overtime. Combined, those two teams were 23-0 coming into those games, and between them have a total of 32 state tournament appearances and have seven state championships. Wayzata, meanwhile, defeated St. Cloud Tech 38-0 in their quarterfinal match-up, and then beat Rosemount in the semifinals, 34-10. The Trojans have gone undefeated this season by posting an average margin of victory of 43-8, and only once this season has a team has been able to keep the margin of victory to single digits, that being Edina, in a 16-10 Trojan victory during the last week of the regular season. Blaine is making their 10th state tournament appearance, winning the 1988 championship, and finishing second in 1996, 1997 and 2001. Wayzata, meanwhile, is making their eighth appearance in the tournament, winning the 2005 Prep Bowl, and finishing runners-up in 2004. Joe Michaels will have the play-by-play call for the Minnesota Sports Broadcast Network, along with Jon Wekkin providing color commentary.

The Minnesota Sports Broadcast Network,, is a Minnesota based web broadcasting company started in September 2005 to broadcast and promote high school, college, and professional athletics. Since its inception, MSBN has broadcast more than 875 events in the state of Minnesota, including coverage of Minnesota State High School League regular and post-season athletic events, University of St. Thomas athletics, and Northwoods League Baseball. Check for broadcast information including start times and game summaries.


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WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: Brad Anderson appears on AM 1500 KSTP

Head Coach Brad Anderson appeared on AM 1500 KSTP and was interviewed by Matt Thomas.

"Matt talks with Wayzata head football coach Brad Anderson about their football season and on the upcoming 5A Minnesota state championship game against the Blaine Bengals."

BREAKING NEWS: Semi Truck Over Turns On HWY 12

At about 11:50 this morning the state patrol responded to a call at the intersection of hwy 12 and Wayzata Blvd on the East end of town. A construction truck and trailer used in the building of the Long Lake Bypass is over turned in the median. Two state patrol cars were on the scene, no one appeared to be injured.

Stay tuned to, your source for Wayzata News.


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WEEKLY ROUNDUP:'s top stories of the week, Nov. 16-22

Another very busy week in the Wayzata Community, as one local team prepares to play in the State Championship, and it got a lot quieter in Wayzata recently. Other headlines include locals who sleep outside in chilly temps to raise money, and a local teacher won a bunch of money on a game show.
  1. The Wayzata Football is poised and ready to play the Blaine Bengals in the Class 5A Prep Bowl. The team got there by defeating Rosemount. Read the write-up: WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: Trojans defeat Rosemount Irish 34-10 in 5A State Semifinals to advance to Prep Bowl, read the media report: WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: Media Report Wayzata 34, Rosemount 10 - Class 5A Semifinals.
  2. IOCP Kicked off it's annual Sleep Out to raise money in an effort to fight homelessness and provide affordable housing. Bob Fisher, Peter Larson, Cory Koskie, and Mike Pomeranz all participatated. Read a press release from IOCP here: IOCP Sleep Out 2008: Annual Campaign During Tough Economy Raises Challenge to Respond to Housing Needs in Western Suburbs, and read coverage here: IOCP Sleep Out 2008: Kick off celebrates "The Community That Can".
  3. The trains that rumble down Lake Street in Wayzata are officially not blowing their horns late at night thanks to the new Quiet Zone that has been established. Read a release by the CITY OF WAYZATA: Train Quiet Zone in Effect.
  4. Our friends at the Trojan Tribune at the High School made us aware that a Social Studies teacher by the name of Brad Olson won $25,000 on Who Want's to be a Millionaire. Read Jenna Kopp's write-up here: TROJAN TRIBUNE: WHS Teacher Wins $25,000 on "Millionaire".
  5. Set of Six Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass windows from Wayzata featured in Modernism Display in Manhatten.


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Saturday, November 22, 2008

CITY OF WAYZATA: Train Quiet Zone in Effect

From the City of Wayzata: The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) have approved the City's median improvements and beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, November 18, 2008, Wayzata's Quiet Zone will go into effect.

Trains will not be blowing their horns at the City's four crossings (Ferndale Road, Barry Avenue, Broadway Avenue and Arlington Circle) between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. The horns will continue to blow from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The City has installed signs at all crossings, notifying residents and visitors of the quiet zone. An image depicting the new signs can be seen adjacent to this article.

As a reminder, the creation of a quiet zone doesn’t mean the tracks will always be quiet. An engineer can blow the horn if there is a question of safety, for example, if something is on or near the track.

The City would like to thank City Staff and SRF Consulting for their work on this project.

Staff would like to thank the residents of Wayzata for their patience and cooperation during this two-year process.

For any questions regarding the Quiet Zone project, contact City Engineer, Mike Kelly at 952-404-5316 or

CITY OF WAYZATA: Open House for Mayor Humphrey Scheduled for December 30th, 2008

From the City of Wayzata: An Open House is planned for Mayor Andrew Humphrey in recognition of the years of service he has given to the City of Wayzata. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, December 30, 2008 for 5:00 to 7:00 PM to stop in at the Wayzata Community Room (at City Hall) to thank him and wish him the best in his future endeavors. Refreshments will be served. Please call Sandy Langley, at 952-404-5302, with any questions.

The Boston Globe Mentions Kevin Garnett's Wayzata Mansion

Kevin Garnett was back in town last night with his World Champion Boston Celtics. He and his team beat up on the Timberwolves, and the Boston Globe made note of it this morning. The article begins:

MINNEAPOLIS - Kevin Garnett hoped to get some rest at his Wayzata mansion on this homecoming mission. But Garnett also got a chance to repose at the Target Center in the fourth quarter of the Celtics' 95-78 victory over the Timberwolves last night.

