Wayzata is a premier suburb located 11 miles west of downtown Minneapolis. With a population of 4,500 people, Wayzata is a tight-knit community which is known for its vibrant downtown and picturesque setting on Lake Minnetonka. A popular destination for visitors, Wayzata’s downtown is home to a number of specialty shops, boutiques, professional services, and restaurants.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rose Ensemble to perform at Wayzata Community Church October 12th

Got an email from Aaron Wulff, (General Manger) today about The Rose Ensemble's upcoming performance at Wayzata Community Church. It is scheduled for October 12th, 2008 at 4:00 pm. According to Aaron's promotional material, the program is "Celestial Harvest: Music for the End of Time," a concert of medieval and Renaissance vocal works depicting the end of the world as imagined by composers through the ages. A free presentation will begin one hour prior to the show.

For more information, call 651-225-4340, or visit General seating tickets are $23. Tell them Dan at sent you.
Image courtesy of The Rose Ensemble.
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Ask Dan: Where is Barack Obama's Wayzata Office?

Elisha and I were on a walk on Sunday down lake street. Someone in a new black crossover vehicle pulled over and asked us where the Obama campaign office is in Wayzata, as they were on their way to attend a meeting. I told the driver it was over by the Roger Fazendin realty offices, and in the same strip mall as the Wayzata Bait & Tackle.

The official address, according to Obama's website, is:

15704 Wayzata Boulevard
Wayzata, MN 55391

Happy politicking!

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MEDIA REPORT: Christopher E. Karls of Wayzata pleads guilty to criminal sexual conduct

Christopher E. Karls recently pleaded guilty to "three counts of criminal sexual conduct, three counts of burglary and one count of kidnapping in connection with [a] May 4 assault." According to a Star Tribune report.

Here is a media report on Karls:

You get the idea. Sounds like he will be going to jail for some time.

Image courtesy of WCCO, who got it from Hennepin County.

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Star Tribune features Wayzata Public Schools Superintendant Chase Anderson in article

The Star Tribune has featured Wayzata Public Schools Superintendent Chace Anderson and his plans for the the Wayzata School District in an article entitled: New Wayzata schools chief plans to take it slow. The article details Anderson upbringing on a farm in Iowa, his dreams to play for the Green Bay Packers, and his early teaching career in Nebraska.

The article also details how Anderson does not plan to stray very far from former administrator's plans and efforts. He does indicate in the article that he wants to focus on individualized teaching as opposed to a one size fits all approach.
BONUS MATERIAL: Here is Chace Anderson's bio from the Wayzata Public Schools website:
"Dr. Chace B. Anderson assumed the role of Superintendent of Schools on July 1, 2008. He came to Wayzata from his former position as the assistant superintendent for Edina Public Schools (Edina, Minnesota); a position within which he served since 2003. Prior to that, he was the principal of Edina High School from 1998 to 2003, principal of Edina's Valley View Middle School from 1995 to 1998; and assistant principal of Valley View Middle School from 1992 to 1995. Preceding his work in Edina, Anderson was a middle school assistant principal in the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District (Minnesota) and the administrator for the Rochester Montessori School in Rochester, Minnesota. Before moving to Minnesota in 1988, Anderson worked for the Bellevue (Nebraska) Public Schools where he served as a junior high school dean of students and athletic director, middle school and high school science teacher and as an assistant varsity football and track coach.
Anderson holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis); an M.S. degree in Secondary School Administration from the University of Nebraska (Omaha); and a B.A. degree from the University of Northern Iowa (Cedar Falls). Anderson is a 1978 graduate of Akron High School. Anderson resides in Maple Grove, Minnesota with his wife and two children." welcomes Chace to the community. I personally have seen him at the Wayzata Football games, as well as seen him make an appearance on Welcome Wayzata with Greg Rye and Peggy Douglas, Director of the Wayzata Chamber.

Image courtesy Wayzata Public Schools.
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Wayzata resident Tom Petters will step down from Petters Group

What a change a week can bring about. Tom Petters has been a private company darling in Minnesota, buying out Fingerhut, Polaroid, and Sun Country Airlines. Then in the middle of last week, Federal Agents raided his corporate headquarters in Minnetonka, and removed his computer from his personal residence in Wayzata.

Days later, a search warrant is unsealed revealing Petters in under investigation for potentially $100 Million worth of fraudulent investment activity. The news came out yesterday that Petters will be stepping down from his companies, and that a company has been hired to assemble an interim management solution. will keep you up to date on all the latest Tom Petters information.
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Cristina Boyd, Merrill Lychn advisor in Wayzata, featured on front page of Star Tribune

Apparently the sky is falling in America. Keep this in mind my fellow Wayzatians, if you can go for a walk outside, and their isn't a militarized police force corralling you into a paddy wagon, life will go on. Turn off the TV, stop listening to the radio where the pundits are screaming at you about the crisis de jour.

As part of all this the sky is falling coverage, Wayzata's own Christina Boyd is featured as a broker at Merrill Lynch in Wayzata on the front page of the Star Tribune this morning. Her story is that her clients are calling her to sell during this time of turmoil. If there is one thing I know about the stock market, it is buy low and sell high. Most of us get carried away and do the exact opposite. Christina, congratulations on being featured on the cover of the Strib. Too bad it has to be about fear and selling in the smoke and mirrors called the stock market.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Tom Petters to step down?

Just got a similar anonymous phone call like last week about Tom Petters. Last time it was about his Petters Group Worldwide being raided by the FBI. This time I heard a rumor that he is stepping down, as of about 11:00 central.

Have any info you can share? Post it in the comments.

Stay tuned to, your local guy raided by the feds leader.
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Leaves are starting to change in Wayzata, as fall begins

Elisha and I went for a nice long walk around Wayzata today. Here is a great shot of Wayzata Bay as the boating season begins to come to an end.
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Friday, September 26, 2008

WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: Trojans 49, Minneapolis North 14 Final

PLYMOUTH, MN: The Wayzata Football Trojans took on the Minneapolis North Polars tonight. The Wayzata community had an idea that it was going to be one sided, and it definitely was. Wayzata started most of their drives at about the 50 yard line, and Minneapolis North seemed to always be deep in their own zone. The future of Wayzata Football, such as Chris Lindsey who scored a touchdown tonight, got plenty of chances to play. Here is how the game went down:

The Polars had some small success throwing the ball on their first drive until Robbie Heflin intercepted a Carlton Littlejohn pass at about the 50 yard line to give the Trojans a short field.

Garret Englehardt had a nice scamper to advance the ball, and Chris Kroeten had a 14 yard rumble to score Wayzata's first touchdown of the evening. David Stranghoener added the extra point and Wayzata lead 7-0 at 6:08 in the first.

Get your Wayzata Football Yearbook!

The Polars took their time moving the ball out of their end zone, and another Littlejohn pass attempt to about the 50 ended up in Wayzata defender Paul Hoffer's hands. Hoffer returned the ball to the 3 yard line, where on the next play John Ries threw a slant to Matt Tarpley to pick up the easy touchdown. David Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 14-0 with 4:13 left in the first quarter.

Littlejohn and the Polars took over at their own 18 yard line, and again had a couple of plays for positive yardage, but for the most part were swallowed up by the Trojans 2nd ranked defense in the metro.

The Trojans put together a nice drive with Tarpley at quarterback, flipping the ball to his receivers Fritz Rock and Adan Hassan. A couple of smash mouth runs later, Garrett Englehardt punched the ball in and David Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 21-0 with 11:49 remaining in the second quarter.

The Polars punted almost immediately after they received the ball. John Ries threw a nice 25 yard pass to Adan Hassan as Wayzata threatened again at the Polars 12 yard line. Chris Kroeten picked up 7 yards to make it 3 and 1 inside the 5 yard line, and Garrett Englehardt took the hand off from John Ries and pushed a pile of Trojans and Polars into the end zone. David Strangenhoener added the extra point to make the score 28-0 Wayzata with 9:55 left in the 2nd quarter.

Wayzata's starting defense was dominating on every series as the Polars were rushed, tackled for loss, and covered extremely well on every play. They punted deep from their own territory again, but it was blocked by Kevin Potas and recovered deep in Polar territory. Tarpley threw an unfortunate interception to give the ball back to the Polars who took over on their own 20.

Minneapolis North again had some modest success moving the ball through the air, but again was stymied by the swarming Trojan defense.

Wayzata took over on their own 47 yard line and again had a short field. At this point in the game, Brad Anderson began to give his second offensive team some reps as Matt Tarpley continued to quarterback and Chris Lindsey got a number of carries and picked a couple three first downs. Matt Tarpley scrambled to his right on the quarterback keeper to pick up big yardage and got tackled on the 2 yard line. Chris Lindsey got the call and dove into the end zone for the touchdown. David Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 35-0 with 3:10 left in the 2nd half.

Minneapolis North again started deep in their own territory, and quickly punted after 3 plays.

The Trojans took over on the Polar 31 yard line with Kramer Berg at the helm. Chris Lindsey had a nice run to the right side for 7 yards. Mac Cameron carried the ball while pushing both the offensive and defensive lines, and then picked up a first down to end the half. Wayzata lead 35-0 at halftime.

To start the third quarter, Kramer Berg again was playing quarterback. Berg handed off to Mac Cameron on consecutive plays for large gains. Cameron Krugerud caught a pass with his fingertips running slant as Berg hit him in stride for a first down and 10 yards. After a penalty, Berg hit Max Clausen for a completion, but AJ Troup dropped a laser to turn it over on downs.

Minneapolis North took over on the Wayzata 47, the first time they had been in Trojan territory. They were somewhat successful moving the ball against the Trojan 3rd string defense. The Polars moved the ball to the 14 yard line, and threatened even more on a couple of runs by Leandro Dower. Carlton Littlejohn scored the Polars first touchdown on a quarterback keeper at 4:20 left in the 3rd quarter to make the score Wayzata 35, and Minneapolis North 6.

On the ensuing kickoff, Josh Kilgard, who's job it is to hit somebody according to John Connelly, picked up a dribbled kick and returned it 44 yards to the 26 yard line in Polar territory. Dan Wexler steered the Trojan ship at quarterback. Wayzata turned it over on downs.

The Polars stayed with their passing game, and Shawn Hamlin intercepted the ball and ran it back into Minneapolis North territory. Aaron Roth scored the 10 yard touchdown and David Strangenhofer added his 20th consecutive pat to make the score 42-6 with 1:01 left in the 3rd quarter.

The Polars fumbled the ball on their 36 yard line and Nick McClelland recovered it.

Sasha Doran took over as quarterback to start this series. Aaron Roth had a nice carry to pick up a first down. Jack Vettel picked up 9 yards to make it 2nd and 1 on the Polar 22 yard line. Aaron Roth took a hand off from Andrew Kolb to pick up the first down and goal. Jack Vettel scored the touchdown from three yards and David Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 49-0 Wayzata with 9:11 left in the 4th quarter.