Those of us who are local know that one of Garnetts homes is located at 450 Orono Orchard Road S, Wayzata, MN 55391.

Stay tuned to for all the latest news.


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Shoebob Appears on Eyewitness News regarding IOCP Sleep Out

Local celebrity and shoe repairman Bob Fisher appeared on on 11/21/2008. He was interviewed by Leah Mclean, and described the local efforts being put on via the Sleep Out.

Watch Bob's interview here: Wayzata man's 'sleep out' benefits Metro's homeless


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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

IOCP Sleep Out 2008: Annual Campaign During Tough Economy Raises Challenge to Respond to Housing Needs in Western Suburbs


Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners (IOCP) is launching its 13th annual Sleep Out Campaign to raise awareness of the need and funds for affordable housing in the communities it serves. Given the financial crisis and rising rate of foreclosures in the suburbs, families IOCP serves are facing housing challenges unlike ever before.

“To fully meet the basic housing needs of the people we serve, we need to raise $2 million,” said LaDonna Hoy, IOCP executive director. “Our real goal is to be able to respond to the requests of more than 900 families in the coming year.”

Funds raised during the Sleep Out represent IOCP’s entire housing budget for the year and 42 percent of the organization’s total annual budget. Sleep Out funds are used to address the emergency housing needs of low-income families and individuals, and to pursue affordable housing developments. More than half—58 percent—of the families IOCP provides housing services for need help one to two months in order to stabilize their situation.

“Our theme for this year’s Sleep Out, ‘The Community That Can,’ reflects the capacity of this community to respond,” added Hoy. “This community has the means, the heart, and the will to rise to the challenge, as it does every year.” The campaign runs from Nov. 15 to Dec. 23, 2008.

Increased Need
Four issues IOCP clients face have contributed to the increased need:
  • Their incomes are outstripped by the rising cost of living. While the median income for a family of four in the metro area is $80,900, 85 percent of the families IOCP serves earn less than half that amount—$40,450 or less.

  • The rate of foreclosures in the western suburbs is increasing. In the past year, 218 homes were foreclosed in IOCP’s service area (155 in Plymouth, 23 in Orono, 18 in Wayzata, 10 in Medina, 9 in Long Lake, 3 in Hamel).

  • The demand for affordable housing options far exceeds the supply. The Metropolitan Council projects that the IOCP service area will need 1,829 affordable housing units by 2020; currently, there are none under construction.

  • Due to the foreclosure crisis and the economy, homelessness is increasing rapidly. Since March 2008, there has been nearly a 25 percent increase in the number of families staying in homeless shelters in Hennepin County. The cost for a parent and two kids to stay in a shelter for one month is $2,700, compared to IOCP’s average rent assistance of $569.

Sleep Out Events

  • The Sleep Out Campaign begins with a communitywide Kickoff on Saturday, Nov. 15, 6–8 p.m., at Klapprich Park, 300 E. Wayzata Blvd., in Wayzata. Kare 11’s Mike Pomeranz will serve as emcee; speakers include LaDonna Hoy, Sleep Out founder Bob Fisher, and U.S. Representative Jim Ramstad. Community members are invited to gather pledges and sleep out at the park following the Kickoff.

  • General Mills and Cargill will host their 2nd annual sleep outs on Friday, Nov. 21. General Mills will have their sleep out at Klapprich Park, and Cargill will hold theirs at their Wayzata headquarters.

  • Former Minnesota Twins star Corey Koskie and Sleep Out founder Bob Fisher are holding a “sleep in” at the Wayzata Bay Center on Saturday, Nov. 22, inviting anyone to gather pledges and join them in sleeping in cars. Their goal is to raise $56,900.

  • On Dec. 11, 6 p.m., families who have benefited from the long-term housing work of IOCP are hosting an appreciation gathering at the first IOCP-sponsored home, 325 Barry Ave., Wayzata, for the individuals and organizations that have worked with IOCP to create affordable housing opportunities in the IOCP service area.

Sleep Out History

In 1996, Wayzata shoe repairman Bob Fisher slept outside in a tent to raise money to buy Thanksgiving dinners for 100 families in the community. In two weeks, Fisher raised $10,000. In subsequent discussions between Fisher and IOCP, he became aware that the most pressing need facing IOCP clients was housing. So he resolved to sleep out each year, dedicating the funds he raised to help meet the housing needs of families in IOCP’s service area.

During the subsequent years, the campaign attracted increasingly broad involvement. During the 12-year history of the Sleep Out, about 3,200 community members—including businesses, churches, youth and civic groups—have raised more than $9 million to support IOCP’s emergency housing services and long-term housing solutions.

About IOCP

Begun in 1979, IOCP is a community-based outreach organization serving struggling families and individuals living in Hamel, Long Lake, Medicine Lake, Medina, Minnetonka Beach, Orono, Plymouth, and Wayzata.

The mission of IOCP is to identify and respond to the basic unmet needs of people in our community, and to assist them in moving toward self-sufficiency through the creative action of an inclusive partnership of communities of faith, schools, government, businesses, community groups, foundations, health systems, and individuals.

For More Information, contact: Lenore Franzen (651-442-4271 or or Jill Kohler (952-404-9388 or

IOCP 110 Grand Ave. Wayzata MN 55391 (952) 473-2436


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