The Polars took over and decided to run the ball against what must have been the 5th string defense. Ralph Sherman made a nice tackle on a pass play against a North receiver. On the next play, Littlejohn threw a long corner post ball to Ariel Deloney, and Minneapolis North scored their second touchdown of the night. The Polars added the two point conversion to make it Wayzata 49, Polars 14 with 4:11 left in the game.

Wayzata took over with Drew Donlin handing off to Aaron Roth and Jack Vettle for nice runs. The clock expired and the Trojans won.

Coach Brad Anderson had this to say after the game: "We got everyone in, I don't think we had any major injuries, there's always things you can improve upon. For what we wanted to get accomplished tonight, we got it all done. Next week we have a big conference opponent, I'm sure they are very excited to get at us, I know they have pretty good athletes, but we will worry that tomarrow and tonight we will celebrate this victory."

Chris Lindsey commented on his touchdown and his team after the game: "The holes are just there, the O-line did their thing... you see the hole you just go."

W - Kroeten 14 run (Stranghoener kick)
W - M. Tarpley 4 pass from Ries (Stranghoener kick)
W - Engelhardt 11 run (Stranghoener kick)
W - Engelhardt 4 run (Stranghoener kick)
W - Lindsey 2 run (Stranghoener kick)
MN - Littlejohn 1 run (pass failed)
W – Roth 10 run (Stranghoener kick)
W – Vettel 2 run (Stranghoener kick)
MN – Deloney 44 pass from Littlejohn (Thames pass from Littlejohn)

Announced attendance: 42,871

Wayzata takes on the Hopkins Royals next week at Hopkins. Stay tuned to for all the latest Wayzata Trojan Football news on the 2008 season.

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Veronica Angle, Drew Noble, and Caitlyn Lindquist: fans of the week!

From left to right, Veronica Angel, 7th grader from Plymouth and Wayzata West, Drew Noble, 7th grader and Birthday Girl turning 13, of Plymouth, and Caitlyn Lindquist, 7th grader, of Plymouth enjoy the Wayzata Trojan varsity football game on a beautiful friday evening. "Drew is too shy to have her picture taken," says Veronica!

Congratulations girls, you are the fans of the week!

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CRIME ALERT : Two Wayzata businesses burglarized overnight

Just received an email from Wayzata Police Cheif Mike Risvold. Here is what he had to say:

"Two Wayzata businesses were burglarized overnight. Entry was made to both establishments through windows that the suspect(s) broke. Other jurisdictions around Wayzata also reported business burglaries overnight. The Wayzata businesses were burglarized between 4:00 and 5:00 AM. If you have an alarm system or video surveillance equipment, be sure to use them. Report any suspicious activity by calling 911."

If you have any information, post it up by clicing the comments link at the bottom of this posting. is your Wayzata Crime Alert leader.

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Horrendous Rollover Crash on 394 in Wayzata

This is a very serious crash that just occurred on Wayzata Boulevard / Highway 12 & 394. If you have any information as to what occurred, please post it in the comments section that is located right underneath this posting. KARE 11 is reporting that one of the motorists was fixing her hair right before the crash.

This incident happened right in front of Village Chevrolet on the eastbound side. The Crash reconstruction crew was on scene taking photographs and marking up the pavement. A barrier on the south side of the freeway had been destroyed. 1 car and 2 suv's were involved, --the two suv's had rolled over. No victims were on scene when I was there, and questions as to condition of the victims directed towards State Troopers and MNDOT crew were not answered.

Here are the local stories from some of the media outlets:

Further details now involve eyewitness accounts of the driver who caused the crash playing with her hair, not paying attention, and having her head pop up as though she knew she was going to cause the accident.

According to Fox 9, the driver of the white suv had to be cut out of her vehicle and airlifted to a hospital and is in critical condition. The two other drivers are listed in serious condition.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cecil Doe answers three questions from the Star Tribune's Micheal Rand

Wayzata Football's own Cecil Doe will be featured in the September 26th edition of the Star Tribune. Michael Rand asks Cecil if Wayzata should be ranked #1 in the metro, why he is such a big time receiver, and what teams think of when they see him and Fritz Rock line up together on the field. The article is titled: 3 questions with Cecil Doe, Wayzata senior WR.

To see every article has done on Cecil Doe, see this link:

The Star Tribune seems to be turning up the coverage on Wayzata Football since has shown up as the self proclaimed 800 pound gorilla and crashed onto the scene covering the Trojans.

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Wayzata Homecoming King and Queen feature on cover of Sun Sailor

Kellen Taylor and Lauren Wilvers were recently crowned as Wayzata High School's new Homecoming King and Queen. They were subsequently featured on the front page of the Wayzata Sun Sailor September 25th, 2008. According to the photo and caption, their Coronation took place September 17th at the Wayzata High School Auditorium.

To see the feature online at the Sun Sailor's website, visit this link: Wayzata royalty. For more information on this story, visit these other links: 2008 Wayzata Homecoming Court, Kellen Taylor and Lauren Wilvers named Wayzata High School Homecoming King and Queen for 2008. is your Wayzata Royalty leader.

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Wayzata takes no action on Skate Park

The Sun Sailor has a real nice article detailing the proceedings of the Wayzata City Council meeting from detailing the discussion about whether or not to proceed with three different options on a skate park to be located at Wayzata West.

To see the original write-up from on the 9/16/2008 City Council meeting which includes details about the skate park, visit this link: Wayzata City Council Meeting Recap- 9/16/2008. To see the Sun Sailor article by Jared Huizenga, go here: Wayzata not yet ready to commit to skate plaza. is your skate park leader.

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House Manager/Executive Personal Assistant available for contract hire

Hey Wayzata,

Sandy Erickson, a local resident, emailed me wondering if she could place a post on looking for a job in the Wayzata area. As we have all needed some help finding employement from time to time, I said no problem. Here it is:

"House Manager/Executive Personal Assistant available for contract hire. I will help you operate more efficiently and effectively. Experienced Facility and Administrative Manager: I will be responsible for coordination and communication of house management needs, travel arrangements, successfully create and manage social events from social to business functions, create and deliver professional reporting for your business, philanthropy, scheduling and coordinating meetings and organize your home and work office spaces efficiently so there is less noise for you and more time to focus on what you want. Please email Sandy for more information and introduction at Pay rate to be negotiated $75K-$90K/year."

If you know someone who is looking for a House Manager or an Executive Personal Assistant, please drop Sandy a line.

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WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: Brad Anderson - Final Word on Apple Valley and Preview Minneapolis North

Wayzata Football Head Coach Brad Anderson was kind enough to join me for our regular segment: The Final Word on Apple Valley and a Preview of Minneapolis.

Dan Gustafson: Congratulations on your win over Apple Valley. That had to be a big win for you. What did your team take away from that win?
Brad Anderson: I think whenever you get a win over a quality opponent it boosts your confidence. For us, I just thought our defense played really really well to start with. We were banged up and had some guys play some different positions that what that normally play, but they adapted well to what they had to play in terms of what Coach Lombardi had them do. Basically, other than one play, we didn't give Apple Valley very much the whole night. Offensively I thought we had opportunities to score and we took advantage of that. They were a very good, physical defense, and I thought while we didn't execute 100% perfect, I thought we were very physical upfront.

DG: So you were please with all those areas. Anything else you were pleased with?

BA: The big thing is, they had a big play, we were up 16-0 and they made a big pass play, got back into it. We had a turnover on our next possession and that helped them a little bit and they pulled to within 2, 16-14. The thing I was most pleased about is that we didn't panic, we didn't lose our composure and continued to play hard at that point. Obviously, the two big plays right before half, the long pass to Cecil [Doe] and the fourth down play really gave us momentum going into half time. The fact that we didn't get rattled when they came back on us was a positive thing I thought.

DG: Any areas you thought needed improvement outside of those two plays, the punt return and the 60 yard strike?

BA: Defensively, you just can't ask for much more than what we did. I know we can always get better, perform a little bit better, we know that. You can't really pick apart a game like that and be dissatisfied. Offensively, the fact that we fumbled the ball again, and before the punt return for the touchdown we gave up, we took a penalty on a third and medium situation where we had the first down but it got called back because of a penalty putting us in a tougher situation. We had to punt out of our zone and maybe would not have had to if we did not get that penalty. Not getting penalties in the key points of the game and not fumbling the ball, that is the two areas we are still working on.

DG: Would you talk about some of your key players and plays in that game.

BA: To me the first key play was the long catch by Cecil [Doe] in the first half. I thought it was a pretty even first half, but getting him down the field deep, one on one was huge. I know there was some discussion, did the ball hit the ground or not, we couldn't tell. Those are the types of plays, if your receivers in the area and makes the effort, we can make big plays. The second one, I would say is in the second half. They were trying to get something going, and we really finished the game off with interception by Jack Egan. I thought that was huge because not only did he pick the ball off, he returned it for a touchdown and that really ended any hopes they had of coming back. I thought both those plays were huge.

DG: What did you think of Garret Englehardt's performance?

BA: We see that in practice every week, he does a great job... and out of the 3 backs he does a great job, we are very fortunate to have those three backs. Like we talk about in practice all the time, you never know when the opportunity is going to be there for you to make the big plays, you gotta be ready and when they do come you gotta make them. I thought Garret did that for us with the three scores and the fact that he ran the ball hard. That's what he has being doing all year, that was his night to make the big plays.

DG: It does seem like you have a number of weapons on offense and that you can spread that ball around. You have been saying that previously, but that was the - I really saw that as I watched the game last Friday that you have more than one player that can...

BA: We really feel that we have 5 or 6 receivers that can make big plays. Sometimes that is a problem because you don't know which when you want to go to. (laughing) What I tell the players is that when we design the pass routes so that they are really all primary receivers and it is just a matter of what the defense is going to do to defend us. They all have to be ready for the ball. Likewise, when we are running the ball, we have 3 really good running backs right now who are playing well. They know over the course of the season, it's a physical game, and you take some hits, and some weeks one of them might be dinged up and not able to go as much. By having 5 running backs, by having 3 receivers, the tight end, the quarterback who can distribute the ball, it really opens up the play book for me as the offensive coordinator.

DG: Those running backs being, and correct me if I am wrong: Chris Kroeten is 1...

BA: Chris Kroeten is one, second one is Garrett Englehardt, obviously, and Kevin Knight comes in for us.

DG: How do you think John Ries and Matt Tarpley did?

BA: We were going to play Matt a couple of series, but Matt, when I went to him, he was real comfortable playing the slot receiver and chose to play there on the third series of each half. I thought they both played really well. The thing they have now is that John and Matt understand the team from a quarterback's perspective, so even when Matt is playing slot receiver, John can look at him, look at the coverage, and know that Matt is thinking the same thing. We have been able to audible a couple of times, the last couple of weeks, make big plays, the big completions because they both understand the quarterback's perspective. That allows us to not worry what the defense is play as far as coverage.

DG: Remind us Coach, who was the linebacker that was dinged up last week and played anyway?

BA: Grant Olson, missed most of the week of practice, and played. Once he got warmed up and got over the pain he was feeling he had a injury that a lot of guys would have sat out the game, but he played through it.

DG: What do you know about Minneapolis North? What have you seen on film? What have you seen on paper?

BA: The first thing I know about Minneapolis north is that they have very good athletes, they play fast. They don't have the depth that the typical programs we play, they are thinner, they don't have as many players, as we do. That's a big problem for them because a lot of their kids are going to have to play both ways. The other thing about that is that over the course of a season you tend to wear down because injuries are a part of the game. For them, they probably haven't experienced a lot of injuries yet, but over the course of a season it can be an issue.

DG: How many players do they have?

BA: I haven't looked at the roster, some of that depends on who they are playing up with the varsity. They are considerably smaller than we are as far as numbers, and that is a factor for their team over the course of a game.

DG: Where have they had success?

BA: They are very good a getting the ball out in space, they run a spread offense, so defensively, you have to be disciplined, what your responsibility is and not try to do someone else's job. Defensively, they attack, they get up in your face on the wide receivers, they are going to make you complete passes down the field.

DG: How many times have you played Minneapolis North?

BA: This is the second time, we played them last year at their place. Now they are coming out to ours this year. It was a good experience for our kids last year, we hope good one for their players this year coming out to our place.

DG: How is your team doing injury wise?

BA: Your typical nicks and bruises that happen during the course of the season. We have a couple of kids that are not 100%. Some of the kids who were maybe injured early in the year, we are starting to get back--that's kind of the course of a season. I don't think that we have lose anyone with a season ending injury, it's been typically out for a few games. Jerry Bao, who got injured in the first week of the season, he's now starting practice, whether or not he plays this week, I'm not sure on that. We are starting to get some of those players back.

DG: What ever possessed you to allow the Star Tribune writer John Millea into your booth to listen to your play calling, etc. and then publish that information in the Star Tribune?

BA: I've know John for a couple of years. He has covered high school football, and I got to know him a little bit as a person. I have a lot of trust in him that he will use discretion with what he shares, I guess that's the number one thing. He came to me and asked me what we thought of him doing an article like this, and I thought about it, and I said, you know, it might be interesting for people to see what happens behind the scenes. The number one reason I allowed it to happen was my trust in John.

DG: What kind of reaction did people have? What kind of feedback have you gotten?

BA: The main thing is, most people have been positive. Some people, who don't know a lot about high schools football, were surprised at the complexity of what we are asking the kids to do. I think those were the two big comments I heard back.

Wayzata Football 2008 continues when the Trojans take on the Minneapolis North Polars at 7:00 at the Wayzata High School, Friday, September 26th. My prediction, watch for Wayzata to win big over Minneapolis North. They reportedly have only 30 players on their varsity team, and many of them have to play both sides of the ball.

Stay tuned to, your Wayzata Trojan Football team reamins unbeaten leader.

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Petters raid story is the lead in Thursday mornings Star Tribune

The Tom Petters story continues to gain momentum and importance by being the top story above the fold on todays edition of the Star Tribune. will bring you all the latest information on the Feds raid of Petters home located at 655 Bushaway Road in Wayzata, MN, and his headquarters in Minnetonka.

The Strib also is running a story that Petters HQ back to normal today following raid by feds.

For our other stories on Tom Petters, including when first broke it, follow these links:

Wayzata resident Tom Petters' computer seized from home as part of FBI raid on Petters Group

Petters Group being raided by FBI?

Stay tuned to for all the latest information on prominant Wayzata resident Tom Petters.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Noah Rosenthal, senior at Wayzata High School, earns perfect score of 36 ACT

Wayzata Public Schools has announced that Noah Rosenthal, a senior at Wayzata High School, has earned a perfect 36 score on his SAT. Rosenthal took the test in April of 2008. According to Wayzata Public Schools, Rosenthal participates in a number of extracurricular activities at Wayzata High School including:

  • debate

  • speech

  • Quiz Bowl

  • DECA

  • Knowledge Master Open

  • He is also a Link Leader

  • one of the student volunteers that help incoming ninth graders transition into the high school.

Rosenthal's future plans include applying to Wharton School of Business in Pennsylvania to major in economics or finance. Congratulations Noah on your outstanding score. wishes you all the best.

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Letter to the Editor : Andrew Mullin

To The Editor,

I am writing to the Citizens of Wayzata to ask their support of my election to the Wayzata City Council in November.

For the many Wayzata residents I know personally my interest to serve its citizens will come as no surprise. For those of you who are not familiar with me, I have lived in Wayzata for over 11 years and have been an active civic and community volunteer. My wife Kristyn and I are the proud parents of two Wayzata public elementary school kids, Walker and Paige and I am the part owner of a successful small business.

Wayzata is a great community with a proud history and I plan on being an active listener to the citizens of Wayzata. I will work to protect the vitality of our neighborhoods and balance the needs our Wayzata businesses that includes making certain that Wayzata remains a healthy vibrant community. One of our greatest opportunities for the future is to enhance the city wide traffic plan making certain we foster a pedestrian and bike friendly environment.

I will bring to Wayzata City Hall a strong work ethic, integrity and passion for helping people. Wayzata, I ask for your support on November 4. I welcome your feedback, please contact me at

Andrew Mullin

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Wayzata resident Tom Petters' computer seized from home as part of FBI raid on Petters Group

In a bewildering story today, Tom Petters' personal computer was removed from his residence in Wayzata as part of a FBI raid on Petters Group Worldwide, according to KARE 11. Petters is the head of the Petters Group Worldwide, which owns a number of companies, most notably Polaroid, Sun Country Airlines, and Fingerhut.

I received a call this morning for an eyewitness watching the FBI raid on Petters Group headquarters in Minnetonka. Comments posted to this site responding to my previous post at about 11:00 wondering if anyone could confirm the story. Stay tuned to this bizarre story as Wayzata, MN resident Tom Petters whereabouts and reason for the raid are unknown at this time.

Make sure you stay tuned to for all the lates news on Tom Petters. Image courtesy Miami of Ohio Farmer School of Business. is your seizing your personal computer leader.

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Wayzata ranked top sailing town by Sailing World

Stumbled onto this story looking for more information on the Richardson Trophy Regatta that will be hosted on Lake Minnetonka by the Wayzata Yacht Club October 9-12th.

The City of Wayzata has recieved the top honor as one of "The Good Life: Five Great Sailing Towns You May Not Know About." Local resident Dallas Johnson was interviewed for the piece, and had to say: "Wayzata itself is only a couple of small neighborhoods, but an idyllic place to live and raise a family, he adds. Bike trails, beaches, and a variety of small businesses maintain the lakeshore town feel. There are a few hangouts populated by sailors: Sunny's (Sunsets) and the city-owned Muni (Wayzata Bar & Grill), but the place you're sure to find them en masse is at Wayzata YC on Thursday nights. The parties are the biggest and best on the lake says Bren, and the racing beforehand pulls in 130 or so boats from all around the lake."

Sounds like he hit it right on the mark! Now if he would have just plugged in that article it would have been perfect. is your idllic place to live and raise a family leader!
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Petters Group being raided by FBI?

Just got a call from a witness to the Petters Group headquarters in neighboring Minnetonka being raided by the FBI. Is there any truth to this? If you have any info, please let us know.

All the local media outlets just went with it. Here is the story so far:

The Star Tribune indicates that the reason for the raid has not been made public. Sounds like the The FBI, the U.S. Attorney's Office, the IRS and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service were all a part of the raid.

Stay tuned to, your FBI invades local private company leader.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

WAYZATA PUBLIC SCHOOLS : Faculty appreciation night planned during September 26 WHS home game

PLYMOUTH, MN : Wayzata High School will hold its first Trojan football program’s Faculty Appreciation Night (FAN) September 26 at 6:40 p.m. at the home game against Minneapolis North.
Student athletes have nominated 42 staff members to be recognized for their role in enriching the lives of Wayzata Public School students. These staff members will be honored during the game and receive a golden apple from the athlete who nominated them. Seniors on the football team with at least two years in Wayzata Public Schools were asked to nominate a teacher or district employee who has provided meaningful guidance in their lives.
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Wayzata Boys Cross Country Ranked #1 in the State

The Wayzata Boys Cross Country team is unmatched so far this season. I have seen a number of stories about the team, and wanted to bring those stories to your attention. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Star Tribune : Top 2 cross-country teams at same meet 09/10/2008

  2. Star Tribune : Reputation Race 09/23/2008

  3. Hutchingson Leader : Class AA boys' cross country rankings 9/22/2008

  4. : Wayzata Boys Cross Country Ranked #1 in State 9/14/2008

  5. Down the Backstretch : Adrian Boys Join Adrian Girls Atop Class A; Wayzata and Lakeville North Top Class AA 9/23/2008

  6. Down the Backstretch: Nike Cross Nationals Heartland Poll:Wayzata #1; Lakeville North #2 9/19/2008
  7. : 3rd Roosevelt Heartland Classic Varsity Results 9/20/2008

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Wayzata City Council Races Heat up with Candidate Forum

According to the City of Wayzata's website, candidates for Mayor and the two open City Council seats will participate in a candidate forum at Wayzata City Hall Tuesday, October 28th, 2008 at 7 pm.

Ken Wilcox is running unopposed for the Mayor, and Mary Bader the incumbent, Andrew Mullin and Tom Tanner are running for those two council seats. Stay tuned to for all the latest news on these races.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

John Millea of the Star Tribune has a huge write-up: Open mic night is revealing

Talk about a huge feature in the Strib today! John Millea attended the Wayzata Football game against Apple Valley in Plymouth on Friday night, September 19th, 2008. He spent the evening in the press box with Wayzata's coaching staff with a pair of headphones on that were piped directly into Coach Brad Anderson's communications system, and could hear every word.

The coverage of Wayzata versus Apple Valley has been huge this weekend, and this is probably the best of the bunch in terms of giving you an inside look at the Wayzata Football program. It's great exposure for Wayzata Football, Wayzata Public Schools, and the Wayzata community. Millea breaks down a couple of plays, describes Anderson's communication with his staff, and talks about Cecil Doe's circus catch from Anderson's point of view. He also talks about the emotion, frustration and celebration that he claims "that no one else in the homecoming crowd of several thousand was remotely aware of." That might be a bit over the top, but we'll give John the benefit of the doubt. is your Wayzata feature in the sports section leader. You can also see this story along with many others in the Wayzata versus Apple Valley media report.

Weekly Roundup:'s top stories of the week, Sept. 15-19

It has been another busy week in the Wayzata community. Here are the Top 5 stories of the week for September 15-19th 2008.

  1. Wayzata Football remains unbeaten. The Trojans beat #5 ranked Apple Valley. Read the writeup, view the media report, see the Classic Lake Conference standings, and see whether they should be ranked #1 in the AP Top Ten Metro poll.
  2. It was Homecoming Week at Wayzata High School. See a slide show of the parade, view the list of Royalty, and see how the football game went.
  3. One Wayzata school buse rear ends another near 101 and 25th Ave. North as a car abruptly stops in front of them--students recieve minor injuries. View the story here.
  4. Railroad crossing at Lake and Arlington closed for repairs and preparation of "Quite Zone." Wayzata residents close to the train crossings will begin to rest easy at night. See the corssing and read about it here.
  5. Wayzata Begins Wayfinding Signs Project. The Wayzata City Council took the first step towards putting some very nice signs that direct people towards places of civic interest--library, city hall, Wayzata Beach, etc. See a depiction of the signs and read up on it here.

Stay tuned to for all the biggest stories in Wayzata.

WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: Will Trojans receive #1 ranking from AP Poll?

Star Tribune staff writer John Millea wonders out loud today in the Strib if the Wayzata Football Trojans should be ranked #1 in the AP Metro Poll.

He uses the following argument: "Follow this logic (or maybe it's illogical, but stay with me here): Apple Valley beat Eastview 13-7 two weeks ago ... and this week No. 1 Eden Prairie struggled to beat No. 7 Eastview 14-7 ... while No. 2 Wayzata thumped No. 5 Apple Valley 44-14. Should this mean that Wayzata becomes the top-ranked team in Class 5A this week?" reported on August 9th, 2008 that MNSportsPreview had ranked Wayzata #1 in the Metro. The new Top 10 well be released on Tuesday, so stay tuned to is your Trojans should be Ranked higher than Eden Prairie leader.

Wayzata Public Schools has more than 10,000 students enroll in 2008-2009 school year

Sally Thompson from the Sun Sailor is reporting that the Wayzata Public Schools, ISD #284 has enrolled more than 10,000 students. You can check out the full article here:

More than 10,000 students enroll at Wayzata

Highlights of the article include:

  • Bonds for ISD #284 being upgraded from Aa1 last year to AAA this year.

  • Largest class is 10th grade with 860 students

  • Smallest is kindergarten with 656 students

  • The district saving $913,000 in interest by refinancing general obligation bonds from 1998 is your refinancing general obligation bonds leader. Stay tuned.

Wayzata Football 2008: Trojans versus Apple Valley Media Report

WAYZATA, MN: The 2008 Wayzata Trojans defeated Apple Valley 44-14. This is your complete media report, brought to you only by As more media stories become available, I will post them so check back here.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wayzata Football 2008 remains unbeaten - Trojans 44, Apple Valley 14 Final

PLYMOUTH, MN: Garrett Englehardt made Wayzata's homecoming night by scoring 3 touchdowns as the Wayzata Football Trojans (4-0) ranked number 2 in the Metro Top 10 defeated the Apple Valley Eagles (3-1) who are ranked number 4. The game was covered by the Pioneer Press, MSBN via, and Channel 12 in addition to

Apple Valley started at their 26 and ran a run, then went to the pass. Paul Hoffer stepped in front of a Boomer Hermes matron pass and took it to the 19 yard line of Apple Valley. Garret Englehardt and Kevin Knight played a little smash mouth run football to bring Wayzata to the Apple Valley 6 yard line. Chris Kroeten was stuffed for a loss, bringing it to the 11 yard line. The Trojans threw it Cecil Doe to bring it to the 4. Kevin Knight brought to the 1 on 3rd down, and Garrett Englehardt punched the ball in to give Wayzata the early lead at 7:57 1Q. David Stranghoener added the extra point. Wayzata 7, Apple Valley 0.

Apple Valley started at their own 26. Hermes bootlegged to the right to lose 5 yards on one play, and a little flip into the flat netted nothing for the Eagles. The Eagles center Erik Jensen snapped the ball over the head of Eagle punter Thomas Obarski and out of the back of the end zone to give Wayzata a 9-0 lead with the defensive safety.

The ensuing kickoff ended up out of bounds and the Trojans started their first drive at the Eagle 45 yard line. Starting with the short field, Wayzata kept the ball on the ground for the first couple plays and a pass to Fritz Rock gave the Trojans a first down at the Apple Valley 34. A deep pass attempt to Nolan Odlund in the end zone fell incomplete. Chris Kroeten scampered up the field to the 19 yard line for another Trojans first down. A couple Trojan carries for short gains, a slant to Matt Tarpley to bring it to the 5, and Englehardt again punched it in for the Trojans. 16-0 2:56 1Q.

The Eagles started well inside their own 20, took a couple of losses on a sack and a run, ran a screen to get 3rd and 9. Boomer Hermes threw a long bomb to Ray Watson for 69 yards to make the score 16-6, and a pass to David Bauer from Hermes for the 2 point conversion made it
16-8. 1:10 1Q.

Jack Egan took the kickoff to the 36 from his own end zone. Chris Kroeten scampered up the field for first down. Chris Kroeten fumbled on a long run and was stripped of the ball by Marcus Burrell.


Apple Valley punted the ball to Wayzata to begin the 2nd quarter. Wayzata struggled to move the ball with a short run and an incomplete pass to Cecil Doe. A screen to Cecil Doe to combat the hard charging was nullified by a holding penalty. Derek Vonnahme sacked Reis, and the Trojan punt was returned to the end zone by Varmah Sonie to make it 16-14. Trojan Robbie Heflin kept an Eagle wide receiver out of the end zone on the two point conversion attempt. 16-14 with 9:34 remaining 2Q.

The Trojans started at their 21 and Ries played pitch and catch with Fritz Rock for a substantial gain. A couple of short runs from the Trojans, and long attempt from Ries to Doe made it 4th down for Wayzata. Wayzata punted to Apple Valley.

Apple Valley struggled to get anything going the next set of downs and punted it away, and Wayzata started at their own 30.

An uncovered Adan Hassan picked up eight easy yards on a pass from John Ries. Ries and his offensive line pushed through a 3rd and inches.

Ross Giangrossi made a monstrous sack to bring up 3rd and 23 for the Eagles. The Trojans defense stiffened.

Wayzata came out in their 2 minute drill throwing. An attempt by Ries to Doe for a long ball was overthrown. Nolan Odland caught a laser. Cecil Doe made a circus catch by using his forearms to have the the ball end up in one arm at the 5 yard line of Apple Valley. The Trojans used 3 plays to try to get it into the end zone. Faced with a 4th and goal with 5 seconds left, the Trojans used a play action pass from Ries to Englehardt to put the Trojans up 23-14 at the half.


The Trojans started the third quarter with the ball and came out throwing. A couple of short passes from Ries to Tarpley and the Trojans had to punt.

Apple Valley with a short field at their own 40 yard line. Connor Grill of the Trojans made a great sack to force the eagles to 3rd and long. The Trojans Paul Hoffer made a great play on a long ball from Boomer Hermes, and the refs called an outrageously bad defensive pass
interference. Apple Valley continued to throw without much success. They punted and Wayzata took over at their own 28 with 8:26 remaining in the 3rd quarter.

Apple Valley started their next drive at their own 45. Tevis Wilson scampered around the end, and then the Eagles got a false start. Logan Moorse made a nice catch to make 2nd and short.

Trojan Carl West made a monstrous sack on Eagle Hermes.

Wayzata's next offensive series was ineffective as the Trojans continued to grind the Eagles. The Eagles play their skill position players on both sides of the ball, and the question on every one's
mind was could Apple Valley mount a sustained attack against the Trojans for 4 quarters.

Jack Eagan intercepted a Boomer Hermes pass on the 22 yard line and returned if for a touchdown, to put Wayzata up 29-14 with 5:51 left in the 3rd Quarter. David Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 30-14.

Wayzata's Robbie Heflin made an interception for the Trojans as the Eagles tried the old punt fake to try to get themselves back in the game.


Ries threw a corner route to Adan Hassan for 17 yards and a touchdown to make the score 36-14 Wayzata with about 12 minutes left in the fourth quarter. David Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 37-14 Trojans.

The Eagles did nothing with their next possession and punted to the Trojans 38 yard line.

Wayzata was now in clock killing time with under 9:00 minutes to play in the 4th. Too bad they couldn't convert a first down.

The Eagles kept trying to throw their way out the hole they were in and weren't having much luck.

Chris Kroeten broke off a long run to dash any hopes the Eagles may have had to make it 44-14 in the fourth quarter with 6:28 remaining to make it all but official.

72,871 announced attendance.

Garrett Englehardt reflected on his three touchdowns: "The first one was about a a five yard run, I just went through the hole and it opened up. The offensive line did great tonight. The second one was a dive to the left, and the hole opened up again... I got through, hit the safety, and fell into the end zone. [The touchdown catch] is one of our favorite ones to run in practice, the running backs gather together to run that play, it just so happens that Coach pulled it out at the end of the half to try and see if we could get a score, I went through, did the motions, and caught the pass for a touchdown."

Coach Brad Anderson told his players after the game, "I told them I was really proud of the way they played, and I said we beat a good club tonight. We knew it would be a tougher game, we had some adversity during the week, we had some players injured, and guys just stepped up and made plays and that's what it is about. Defensively, we had a couple of guys that played out of position. A couple of our cornerbacks, Robbie Heflin, moved from corner to outside linebacker. He did very well. It was nice to see John Connely, who is normally a safety, came down into the box and played linebacker for us tonight. He was playing with a sprained ankle tonight. Grant Olson, [was] pretty dinged up, didn't practice the whole week. Yesterday we were practicing, and Coach Lombardi through out a 3-1-7, 3 down lineman, 1 linebacker, and 7 defensive backs. They did a great job of just hanging together, glueing the pieces together, playing a very good club, they did well."

W - Engelhardt 2 run (Stranghoener kick)
W - Safety - punt snap out of end zone
W - Engelhardt 5 run (Stranghoener kick)
AV - Watson 69 pass from Hermes (Bauer pass from Hermes)

AV - Sonie 45 punt return (pass failed)
W - Englehardt 2 pass from Ries (Stranghoener kick)..
W - Egan 26 INT return (Stranghoener kick)

W - Hassan 12 pass from Ries (Stranghoener kick)
W - Kroeten 52 run (Stranghoener kick)

Stay Tuned to for a full media report on Wayzata Football 2008 versus Apple Valley.